Mother Sues After Teen Dies In Police Custody

CHICAGO (CBS) — The mother of a teenage boy who died in police custody has filed a lawsuit against the city and the police officers involved.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Dave Marsett reports, Mark Haynie Jr., 17, of the city’s West Side, was found unresponsive early July 13, in his cell at the Harrison District police station, 3151 W. Harrison St. He was pronounced dead at a Mount Sinai Hospital.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Dave Marsett reports

An autopsy was inconclusive pending results of a toxicology test.

Haynie’s mother, Yasante Foy, has now filed a wrongful death lawsuit, alleging officers ignored her son’s complaints that he was thirsty, felt ill and needed medical attention, and that they failed to check up on Haynie enough, resulting in him falling unconscious and later dying.

Haynie had been arrested the night before for possession of heroin.

The lawsuit includes two wrongful death counts and two survival counts, and seeks more than $200,000 in damages.

The city’s Department of Law spokeswoman Jennifer Hoyle said she had not seen the suit and could not comment Thursday evening.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

  • NWA

    Before the haters of all African-Americans and minorities wake and spew their racist cud. This seventeen year old was sick! Drug addiction is an illness. The po po ignored a sick person.


    • Pothead

      N…..WA , Theres water in every cell. PEOPLE WHO DO HERION EVENTUALLY DIE FROM IT ANYWAY. His time was just sooner. They are police not doctors.
      L . O. L.

    • none ya

      he was a drug dealer you dumb ass not a drug addict. you people are so ignorant.

      • NWA

        Some drug dealers use their stash fool! I never said he didn’t deal. Look down your street. I’m sure there is a drug user who deals his stash. Fool!


      • Pothead

        NWA is right and guess who the ignorant fool is ? Mmmmmmmmmmm ?

      • kwitster

        Gabby Johnson (none ya) is right. Can I get a hurumph from everyone

    • kwitster

      NWA you fool, he was a drug dealer and possibly addict. Who cares he gone. All for the better of all of us. Dealers are worse then the users.

      • NWA

        He was someone seventeen year old child who was addicted to drugs, whether he was selling or using. This child needed help!


      • kwitster

        Oh, please don’t give the BS he was someones 17 year old child as if I don’t care cause if this was really someones 17 year old child to someone who gave a sh&t he wouldn’t be on heroin. That’s the problem idiot to many people having children who don’t want them and then crying to everyone else (gov’t) to take care of them and having more children 4,5,6… I see her lawsuit as mearly her opportunity to make some money probably fro her own Heroin. Did she really give a sh&t? If she did where was she years ago before the kid got on Heroin. Oh, and focus on Heroin. This is not an entry level drug.

      • Lyndia

        I am going post this again. How do you know he was a user of drugs? THE ARTICLE STATED THAT HE WAS IN POSSESSION OF HEROIN. POSSESSION DO NOT MAKE YOU A USER IDIOT. Be careful that you son dosen’t meet the same fate as this young man. Oh, please forgive me. You do not have a son or daughter because you can not stand up in it long enough to get one.

    • Someone shut this guy up!

      Hey NWA, one can only hope that you will have the same fate as this kid. Society will be better for it.

      • NWA

        Are haten’ because I’m African-American?


      • kwitster

        Na your just a cancer that won’t go away

      • kwitster

        quit enabling and providing excuses for these so called people, if you are involved in the drug community you are loosely classified as human and closer to animal and should be treated as such

  • Curt

    This has nothing to do with race….but drugs can kill, and did! Mom needs to forget the lawsuit and look to herself to figure out why her son was on drugs and what she did to help him? Did she get him into rehab? Was she an active parent in the life of her child or did she let him do whatever he wanted? Parenting starts at home!

    • SocietalBreakdown

      LOL, yeah, I’m sure she’ll be doing all of that. Her sons been dead for alittle over a week and shes already looking for that money….what a disgraceful, shameless animal. In a perfect world (or a place thats not the south or west sides of chicago) a parent would do those things, but in the ghetto…sheeyit, it’s all bout dat paypa chase son…haha

    • HooDatIS?

      you so wrong for that she aint responible for his drug use
      it has more to do with his environment than her parenting skills
      so sad

  • DownWithTheSickness

    Self inflicted illness doesn’t count.

  • bserius

    He was 17…..ONLY 17
    lots to look at here,,,,,
    MOM and DAD ,,,,,,if he was arrested the night before for heroin possession, where have you two been ?
    POLICE ,,,,,If he was under influence of the drug, why was he in the cell and not infirmary,,,17 a minor?

    KID,,,, past history of arrests and drugs et al
    Lots of blame to go around,,, BOTTOM LINE, parents AND kid take responsibility

    • NWA

      And, the Judge has spoken!

  • chicago62

    He probably swallowed the bags of heroin he was dealing and OD. If he didn’t tell the cops he swallowed them, they wouldn’t know. When the heroin leaked out of the bags, it’s too late. I’m sure he was another Honor student.

  • reesep

    The report did not state if he was using or selling, it simply states that he was arrested for possession of heroin. Please stop assuming the worst in people without finding out the facts. And his mother going after them in a suit is no different than some others who sue for slip and falls, spilled hot coffee, or suing McDonald’s because it made you fat. I hope she gets seven figures because you cant put a price on someones life.

    • Mrs. jones

      Thank you reesep. Maybe they saw something in the article we didn’t. Are they medical examiners or were they there to see what actually happened to him. Let the facts come out first before you start judging.

      • kwitster

        Oh, so sorry, I guess if my child end up with heroin I should assume someone planted it there. He was involved with heroin!!!! Idiot not an entry level drug. He was a cancer and is gone. See ya!!!!



  • kwitster


  • Jermain Williams

    How the hell does this woman even know what her kid said to the police, he’s dead. She is just trying to cash in. Typical black mama looking for a payout she doesn’t deserve. NO CASH PAYOUT FOR YOU, black mama. S.O.S.

  • Remember when?

    Hope she gets seven figures? Who do you think pays that money jack a$$? You must be another one of those non-working, free-loading, gimmee everything for free low lifes that are destroying this economy and this country for that matter! Seven figures for a dope head? Only in America. Look at the kids name and the parents name, you tell me where the problem is?

  • Fedup

    This person was arrested for possession of Heroin, which means he could have been either a user or seller. My experience tells me that at the ripe age of 17 he was on the dope spot selling drugs. Now for all you experts out there when a person is arrested for possession of narcotics, the person is asked to open their mouth and after a quick inspection are asked if they swallowed any drugs. If they said yes they are taken to the hospital or EMS is called. If they deny it once the arrest report is done , before they hit the lock up the person is asked again by the lockup keeper are you sick or injured,taking any medication, need to go to the hospital, anddto you feel like killing or hurting yourself. If the person again denies any of these questions they are allowed in the lockup. If this person in fact swallowed narcotics, more than likely they will overdose and die. Now why did I state these facts? because again with my experience drug dealers sometime hold thier dope inside thier mouth so when the police stop them they swallow it. Once the toxicology test results come back I am pretty confident that it will be positive for Heroin in his system. Once on a traffic stop the driver was turning blue and couldnt speak I asked him if he swallowed any drugs, he could only nod his head. I immediately called for ems and told the person to try and make himself vomit. After using my pen to cause him to vomit a 1″X1″ ziploc plastic ziloc baggie containing Heroin that was blocking his airway came out. If this person would of choked to death are you idiots saying it would of been my fault? Thats what wrong with society today, no one wants to take resonsibilty for their actions and looking to blame someone else. The mother is making statements like if she was in the lockup with her son, how could she know what he said? $700,000, looks like some bottom feeding ambulance chasing lawyer is just looking for the city to make a quick and low settlement so he /she can get paid.

    • kwitster

      Couldn’t have said it better myself and thank you for your help.

    • lyndia

      You seem to be an intelligent fellow. If this kid died from drugs that he swallowed, then she has nothing coming. However, if he was sick, asked for help and did not recieve it than cpd was at fault.

  • tina

    God took him away to stop him from selling poisenous drugs to others.

  • Dan

    Those people make their livings on lawsuits. Good riddance to that piece of garbage drug dealing criminal…the world is a better place without him. It would be even better without his mother too…she just views her son’s death as a cash register.

  • Chad

    It is AMAZING how short the mourning period has become. This kids been dead 9 days and already the lawyers are being called.
    How fast tears turn into $$$$$ signs.

    Disgusting !!

    • Alex

      Just another day in the black community, Chad.

      • kwitster

        Oh, now guys don’t be so down on the black folk, they’s just doin whats de’y told da do. De’ys gots der man in da office now de’ys gona be ok.

      • Lyndia

        what is another day in the white community? Your kid comes home and kills the entire family? It happens all the time in the white neighborhoods.

      • Alex

        @Lyndia, Please keep your racist black babble to your self. What you described is extremely rare and is not the norm in any community. Unlike the black community, which has people getting shot on a daily basis.

    • Lyndia

      Wouldn’t you do the same if it were your child?

      • Norm Jensen

        @Lyndia, Absolutely not. If my kid was involved with heroin, I would feel ashamed, whether he was using or selling. If he was arrested for heroin and died during the incarceration process, I would not even consider trying to blame his stupidity on law enforcement. And I certainly wouldn’t be trying to cash in, just because I can. These black parents will sue any chance they can, looking for that big cash payout. Pathetic !

  • billyd

    I have an idea. Have a little dignity and bury the poor kid before you go out trying to make money on his death. Then, sue yourself for raising a heroin addict. What a disgrace.

  • Judy

    I would like to know CBS, why you do not allow racist remarks that you perceive to come for a black person to be posted however, you have this poor white trash like kwitster, Dan and some of the other low class. hairless apes to talk about blacks?

    • Mike

      typical black

    • LaKeisha

      @Judy, Poor white trash? Hairless apes? Your attitude speaks for itself. Mr. kwister has made some very relevant observations, most of which I agree with. Dan’s comment is also 100% true and accurate.

  • nx

    Godd Riddance to the Heroin Seller!

  • reesep

    Please stop it!!!! If this boy was white, you guys would have 1000 x’s more coverage with the whole community in an up-roar staging protest and suing for way than this parent who lost their child. Stop blaming race and see where the law doesn’t respect whats right or wrong, but in this case get to play as judge, jury, & executioner. Not all cops are bad cops, but all black youths are gang-banging drug attics either, so please respect yourself with the comments you post because your true racist ways are showing!!!!! ” Raise the confederate flag”

  • reesep

    Two words, Amy Winehouse!!!! Now what?


    White folks are _ucking weird ole, mass murders, and the biggest dope feins, pill popper, meth taken, mushroom eating mf’s you know… stop all the bs red necks

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