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Roy Williams

The Dallas Cowboys’ Roy Williams takes on the Green Bay Packers of the Dallas Cowboys at Lambeau Field on November 7, 2010 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. (Credit: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

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by Matt Spiegel

(WSCR) Mac is in with Boers in the afternoon, so I get that charmingly surly bastard Rozner. We’ll have some fun.

The guests: 10 – Todd Hollandsworth on the cubs purge, or not. 11 – Sports Illustrated’s Joe Sheehan, on the trade deadline and the pennant races. 12 – Hub Arkush, on the Bears moves and Mike Martz’ plans. Also, Laurence Holmes from Bears camp, and we’ll get a Dallas perspective on Roy Williams.

The thoughts we’ll plan to get to:

We all wanted a tall, big target wide receiver, and now we got one. But it’s Roy Williams; a short-arming 3 year bust in Dallas. Uggh. The Olsen/Manamaleuna/Davis vs. Williams/Spaeth discussion is not a simple one.

My thoughts, with a day of perspective, on the White Sox’ EJax trade, and what may still be to come. We’ll get Barry’s too, as he hasn’t had a chance to write or talk about it yet.

A-Ram and big Z hint at possibly allowing the trades they’ve turned down for a while now. We’ll delve into the chances anything actually happens.

Also: Peavy in the 5 man, is Jay Cutler being made happy enough by the Bears, the IPic movie experience last night and Horrible Bosses, and god knows what else.

Join us.

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