Teen Girl, 17, Fatally Shot On South Side

CHICAGO (STMW) – A teenage girl was fatally shot near her Hamilton Park home early Tuesday on the South Side.

Dzazray Brent, 17, of the 6600 block of South May St., was shot at 6646 S. May St. and pronounced dead at 3:27 a.m. at St. Bernard Hospital, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office.

Police News Affairs Officer Darryl Baety said she was shot in the upper right chest about 3 a.m. An autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday, the medical examiner’s office said.

Nobody else was inured, police said.

Wentworth Area detectives are investigating.

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  • civilized

    No big deal, she was shot by a thug and not a police officer. These days it’s o.k if thugs shoot people. When thugs shoot peple no body sees anything but if a Chicago police officer is involved in a shooting then all hell breaks loose and. everyone is a witness all of a sudden and wants to protest.

    • lanette

      and it is a big deal what if sum one you know got shot by a thug not a police officer will it still be a no big deal?? hell naw.. so dnt do that to sumone esle

  • Shari Holloway

    I agree



  • Taxpayer 2

    I agree too. How crazy is it going to get. When the police tell demon acting people to drop the gun, the fool points it at the officer or the fool does not drop the gun. The police are left with no choice but to the suspect (fool) and or (demon). Then someone who truly sees nothing sees the police of being wrong.

    Then when these thugs (urban terrorist, devils, demons, fools) shoots somebody dead, then everybody sees nothing. The devil has been controlling these fools in their neiborhoods for far too long.

    Step one, round them up from the street corners. Step two chain them up like dogs and send these fools back to Africa immediately. Every time it gets hot outside these thugs lose their mind.

    Police keep up the good work. You guys are doing an excellent job. Thank God for you all. One day maybe the judges will edit some of these laws that is on our books.

    • Lyndia

      They never would have been here if your dog ass ancestors were not in Africa in the first place.

    • Tammy

      These vicios negros will shoot anyone, anywhere, at any time. Pathetic!!!!

    • Taxpayer 2

      Why was a teen age girl out at that time of morning to begin with? Where the hell was her parents?

      • bestfriend

        a mother could only do so much and i must say she did she fault for her child and as a best friend i can say this cause my friend daughter didnt deserve this no matter what or who at fault she raised her children and its sad that she was killed so u are right when u ask were was the parents i am here to tell u she was there and she love her kids but a parent could only do so much she went to get her daughter and they told her her daughter wasnt there she need answers and answers right now i lost a child last year my son was a a and b student graduated from high school and he was starting college in the fall of last year and he was shot and killed for no reason and it hurts so bad so please as to u keep us in prayer cause i suffer a great deal of anger and i want justice thank u lord for giving me the vision to see these basters who killed my son daniel lydell crockett r.i.p son momma and dad love and miss u

  • Leroy Goldberg

    Lyndia and NWA…….Why must you all be this way?? And seriously, DZAZRAY???
    If you all would stop making so many babies you would stop running out of names.

    • Tyreese

      HaHaHaHa, that’s hilarious, Leroy. Kep the comedy flowing. We really do appreciate it.

    • lanette

      okay first of all the name was misspelled. so if you dnt have nun to say thats respectful to a young girl who lost her life then dnt say nun at all… all you ppl are just slow.

  • Lyndia

    I am going to post this again. Leroy, I believe you are a skinhead but in the instance that you are jewish, didn’t Hilter believe the same thing about you and your kind? Wasn’t he the mastermind that turned Europe against the Jews beginning in the late 20’s until the end of WW2. Didn’t he begin a holocaust on your people that wiped out a large portion of the jewish population? Put them in concentration camps and worked the dog s@@@ out of them, did all types of freakest things and then they burned them in furances and they went up in smoke. How did your grandma or great grandma escape them? Why don’t you and others like you just go up in smoke?

    • Leroy Goldberg

      Oh Lyndia, the shame and revulsion you must feel everytime you look in the mirror must be unbearable. I suppose collecting those welfare checks and having random unprotected sex is the only way make yourself feel better.

    • edthepatriot

      can i breed with use. eyes likes a broa* with no teachin, just like use. what be use address?

  • New Guy

    Being new to this blog, I can say that Lyndia is the most racist individual I have ever encountered anywhere. What is wrong with this person? Why does she frequently recite history that has no relevence whatsoever?

    • edthepatriot

      she dont be havin a man .that bees her hassle. she dont shave them legs and them pits. thats how dem east european babes swing

  • edthepatiort

    i gots to nose if she be a working sista and eyes bet the poleice did the shotting and not a brotha. some one all ways be a blamin the brutha

    • colleen

      my bestfriend daughter was shot and killed and first thing people say as expected were was her parents well its not always the parents fault a parent could only do so much and she is a damn good parent so dont judge if u dont no the path my best friend walk in

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