Arkush: Owners Have Zero Regard For Players

COLLEGE PARK, Ga. (CBS) — The tentative agreement ratified only by NFL owners is “infuriating and insulting” to the players who remain locked out, says Pro Football Weekly and 670-The Score’s Hub Arkush.

On Thursday, team owners voted in favor of a tentative agreement to end the lockout. Thursday’s ratification came after a full day of meetings at an Atlanta-area hotel, where team executives pored over the terms of the deal.

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Players have not signed off on the deal. They didn’t vote on a full pact Wednesday because there were issues that had not been resolved.

And Arkush says the deal is tantamount to the owners making a deal with themselves, and telling the players to take it or leave it.

“They’ve said, ‘This is the deal as far as we’re concerned. We don’t really care that the players haven’t accepted it yet. We’re going to ratify it, and we’re planning on starting business,” he said.

Arkush said players are angry about the situation, given that player representatives say they don’t even know what’s in the deal.

““It’s just kind of bizarre, and it’s the ultimate arrogance and greed of the owners again,” he said.

The situation boils down to player reps and players having no idea what is in an agreement that the owners have already ratified, Arkush says.

“That’s about as absurd as any labor negotiation I’ve ever heard,” he said.



    Learn to save some money for a rainy day and invest a little.


    Your brains aren’t being put on the line. Each and every one of you should learn some respect for the players and fans. The popularity of your game is being propped up by gambling, fantasy pools (ugh), and the fact that it’s a little excitement on a Sunday. But, some teams can’t generate any excitement (ever) and pre-season games, or games played on a sheet of ice in the middle of December have no entertainment value. Fix these problems. Earn some of the new money you just made.

    • Lil' Bycracke

      Well Said.

      The stupid thing is the owners think they have a self-sustaining source of revenue. Per the business cycle, all good things come to an end, and it will be interesting to see how the sport reacts when its popularity peaks (i.e. MLB right now).

  • IndianaDuh

    Maybe the players should hire a good attorney that can explain a contract to them.

    • Denver Deadite

      You’re entirely missing the point.

      This is the owners trying to pull a fast one. “See? We’ve agreed to this, so you better sign off on it ASAP!”

      More so since it appears that the owners put stuff in there that had NOT been negotiated or already agreed to by the players.

      It’s truly insulting by the owners that they would do this.

  • Andy

    The right solution is to flush every one of those ignorant, greedy, spolied, primadonna players and start over with a fresh crop right out of college football – guys who play becuase they love the game, and would be happy with a few million bucks a year to play football.

    • Eric Martell

      How about all the ignorant, greedy, spoiled primadonna owners? I’d be more than happy to make hundreds of millions of dollars for doing nothing more than inheriting daddy’s football team.

      Really, that argument is silly. If your boss offered you a contract and changed it without telling you, you’d be just as upset as the players.

  • mike in davenport

    I about punched my radio the other day when I switched the dial during commercials, only to hear Mike Nort going off on the players for wanting more money when “the owners are the ones assuming all the risk.”

    I won’t go off on a political tangent, but it’s just typical of Nort to ONLY consider the financial aspect of life. Yes, the owners profit and lose by the team’s fortunes, but to say that the owners assume all the risk is to completely ignore how players destroy their brains and bodies to (hopefully) make enough money to last them the rest of their lives.

    On topic, the owners have completely pantsed the players in the public perception of this negotiation. Notice the timing of this “agreement” – the owners kept leaking stories about how they were making progress, how they were getting close, etc., and then have an agreement in place at the zero hour, they have totally put the players in position to make the decision on whether football starts on time or not. Therefore, if they refuse it, public perception is that the players backed out of the negotiations and delayed th estart of the season. Very well masterminded by the owners.

    • Murphfan1138

      Agreed. And the timing so that if the players don’t agree, then preseason games will be next to go (not that very many people watch those things anyway…at least I don’t).

      That being said, if the NFL doesn’t start on time, I’ll have no problem finding something else to watch on Sundays.


      When a player loses his fortune, he’s finished, or has to rely on lucky family memebers.
      When an owner needs money, he gets a civic entity to dip into a tax pool. Look at the jobs and revenue I bring!
      Some towns treat the teams like a public utility. If the money carousel is still rotating, they can jack up a luxury tax, and tourists pay. When the carousel stops. . .

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  • Dan Rakow


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