Boy, 4, Accidentally Shoots, Kills Self In Liquor Store

UPDATED 07/22/11 8:43 a.m.

BEECHER, Ill. (CBS) — A 4-year-old boy from Indiana is dead, after apparently shooting himself by accident inside a liquor store in far south suburban Beecher.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Bernie Tafoya reports, the shooting happened Thursday morning at Tubby’s Wine and Spirits, at 311 Dixie Highway in Beecher.

Responding officers found a 4-year-old who had suffered a gunshot wound, Beecher police said.

The Cook County Medical Examiner’s office identified the boy as Ash Wimbley, of Cedar Lake, Ind. He was rushed to St. James Hospital and Health Care Centers in Chicago Heights, but efforts to revive him did not work.

It is believed Ash shot himself.

Police do not know how the child got hold of the gun, nor whom it belong to.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Bernie Tafoya reports

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

  • Mrs. Jones

    Stop being an AZZ Jamall.

    • Mrs. Jones

      Well Fred, I’m assuming that Jamall’s comment was removed. It was a racial comment, and I hate that every single time something happens it’s black this, white that. Because acting or saying something stupid, ignorant or being an a$$ comes in all races.

    • Kenny

      @Mrs. Jones, What is AZZ Jamall? Is this some new kind of tropical drink?

  • Wishfulthinking

    How do you knoe they are black?

    • Dave Taylor

      It seems that information is just about to be released. Mr.Sc knows what happened !

  • jacques poutine

    4 yr old kids can’t/don’t shoot themselves. arrest the parents or gun owners. jail them for life.

  • Adam Jackson

    Why can’t 4 year olds shoot themselves?

    • Greg Wilson

      @Adam, Are you maybe thinking suicide? If so, shouldn’t someone have seen the warning signs?


    4 year old in a liquor store Thurs MORNING

    • Comedy Guy

      Maybe his mother was picking up her morning half pint of vodka. It’s a black thing. HaHaHaHa.

      • Cornyia Carter

        I doubt it..Ash?? blacks do not name their kids Ash…nope, this one is on you..ahahahahaha… good try though!

      • Lyndia

        How do you know the boy is black? Have you seen any pictures? It could be a white thing.

      • Comedy Guy

        Yeah right Lyndia, and the sky is green and the grass is blue !

  • gazmu

    4 year old trying to hold up a liquir store? He couldnt even reach onto the counter to pull the money off that the clerk was placing down!

    • Tom

      Gazmu-Nice comment. The only thing that is more idiotic than what you wrote is your command of the english language and your spelling skills (just so you know, spelling is something you do when you write a word). What’s a liquir store?

    • Larry Fredricks

      @gazmu, Many of these black homies are mentored at a very young age.

  • Troll Feeder

    – Jacques Strap

    Sad story compounded by anti-gun nuts capitalizing on fear. There is not enough detail in this story to determine culpability on the guardian’s part. I am sure that child endagerment laws will work if this is the case, if not, park the drama.

  • Fast Ed

    Me thinks it was an employees kid wandering around behind the counter, finding very interesting stuff on the shelves.

    The one place that SHOULD have a gun,……. and an improperly supervised kid is free to roam around. So painful to read this stuff!

    Mommy is a stupid person who will suffer all her life knowing how she let him down.

  • Tom

    Where’s the local chapter of the NRA at? Shouldn’t they come out and make the obligatory statement that consists of, “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people”. C’mon NRA. You don’t care that the victim was 4, Get out there

    • Brian Gumbo

      Tom YOU are truly STUPID. First of all, don’t blame the NRA for the stupidity of an individual and HOW DARE YOU use this boy’s death for your silly political views!!

  • Kevin Van Cleave

    Man are some of you people stupid. The real sad part is all of you using the tragic death of a child for your political agenda regardless of the slant

  • HooDatIS?

    this is absolutely terrible where did this baby get this weapon from?
    stupid people take babies into liquor stores

    • Andrew Richards

      Many things in the black community are not the same as normal neighborhoods.

      • Lyndia

        Is a normal neighborhood full of hairless apes that get insurance policies on their mamas then kill them? Is that a normal neighborhood? Is a normal neighborhood composed of men that kill and eat their victims? Is a normal neighborhood a place where men molest young boys, kill them and bury them in the crawl space of their home. Is that a normal neighborhood? Just asking Mr. Stuck on Stupid and lock in on dumb.

      • Andrew Richards

        @Lyndia, I think you watch too much TV. Where are there neighborhoods that have these kind of crimes happening on a daily basis? Are you just reciting some very rare henious crimes commited by white people? I think you are just spewing your black racist babble again. Keep your racist card to yourself, we’ve all seen it ! Try and be part of the solution, rather than continuing to be the problem !

  • Jim

    It sucks when kids have to pay the price for stupid parents…

  • soxpride

    people are being ridiculous, just because its at a liquor store you assume its a black thing or that it happened in the ghetto, beecher is like pleasantville. so why does everyone gotta jump on that band wagon

    • Judy

      They do what you call sterotyping. I hate foolish remarks like you describe but that is the mentality of some of the morons that blog on this site.

      • Kenny

        I’m with you, Judy. Some of these fools are in denial over the messed up state of the black community. Morons !

  • Toxteth

    This happened in Beecher. They’re Whities.

  • Eric Olsen

    The last sentence has a grammar error, it should say “nor whom the gun BELONGS to.” And even with that correction, you are ending the sentence with a preposition.

    Seriously, I have read 3 articles tonight on this website, and all have had grammatical errors.

    Does no one care anymore? Am I the only one?

    Eric Olsen

  • Jaye

    I feel for the victim & their family. I’m sorry that this tragedy happened.

  • Sc

    You dam people need to get the whole story before running your mouths!!!!!! That’s my family & everyone should worry about there own lives & stay out of others!!! So STOP talking s**t when you don’t know the story!!!!!

    • LL

      I am sorry for your lose of Ash. People on here have NO COMPASSION for other’s and should keep their comments to them selves….

    • ChicagoCitizen

      @Sc, I’m glad you stood up, you can clear up alot of things for us. Were the people involved in this story black? We all would like to know all of the facts.

    • Curious

      @Sc- If you are going to make such a bold statement, the least you can do is tell us if the kid was black.

  • LL

    I can not believe just how ignorant you people are!!!!!! Does it matter if the child was white or black???? We are talking about an innocent child, that lost his life to a Tragic Accident…. Store Owners are allowed to have a Gun in their stores, and it is not uncommon for the gun to be under the counter. This was a Accident, so have some compassion for the family and STOP with the Jokes. Remember it could happen to anyone. Let the family and friends Grieve in Peace for the little boy.

    • Curious

      @LL, @Sc, You guys are still holding back the info we are waiting for. Were they black? Stop with the jokes you guys, they’re about to fill in the blanks. Was this kid black or not?

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