Out of the house early, we followed Aunt Gerry to Logan Boulevard Skate Park, a spot built by the City of Chicago right under Interstate 94. Instead of a concrete sculpture a la FDR in Philly, this park was all set up for “street” work, which obviously appealed to the boys. The place was empty and they basically took it over.

img 0326 Leaving Chicagoimg 0319 Leaving Chicagoimg 0318 Leaving Chicago

Aunt Gerry’s daughter Claire is skate-savvy and brought her camera to shoot the boys. They showed off for her on one of the park’s ledges.

dsc 0017 Leaving Chicago

Photo by Claire Mooney

After that, we headed to Roberto Clemente High School, a spot highly recommended by the staff at Uprise. At the school the boys found a small plaza full of banks and ledges. The spot got mostly positive reviews, but I couldn’t keep from wondering how a Pittsburgh Pirates legend ended up getting his name on a school in north Chicago.

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