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After dinner Uncle Ed navigated the crew to Wilson Skate Park on the banks of Lake Michigan. To get there we went though the Uptown neighborhood, which is “sketchy” but seems to be changing slowly but surely for the better. Ed pointed out the blue lights atop the police cameras at selected intersections. We also passed by more than a handful of self-talkers and stoop sleepers.

It was dusk and getting dark fast when we got to the park, and about 30 full-grown men were in mid-session.

img 0301 Skating At Dusk Beside Lake Michigan

Wilson Skate Park at dusk

Bodies were flying around and everyone was SERIOUS. Our crew was easily the smallest and youngest at the park, and I was worried that they’d be intimidated, but they ditched their helmets (no one was even thinking of wearing safety gear at this spot) and got busy. They were pretty grim-faced and there was no silly banter. They skated hard and tried some things I hadn’t seen them do so far this trip. Ed was pretty impressed, as was I. A couple of the boys later said Wilson was a Chicago highlight.

But the real Chicago MVPs were Gerry and Ed, who treated the hungry skaters to bacon and eggs the next morning.

img 0306 Skating At Dusk Beside Lake Michigan

Thanks Auntie Gerry and Uncle Ed!

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