Ex-Chicago Cop Berates Officers Who Pull Him Over For DUI

CHICAGO (CBS) — A former Chicago cop now serving and protecting in Denver was caught on tape ripping the officers who arrested him for driving under the influence.

He told them: That’s not the way it’s done in Chicago.

In February 2010, Denver police officer Jesse Sandoval crashed his own personal car. When officers in another jurisdiction arrested him, he berated them for 40 minutes, insinuating it wouldn’t have happened where he used to work.

“I’ll tell you what, we take care of police. When I used to work in Chicago, we take care of each other. You suck,” Sandoval told a fellow officer who recorded his drunken, expletive-laden tirade.

“I have never (expletive) another policeman, never in my life,” he said.

Tests at the hospital where he collapsed on the floor and cried showed Sandoval to be about three times the legal DUI limit. It didn’t seem to matter to Sandoval, as he recapped his experience with the Chicago police.

Charlotte Kormendy, who volunteers for Mothers Against Drunk Driving, lost her dad two years ago to a drunken driver. She read Sandoval’s remarks and was taken aback by the way he berated officers who were doing their job.

Kormendy says she hopes there’s no truth to Sandoval’s assertion that Chicago officers would give a fellow cop a pass if he were pulled over for DUI.

“I’m sure there are a lot of great officers working in the Chicago Police Department, and this officer just blew it for them,” she said.

In a statement, the Chicago police department says its core values demand professionalism and integrity on and off duty.

As for Sandoval, after a DUI conviction and brief suspension, he’s back on the job in Denver.

  • Big Bill

    Obviously, Charlotte Kormendy, has not read the Second City Cop blog, where cops regularly boast about how they let each other slide, and complain about those who ticket fellow cops…

  • Dottie

    Sick, but true. Chicago cops let their own slide ALL THE TIME. Integrity and professionalism…ha!

    • Katerina

      And you know this because… ?

      • Ronald

        Because of personal experience, Katerina. Many, many people have observed in this town — if not been personally affected by — the extreme double standard that Chicago and Cook County law enforcement practices. Try filing a complaint against an officer. Try arguing a ticket. Try even asking what you might be arrested for out on the street…justice takes its own sweet time, when it comes to Chicago police.

  • Chuck

    Chicago and Illinois have no good cops. They only good at one thing and that is writing tickets. Once time, I got into a car accident and my car was not drivable, so I pushed and parked on aside. That part of the road marked as “No parking from 4pm to 6pm”. I knew that I may get ticket after 4PM, so I was sitting there while waiting for the tow truck. The damn cop came, parked right behind my car and started writing ticket, so I went to his window and explained and show him my accident report. The damn guy didn’t bother to look at me, but kept writing his ticket.

    So, I requested for the court hearing for the ticket. But you know what the damn guy did? He put the date on the ticket three days after the actual date. When I found out, then it was too late. Even I show the accident report to the judge then the dates on the accident report and the date on the ticket are 3 days apart, then that wouldn’t help me on my case. Therefore, I ended up paying for the ticket. I really hope that cop was hit by a semi truck or someone put the bullet into his head. This happened about 15 years ago.

    Two weeks ago, I walked out from a Chicago Park District and I saw two ladies argued. Another damn Chicago cop came. He was parking his SUV right in the middle of the road. To me, he should park on a side, so other people can get through, but no, he just parked right in the middle, so everyone can back up right behind him. He was sitting in his car and yelled out to one lady (one of the ladies in the argument) “get the F… out of here”. I thought, I misheard, but he open his door and came out and yelled to the other lady “Get the F… out of here”. Well!!!! That’s the kind of Chicago cops are. I don’t know what kind of training that they got to “serve and protect”, but just don’t expect anything from them.

  • tom Sharp

    Typical cop: serving and protecting only himself and his buddies, thinking he’s above the law and no rules apply to him.

  • ChiTownConcerns

    Check your grammer city folk. That’s why you are treated the way you are. Educate yourselves and don’t be a stereotypical POS.

    • You're Not All That

      It’s grammar.

    • Chuck

      If I can’t speak and write English then I don’t deserve to have the equal rights? Look who is stereotyped here. I just wonder where the s.hit your family came from? If you’re not American Indian, then your family must came from somewhere. Tell us about your family (father, grandfather, great grandfather) stereotyped story when they just came to the US.

      Are you one of the dirty cops type? Well! If you are then hell is waiting for you.

    • Nevada Smith

      Check your spelling. It’s grammar, not grammer.

    • Martin Seegers

      @ChiTown, I agree some of the illegal Mexicans speak like they have a mouth full of sh!t. The afro-Americans are sometimes not much better.

    • Ronald

      Besides the obvious spelling error, your assumption is absolutely wrong. In THIS town, you react to the WAY you are treated. There are too many examples of police assuming automatically the fault that a citizen may have and treat that citizen with rudeness and impropriety. And I promise you that if a Chicago officer would read this comment, they would mostly like say “Well….you probably had it coming!” I”m sorry, but that is, indeed, the way it is. And I’ve lived here for 26 years.

      • ChicagoCitizen

        Anyone who shows contempt or disrespect for a police officer will get exactly what they deserve. The CPD doesn’t have time to f**k around !

    • jgloots


      Anyone who shows contempt or disrespect for a police officer will get exactly what they deserve. The CPD doesn’t have time to f**k around !

      July 23, 2011 at 10:03 am

      Goes both ways.
      I know a lot of good cops. And see a lot sleeping in their cars.
      Respect is not, and shouldn’t be, automatic.
      Sorry, people usually get the respect they deserve.

      • ChicagoCitizen

        There are certain things that come with the badge, respect is at the top of the list. Disrespect an officer, see what you get.

  • Southside

    C’mon, there has to be some perks to the job.

  • Ace

    As for Mrs. Kormendy, is she that naive to think that (some) cops here in Chg haven’t let other a drunken off duty officer off the hook when they got stopped and were clearly drunk.
    In fact this idiot just described what some cops do in many other cases such as harassing, abusing, beating as well as some shootings by the department. They lie too many times and they should not be allowed to get a way with this.

    There are many good cops on the force in Chicago but there are many that should be fired and some sent to jail. They should do a serious investigation of this behavior as to why top brass will not put a stop to it.

  • Jesse Sandoval

    Jesse Sandoval is crashing the vehicles while drunk which Americans refuse to crash.

    • Raymond Prudente

      Safety of the public must be the overriding concern whenever DUI is involved!

  • Rob

    Chicago police are dumb and lazy. It seems to me that they become police officers to have a power trip without having to work. All of them are that way! I know that hard working and intelligent people can and do become more than police officers and that they are probably the “best of the rest”. It’s just that in Chicago the standards are so low to start with. It must be difficult to find good people to be police officers.

    • Are You Really That Stupid? REALLY?

      “All of them are that way!”

      WOW, Rob! You must get arrested an awful lot if you know ALL of them.

      Maybe you should stop with the ignorant comments before everyone realizes how utterly dumb and stupid YOU are.

      • Cornyia Carter

        ALL of the them ARE….yeah you may have had some that came to the department for honorable reasons, they soon find out that it is their way or no way..Things that they see others do, they can’t say anything!!!!! They CANNOT go against the rest, no snitching (while they are talking about communities snitching to help them), you do not tell on your fellow officer……you stay in the suburbs under that rock….

    • CFLC

      Rob applied, but was turned down by CPD for being fat and ugly!

      • Jim

        You forgot stupid !

      • Arjay

        I love the way whenever some Chicago cop does something illicit everyone always prefaces their comments with,”I’m sure there are a lot of good Chicago cops doing there jobs,but…”. Personally,I’m not so sure anymore.

      • Hank

        @Arjay, The CPD is an outstanding police force, don’t let the police haters steer you wrong. Don’t forget, Chicago has a huge black population, and they ALL hate law enforcement.

      • NWA


        Even the African-Americans who are on the force hate law enforcement?


      • Hank

        @NWA, You can’t possibly be that dumb. I was referring to the black ghetto rats. They have nothing but contempt for law enforcement.

  • Greg Wilson

    Police should take care of their own. It’s called being a team player.

    • Ronald

      NO, SIR! That is NOT the first priority. Taking care of the citizenry is FIRST and always should be. I totally understand looking out for each other…but there are simply too many examples of “take care of their own” that take ADVANTAGE of someone’s innocence.

  • bill burns

    Coloreds threatening to riot unless whitey does something about this heat wave.

    • Carlos

      @burns, Put down that bottle and pay attention, you are on the wrong story. Drunken fool !

  • dd

    There have been several high profile cases of Police Officers who were drunk while behind the wheel being taken into custody and not being given a breathalyzers until several hours later. The typical citizen would have been tested on the scene

    • Ted

      And rightfully so.

  • jb

    Been a cop for 30 years and this guy is an idiot. Obviously Denver failed to do a proper background or psychological test, and he should be fired for his conduct. Thanks buddy for giving us all a black eye. Try keeping your mouth shut and man up.

  • Hell Cop

    Hi. I Am Hell Cop, insurance and registration please.

    • Roberta Waker

      Yes Sir, Officer, and speak up so I can record you

  • 10 Beers And I Am King Kong

    The day I cant do my job drunk is the day I turn in my badge and gun,

  • Raymond Prudente

    Why our military like Marines and Navy SEALs are honored and respected than the police? They should be the one PROTECTING/ SERVING the people and community. Police officer swear an oath but loyal to their fellow officers. It is essential and ethical that the culture affords every officer be eliminated if the legal system is to correct the injustices in cases of police misconduct. Code of Silence should not be used as a shield to hide police abuses.

    That it cannot continue, that it must be addressed, it must no be quiet.
    Silence only protects the offender and many will continue to abuse their authority.

  • Roberta Waker

    A brief suspension and he’s back on the job? Good work Denver. Maybe the next time he will kill someone when he’s driving drunk – what will you say then? He should be suspended WITHOUT PAY and required to go to AA because he obviously has a drinking problem if the Chicago Police let him off for a DUI. Drunks need to be taken off the road – no matter WHO they are.

  • Jesse

    I moved to Chicago last summer and haven’t had any real interaction with the Chicago police, but have made some observations. About half of the Chicago police I see each day are either sitting in a group, eating or talking on a cell phone…the first time I went down to the pier to watch the fireworks, which is a crazy scene, I observed a handful of parking/traffic employees working their butts off to keep things sane, while groups of cops sat around chatting. The only cop I had any real experience was rude to my girlfriend through his car’s PA system–our dog was off a leash at a natural area in river forest. Rather than get out of his car and politely explain (we had missed the sign), he asked her if she could read from the comfort of his cruiser in front of several other citizens. It always bothered me that cops are protected by laws that let them do whatever they want–“resonable suspicsion” “disturbing the peace” “interfering with police business”–all very subjective, all allow a cop to mess with you on a whim. I think cops should be elected, because one man should not be allowed to tell another man what to do without that power being given.

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