Legally Dead Commodities Broker Found Working As Vegas Bookie

LAS VEGAS (CBS) — A onetime commodities broker from Chicago has been missing since the Carter administration, and was declared legally dead a quarter century ago.

But it turns out that Arthur Gerald Jones has been with us all along, and had been working as a bookie in Las Vegas. Jones, 72, is in big trouble now.

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The Chicago Tribune reported that Jones, who had a seat on the Chicago Board of Trade, was reported missing in 1979. He had been living in Highland Park with his wife and three children.

His disappearance was immediately labeled suspicious, and police believed he might have run into trouble with gambling debts and possible mob affiliations, the Tribune reported.

Jones was declared legally dead in 1986, and his family collected his Social Security benefits.

But investigators say it turned out that Jones was very much alive all along, and actually has been living under the alias of Joseph Richard Sandelli since about the time of his disappearance.

“Mr. Jones apparently had a valid Social Security number that was issued to another person, and that’s how he was discovered, was someone filed a complaint,” said Kevin Malone of the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles.

Malone said Jones first went to Florida under the Sandelli alias, and then to Las Vegas in the late 1980s.

For the past ten years, he’s been working there in a sports betting operation.

Jones is set to appear in court on charges of felony identity theft and fraud on Aug. 23. His attorney, Stephen Stein, didn’t immediately return a call from The Associated Press Friday.

  • The other Steven Stein

    Wow – he’s got his own Steven Stein, huh?

  • JA

    I wouldn’t want my Stephen Stein talking to the AP, either. He’s got a good one.

  • an Observer

    I want a Stephen Stein! Where can I get one?

  • an Observer

    I’m guessing that what they meant to write is “His attorney, Stephen Stein…”

    I guess with all the cutbacks and the bad economy that had to let all the proofreaders go. That’s okay; they have us readers to do that job for them.

    • John Dodge

      We could say that we were holding a contest to see if anybody would notice, but that would be untrue. So, it’s best to fess up and admit we made a mistake. JD — CBSCHICAGO

      • JA

        It’s still a mistake.

        “His attorney Stephen Stein, didn’t immediately return a call from The Associated Press Friday.”

        That comma does not belong.

  • Anji

    I’ve heard that those Steven Steins are very shy. Expensive, but shy.

  • bob

    either I am missing something or the text was corrected.

    • JA

      The text was corrected from “His Stephen Stein, didn’t immediately …”.

      It’s odd how people paid to write things have such a shoddy grasp of grammar, spelling, etc.

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  • tr91752

    Let’s see, he was declared dead and his family collected Social Security.
    what do you bet the family was in on it and knew where he was the whole time. That would make them accomplices to the crime. I hope they have to pay the money back.
    I think he should do a little jail time for all the fraud. Maybe his family should join him.

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  • Doug

    “A quarter of a century ago”….That’s only about 25 years, isn’t it? Why the media obsession with the words “decade” and “century”? Time to upgrade to the “I’m like” generation.

  • dan

    The sad part is what if his family was not in on it-why kind of low life would just walk away from his kids? How must his kids feel after 30 years?

    Selfish guy who only cared about himself. His kids and grandkids should vist him in jail 1 time to show him what he missed-and will never see again!

  • watcher

    This often happens in other community`s and never get`s a mentionnwhy now?
    Cmon you know why.He`s _ _ _ _ e.

    • NWA

      _ _ _ _ e? Oh, I get what you are trying to say. But, here is the thing. This guy was declared dead over twenty-five years ago, after abandoning his family over thirty years ago. Forcing them to collect support, which is way wrong? So, only a person like you would try to make this family’s dilemma about race.


  • I am already dead so whats the point

    Write book, Movie Deal, live happy, no worries, your already dead.

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