CHICAGO (CBS) — A former Chicago cop now serving and protecting in Denver was caught on tape ripping the officers who arrested him for driving under the influence.

He told them: That’s not the way it’s done in Chicago.

In February 2010, Denver police officer Jesse Sandoval crashed his own personal car. When officers in another jurisdiction arrested him, he berated them for 40 minutes, insinuating it wouldn’t have happened where he used to work.

“I’ll tell you what, we take care of police. When I used to work in Chicago, we take care of each other. You suck,” Sandoval told a fellow officer who recorded his drunken, expletive-laden tirade.

“I have never (expletive) another policeman, never in my life,” he said.

Tests at the hospital where he collapsed on the floor and cried showed Sandoval to be about three times the legal DUI limit. It didn’t seem to matter to Sandoval, as he recapped his experience with the Chicago police.

Charlotte Kormendy, who volunteers for Mothers Against Drunk Driving, lost her dad two years ago to a drunken driver. She read Sandoval’s remarks and was taken aback by the way he berated officers who were doing their job.

Kormendy says she hopes there’s no truth to Sandoval’s assertion that Chicago officers would give a fellow cop a pass if he were pulled over for DUI.

“I’m sure there are a lot of great officers working in the Chicago Police Department, and this officer just blew it for them,” she said.

In a statement, the Chicago police department says its core values demand professionalism and integrity on and off duty.

As for Sandoval, after a DUI conviction and brief suspension, he’s back on the job in Denver.

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