Renegotiation May Be In Order Over State Workers’ Raises

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (CBS) — Illinois Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon says there may have to be some renegotiation with the union AFSCME over raises due 30,000 workers.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s John Cody reports, Gov. Pat Quinn has said he can’t afford the $70 million it would cost to cover the 2 percent wage hike for 30,000 AFSCME members.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s John Cody reports

He said the Illinois General Assembly didn’t give him enough money.

Arbitrator Edward Benn has ruled Illinois must pay up on the raises due July 1.

But Simon says that arbitrator’s ruling is only the first step, the ruling will be appealed.

“I think what’s significant about is that it moves us further down the road in what our options are with the state budget, and there may have to be some renegotiation once we have more information about what the possibilities are,” Simon said.

She said the arbitration ruling was helpful by moving the whole process down the legal road. But she says the state will not pay up on the raises until the courts have spoken.

  • Jim

    Based on those numbers the average Union worker from the AFSCME makes $116,666/year. I think they are grossly underpaid and everyone working for $30k/year, $60k/year, whatever should tighten their wallets and pay more taxes to give them their increases!

  • Citizen of Chicago

    That liberal simon did not mind taking the workers vote to get the office and now she wants you to forgo your contractual raise! How about they the middle and upper management giving up their 6% raise? What a two faced liar these Illinois corrupt democrats really are!

  • nancy

    There isn’t an honest politician anywhere in this country and it makes no difference whether you are republican or democrat, they say one thing and then turn around and say “oh well” when it comes time to actually help us little people out. Yes both Quinn and Simon took the UNION votes and now they claim the general assembly didn’t give us enough money………they were never going to give them those pay raises and they should have figured that out when Quinn got his 66% increase in taxes, which we all know are permanent. . At the same time I agree that all these UNION middle and upper management should NOT be given those hefty raises, and for the union little people who pay for them in dues, wake up and get rid of them……..they are not only hurting you but hurting those of us in the private sector who end up paying a lot more than you will ever have to pay. Has anyone notices were our governor is right now…………WHY? It’s great to sit here and complain, but until we all say ENOUGH we will continue to have politicians like Quinn, Simon, Madigan, Durbin, Kirk, and others in power and not caring about us. Election time is next year for the majority in this country….DO SOMETHING ABOU IT

    • Roberta Waker

      I agree that union management is overpaid and they don’t really care about the workers – just how much money in dues and perks they can get. Unions were great when they were formed years ago because they were able to get working people a 40 hour work week with a decent wage and benefits to support their families. Now, they are run by greedy people who will destroy the unions that were once so powerful and they will take the workers down with them.

  • Roberta Waker

    Would you rather get a 2% raise and no work OR get no raise and work? This is not the time for greedy overpaid union bosses to push for raises with so many people jobless. If the City doesn’t have the money for union workers – the City will have to outsource these jobs. Is it really worth it?

  • Jack

    Dear city workers – do you job and just pray you don’t get laid off. Some of us in the private sector are looking at the 5 YEARS WITH NO INCREASE.

    Suck it up and SHUT UP

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