Bears Sign Roy Williams

UPDATED 07/29/11 8:05 a.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — Free agent wide receiver Roy Williams is coming to the Bears, according to reports Friday morning.

Williams was released by the Dallas Cowboys Thursday and the Bears are in need of a wide receiver with size. Reports surfaced later in the day that the Bears were pursuing him.

Citing Adam Schefter of ESPN, Pro Football Talk reported Friday morning that Williams had reached a deal to join the Bears.

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Other sources, including the Chicago Tribune, have also reported the deal.

The Chicago Sun-Times’ Sean Jensen quoted a league source Friday morning as saying the Bears were set to sign Williams. Jensen points out that Williams’ best season was with the Detroit Lions in 2006 under Mike Martz, now the offensive coordinator for the Bears.

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At 6-3, 215 pounds, Williams has the receiving size the Bears don’t currently have, especially after they traded tight end Greg Olsen to the Panthers Thursday.


  • jimmyp

    Whom ever typed this up needs to proof read his or her work!!! Jensen points out that Jensen’s best season was with the Detroit Lions in 2006 ,Fail!!!!!!!!!!

  • jskaggs


    • Tampa Joe

      Because the bears have nothing but trash in the wide receiver position. THAT’s whyyyyy.


    Well, I asked for him, now we got him.

    Now, it’s just time to see if Mike Martz “voodoo of the century” can enchant the ball into the endzone for some big gaudy numbers.

    “They all masissi, but we hang tough
    absatively gonna help you beat that stuff.”

  • D.O

    Dallas has been a mess the last couple years. I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt with Williams.

  • jason

    Great, now he can fumble sure touchdowns for US now instead of Dallas. Hey, at least we can watch some really creative first down celebrations

  • AT3374

    The look on his face in that picture is the same one I have ….The Bears went after who ?

  • ac

    they won’t get to the playoffs with this guy! cultler is still the big problem.

    • big time sucker

      do i think roy williams is THE ANSWER, no, could be a decent piece, but not THE ANSWER
      do i think Cutler is THE PROBLEM, NO AC check this out,
      3rd year with bears, 3rd year starting QB, 3rd year NO QB CONTROVERSY
      last two years 60%+ completion, 3000+ yards 20+ td’s
      last year, int’s cut from 26 to 16

      ummmmmmmmmmmm find me the last time we had a QB situation that can basically guarentee you that the QB will start without controversy and put up those kinds of numbers for a 3rd straight year
      are there better QB’s yeah, are there way way way way way way way way way way way worse? oh hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll yeah

      • big time sucker

        and caleb haney fits into the category of way way wayetc…. worse

  • Tampa Joe

    If they don’t make it to the playoffs this season then it’s time to clean house. Personally I believe that they will and go a bit farther then they did the last. I lived in Chicago for 31 of my 37 years and I have gone thru the good of the bears and the worse of the bears. When I say that Chicago fans are great fans I use that term very lose. When the team is doing great every one is at there feet. When the suck, well you know. It’s time to stop the fair weatherness. SUPPORT YOUR TEAMS NO MATTER WHAT!!!!! Stop the talking bad of Jay C support him and you’ll see the diffence that makes

    • AT3374

      No doubt the Bears will make the playoffs this year but it’s no reason to believe that they will go all the way and win the whole thing . Sure they took GB to the limit last year but GB lost 11 starters last year and were clearly in control of that playoff game throughout . I’ll get behind the Bears but I’m not delusional either .

  • I'm TIerd the the Bears Cheap A#@#@

    I’m very disturbed that the Bears parted ways with Olsen!! He was just beginning to break out and He and Cutler had a chemistry!! SMDH…..Now as for the Roy Williams signing, again SMDH, out of all the recievers out here and that are still out here this is the Bears best answer!! I wish as a fan I could interview these jerks in the front office and the coaches and ask what are you thinking..Oh he Played in Martz offense! SOoooo! Jay Cutler is your QB for a while, why would you not want that reciever who could be here for years with Jay and Have that connection like Peyton and Harrison, Or Like Brady and Moss etc…Thats why I was big on Rice, he’s young and still he’s a go getter!!! Now What are they doing about our line!! We still need O-linemen and a bonefide D-takle/nose or D-end!!! The D-linemen from the Giants he wants out and he’s unhappy and Jenkins is still out there as well. We need another Db a Shut down type!! Cromodie or Carr from B-mor!!!

    • AT3374

      Losing Olsen isn’t that big of a loss since he never fit the Martz offense and barely had any speed to break away from defenders and could block a defender to save Cutler’s life . It’s not like he’s Jermicheal Finley or Antonio Gates .

      But I agree with you about the receiver position . Hopefully Roy “Alligator Arms ” Williams will work out or this will be a long season .

      • AT3374

        * could not block

  • Mark, Stelring

    I’m just happy that they didn’t TRADE for this guy. At least all they are losing is money if he sucks.

  • Fletchguy

    It is going to be a very long bad season as a Bears fan. So far the team has created more holes lost good players and now they sign this piece of garbage as our so called number 1 and back him up with Herd? really seriously who is calling the shots here. i see Martz has been given control and we already saw his full Martz idea will not work. We lost Manning huge hit on the special teams side, lost olsen for nothing he just came around and had chemistry with Cutler who needs that extra friend right now, Forte is gonna hold out, still no true reciever, let Maynard go for no reason at all except spite, Havent fixed the Oline, need 2 maybe 3 linebackers, a corner, a safety and looks like we will loose Kruetz which opens 3 holes in the OLINE as you have to what move Garza your best OLmen o center now find his replacement a backup center and move the others out of position..I am wondering with all this bad building if Kenny Williams is over there making all these bad moves like he has done with the White Sox over the past several years. My NFL enthusiasm has come and gone and no basketball to look forward and soccer isnt a sport..Im not into Hockey but looks like thats what i ahev to wait for.


    He has to be better than Knox and Manumanumaleauna, right?

    If they can keep Cutler upright, he’ll have more chances of success.

    I said this before, and, somehow, it got deleted.

    As it is, I’m looking forward to the NHL. I don’t want to see more games like the Giants, Redskins, and first Seahawks game.

  • Murphs Upper-Lip

    Quit talking hockey!!!

  • Palestine Kevin

    Well les il be calling in alot more with the football season starting up.I think Roy williams gives Jay Cutler just another Target to throw to and Devin Hester will be able to focus more on the return game.And lets face it without Jay Cutler we wouldnt have made the playoffs last year.Im confident Mike Martz will ignite some more offensive fireworks lovie will make him run the ball and we will be in the playoffs for the second year in a row.Thats all you can really ask from a team the season starts over when the playoffs start and i like our chances as good as anybody.I think Greenbay will be good but they do have a disadvantage because of the gauntlet schedule they play this year but dont look for them to lay down and die although that would be nice.Anyway its football season in Chicago dont waste your time on reporting anything else i dont care about anything else.The real wild card factor is how bad does each individual Bear want a ring!

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