Walter’s Perspective: No Pay For Lawmakers Until They Solve Debt Crisis

CHICAGO (CBS) — I’ll try not to be angry when I say this: another bad night Thursday in Washington.

Still no compromise on the national debt, ever closer now to a national disaster. And the politicians we elect and pay to prevent disaster — all they’re doing on the debt is talking about it on TV.

What a colossal waste of their time and our money. How incredibly arrogant and irresponsible they are.

We’re paying the members of Congress $174,000 a year; $400,000 we’re paying the president, plus the hundreds of millions we’re paying their hangers-on-called-aides-and-advisers. Our money for their politics. Oh, what to do?

I have an idea: a furlough. Put them on furlough tonight, right now, for as long as the debt remains a problem. No pay until they solve the problem.

Then, watch how fast they solve it.

  • MARY

    right you are walter & we should all reme,mber their names so we can vote for anyone else.

  • Knt

    Right on, Walter!

    • Roberta Waker

      Great idea, Walter, but how can we do this? Unfortunately, Congress has passed many laws that benefit them and make them better than the people that voted them into office. For instance, the health care plan; theirs is much better than Obamacare; they don’t pay into or get Social Security, instead they collect lucrative pensions for life. These are just two examples of how they have put themselves above the laws they pass. If we COULD put them on furlough until they solved this nations debt problems; they would get solved quickly, but I don’t see that happening.

  • Georgeann Shaw

    Well said, Walter!

  • working man

    You GO Walter,NO pay for Congress and Rep. Walsh should pay his child support the loser .But the President needs to use the 14th Amendment, and help us working people.

  • Sharon

    Great Idea Walter. Please forward to Washington with all the comments.
    And let’s all remember who not to vote for next election.

  • Connie

    I’m in total agreement with you Walter/ Tell us the people how we can get this point of view going as a movement across the nation. I believe that the american people will all get on board with this idea.

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