CHICAGO (CBS) – In a world that keeps changing, Ted Machnik has found something he loves that has stayed exactly the same.

Machnik graduated in 1974 from Lane Tech High School. He recently went back to walk the lane between Lane Tech and one of his old haunts: Hero’s.

“It tastes today just like it tasted 30 or 40 years ago,” Machnik tells CBS 2’s Kate Sullivan. 

Hero’s, at the busy corner of Western and Addison, looks exactly the same, too. Not even the employees have changed.

Sharon Vitale’s father started the sandwich shop on Sept. 1, 1963. His simple concept: order whatever kind of sandwich you want, serve it on good bread and value your customers.

Over the past 48 years, very little has changed on the menu.

“I think we’ve added nachos and that’s about it,” Vitale says.

Machnik, a judge, drives 30 minutes for a taste of his Chicago childhood. He orders the Italian cold-cut sub.

Hero’s is known for its mixed cold-cuts sub, which costs $5.05. That’s one thing that has changed. In 1963, that very sandwich cost 75 cents.

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