CHICAGO (CBS) — I’ll try not to be angry when I say this: another bad night Thursday in Washington.

Still no compromise on the national debt, ever closer now to a national disaster. And the politicians we elect and pay to prevent disaster — all they’re doing on the debt is talking about it on TV.

What a colossal waste of their time and our money. How incredibly arrogant and irresponsible they are.

We’re paying the members of Congress $174,000 a year; $400,000 we’re paying the president, plus the hundreds of millions we’re paying their hangers-on-called-aides-and-advisers. Our money for their politics. Oh, what to do?

I have an idea: a furlough. Put them on furlough tonight, right now, for as long as the debt remains a problem. No pay until they solve the problem.

Then, watch how fast they solve it.

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