UPDATED: Rep. Walsh Sued For $117K In Child Support

UPDATED 07/28/11 5:25 p.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — The Illinois Republican congressman who accused President Barack Obama of lying about the risks of not raising debt ceiling, is now accused of owing a six-figure sum in child support.

North suburban Congressman Joe Walsh might need an increase in his personal debt ceiling. As CBS 2’s Derrick Blakley reports, Walsh’s ex-wife is suing him for $117,000 in unpaid child support.

In a statement, Walsh said the story was false, labeling it as a “hit piece”

“I’ve always given everything I have to meet my financial obligations to my children and I will fight until my last breath against anyone who says otherwise,” Walsh said. “I’ve been trying to resolve this issue since January in a court of law, rather than drag my children into it. That is the appropriate venue and I will not discuss this private family issue in public.”

It’s not the first time there have been reports of troubles with Walsh’s personal finances – including a foreclosure on a condo and a period of unemployment.

But the Tea Party loyalists who enthusiastically backed the freshman congressman during his campaign last year still support him.

Walsh has developed an image of a brash politician unafraid to challenge President Barack Obama.

“I won’t place one more dollar of debt upon the backs of my kids and grandkids unless we structurally reform the way this town spends money,” Walsh says in a YouTube video accusing President Obama of lying about the debt ceiling issue.

But Walsh’s ex-wife claims that the tea party favorite hasn’t been paying his kids’ child support. She’s sued him for more than $117,000 in back child support and interest.

“The guy is trying to tell the president how to run the country financially and he’s a deadbeat dad. It doesn’t work,” voter Terry Marcheschi said.

Sue Garrison said, “He should be paying that money to her. That’s something all men should do.”

In a court filing, Laura Walsh has claimed the congressman owes her $117,437 in back child support and interest – a debt that’s allegedly been growing since November 2005. The suit also claims Congressman Walsh paid nothing, not a cent, between April 2008 and December 2010.

“I think it’s a shame that the politicians talk one way, and do things another way,” voter Tom Marcheschi said. “It’s almost like do as I say and not as I do.”

But tea party supporters at the Palatine Inn Restaurant were much more willing to give Walsh a break.

“As long as he’s doing his job as a congressman, representing his constituents in what we would like, I think I’d judge first and foremost on that, because that would be his job,” Judy Almendaric said.

Fellow Walsh supporter Virginia Szigeti said, “Something between him and his wife should be dealt with between him and his wife.”

Laura Walsh filed to divorce Joe Walsh in 2002, after 15 years of marriage. They have three children.

Walsh’s attorney disputed that Walsh owes more than $117,000 in child support, saying the amount Walsh owes isn’t anywhere near that much.

  • Lloyd Domres

    Hey Walsh show some leadership for once and pay your back chikd support you deadbeat dad.


    Looks like obama sent out his prostittute media on this guy,no matter what you think of Walsh, you should be very concern about the guy in the White House,thats obama,remember he sat in the church for 20yrs not Walsh,listening to his mentor Revie spew HATRED against America and White America and to many its you and others,and a lot of you went out and voted for the SOB,its funny I don’t see or hear any of these prostitutes in the media doing a story about obama on his church days.

    • Avg Joe

      how did he keep slipping away when Dart would have these staged raids for t….think they wouldgo after white collar then getting some guy fiired cause they took him off the job……more corruption…

    • NWA

      So, you stoop to attack another person’s religion or, is it just an African-Americans practice of a religion you have a problem with? I can remember some of the fiery language Roman Catholic priest used in the twentieth century to inspire their mass. People attacked their religion during JFK’s presidency. What if we had a Jewish president or a president who practice Islam? Your head would probably explode!


    • W. Hennessey

      Snowball ? thats what you have for a brain, try to twist these ‘facts’ to blame Obama? It’s your right and DUTY to question America’s Leaders, same as your duty to support your kids, this guy’s a loser in the highest form and you Sir are a racist fool.

      • e wieczorek

        agree totally, he ‘s a big talker wiling to take away everything we have but can’t pay his own bills. what a loser, we need to remember this and see when he’s out of office how long it takes to find a job.

      • working man

        W. Hennessey YOU are right, But what can you do the tea party racist do not know what facts are,

  • lima

    Not supporting your children while you vacation around the world while claiming poor isn’t quite the same thing as sitting in church is it?!?!? Come on say it ain’t so Joe and pay up!!

  • Curt

    suspend his license and garnish his pay…..happens all the time…..and if that doesn’t work, we can always say that it is distracting him from the work that needs to be done and make him resign…..what a loser!

  • Harm

    This idiot is a complete embarassment to his constituents. Iknoe they now regret the serous mistake they made in electing him. Thank god ypou will soon have an opportunity to correct you error. He blames the media, his wife and the Predident of the U S for him being a dead beat congressboy (He is no mman). What a damn embarrassment and great roll model he is. Ha hahahahah

  • ramona bitta

    it is about time Joe Walsh is exposed for what a fraud he is–double standards and double talk-pity the people who follow him–they need serious help also-to point the finger you had better be perfect in every way–and Joe Walsh is a fraud big time from the beginning-can’t stand listening to him rant and rave–what a background and the people who were dumb enough to vote for him deserve what they got a big time fraud—

    • ED W


  • ed wieczorek

    Call his office and complain , and keep calling because all he is doing is stealing and refuses to pay ,Another one who fills his pockets with our money , And he’s willing to take away your rights and steal money from the taxpayers but can’t pay his bills and child support unless we keep him in office. the next election can’t come soon enough . HE ABOUT HIMSELF NOT US .

    • Drew

      Couldn’t agree more, Ed!

  • snickers

    I believe he can go got jail for owing this much. Arrest him.

  • Drew

    Psst…hey you, Joe Walsh…ever hear the one about ‘people living in glass houses…’? Yeah, you follow me. Pay up and shut up ‘ya crook!

  • bob

    We must think of the Children!! Reading this about their father will permanently damage them. They’ll grow up to become drug addicts, creeps, public employees and maybe even politicians.

  • NWA

    This jerk won the election by only 291 votes. And, only because he scared his
    constitutes into voting for him. This guy is a cad. The one thing a man should never do is job his children.


  • ed w

    He doesn’t mind if the country dafaults , he could care less if our interest rates go up . since he doesn’t pay his obligations why should the government.

  • Just the Average Joe

    The guy needs to pay his child support, and they should garnish his wages. However, Congress and the President need to cut spending and this Republican has not caved in on the negotiation. The shots at him over child support are fine, and justified. Just don’t let that cloud your view of this financial mess that we are in, and the need to get started on fixing the problem, and Walsh has held the line on requiring spending cuts.

    • NWA

      Oh sure, one of these things is not like the other. What have you been watching, old episodes of The Electric Company?


  • Chivi

    Why didn’t he go to chail for being a dead beat dad?????? OOOOO!!! Did that hurt Walsh? When you throw those little pebbles make sure you are ready to get hit with boulders!!! OUCHCHCHCHCHCHCH!!!!

  • Erin

    I miss Melissa Bean every single day! PLEASE run again Melissa… I willl work day and night to help you get re-elected. This guy is a disgrace! I know you are every bit as humiliated to represented by him as I am. We need a Representative who is a person of sound moral character and conducts themselves with a measure of decorum; a Representative who listens when their constituents say make a deal on this debt ceiling issue to save our nation from default; a Representative who is responsible enough to take care of their own children. BRING BACK MELISSA!! I’m seriously going to make a sign and plant it in my front yard.

  • notchicagoism

    G, people here seemed concerned about Joe’s three kids, maybe some concern should be paid to the whole next generation’s financial ablity to pay back the National debt due to the current course of Ferderal Spending. Unless you don’t think it should ever be paid?

  • Deb Hamilton

    For some more observations about this fiscally conservative nighmare: http://debutopia.blogspot.com/2011/07/lifes-been-good-to-me-so-far.html#more

  • Jerry O Henderson

    Maybe Obama got his training from WALSH,YOU ARE A Deadbeat Dad,pay up A##h###

  • Ismael Martinez


  • ralph

    This was just a shameless politically-motivated slander piece by the left-wing liberals at CBS, Kurtis and Skippy who clucked about afterwards. We were shown NO evidence of the truth of these allegations. Hell hath no fury like a scorned ex-wife and they will lie just to get even. And WHY did it take her SIX years to complain if he wasn’t paying?!?

  • NWA

    Speaking as an African-American man who had to pay child support and who now has degreed adult children. You have to pay child support because it’s the law. But most importantly, you have to support your child. If you are not paying their mother support, the children do know. And, the worst thing in the world is a child who feels they are not supported by their father.
    A man who would job his children is a real bum and shouldn’t be a congressman.



  • fred

    The leftists are going after Joe with a vengeance. Just shows how effective he has become in just his first few months in office.

    • NWA

      Effectively not paying child support! Good one.


  • skeptic

    Did CBS bother to do any fact-checking on this story or are they just repeating the unsubstantiated allegations of an angry ex-wife whose motivations are unknown? Did they interview her? Did they read the complaint? Did they ask to see the evidence? Competent and ethical journalism is absent at CBS – and elsewhere these days.

    • NWA

      Are you kidding me! You’re going after CBS2 because this jerk is angry at his ex-wife and refuses to support their children? Are you kidding me!


  • Dead Beat Joe

    Operation Dead Beat Dads…. He should be top of the list. Walshopoly days are over! Yo Joe… Go to Jail. Do not collect $200 dollars… Yojoe, yojoe, yojoe.

  • media sucks

    If Mr Walsh`s ex wife is anything like mine this story is a crock of s–t,the fair and unbiast Media jumpped on Mr Walsh only after his talking about obama.WHY NOT BEFORE!!!!!!

    • NWA

      And, we have another member of the angry men’s club. So what! Wimpy, Wimpy, Wimpy! You’re a damn wimp! Buck up man! Stop you’re damn cryin’.


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