Glenview Residents Who Lost Power This Summer Give ComEd An Earful

GLENVIEW, Ill. (CBS) — It’s been a frustrating cycle this summer, with serious storms leaving those without power really suffering during heat waves.

On Monday, some north suburban Glenview residents gave ComEd an earful.

They say whenever the power goes out here, getting the lines back up and running takes too long.

“We understand there are things we can do better,” Michael Guerra of ComEd told residents who packed a meeting.

Earlier, two residents told CBS 2’s Pamela Jones about the hardships they suffered this summer. They lost power for four days during an outage on June 21.

“The whole family sat in the living room without a television or a radio or anything, with two or three little candles,” John Leverentz said.

  • Bob

    Gee..The family sat in the living room “without TV or anything.” Anything? They had nothing? They don’t talk? They didn’t buy some flashlights? They didn’t go out? They didn’t have “anything?” WOW…what kind of family communications is not happening with that family? we had the same problem. , only we were not without “anything”. We talked; we used the cell phone; we walked; we rode around a bit; we visited; we went to the library where they had lights and Books!!!! Now, I grant you Come Ed had a lot of re-hooking to do, and that takes a lot of time. But, so blame ComEd for family dysfunction shows just how shallow family life has become for some, If a family is dependent on gadgets for their family life, they are in deep doo-doo trouble! as in :”Get A Life Folks”!

  • Ann Wach

    Granted the Glenview residents in this report make it seem the town is made up of a bunch of whiners.. It is frustrating to have the power out for so long, to have lost so much food (in two seprarate instances).. Our power goes out frequently, even when the weather is good. ComEd really needs to improve their communications with the local gov. as well as their customers.
    At one point their recording suggests we report outages via their website. In my case, when the power is out, so is my internet access. I tried using my smart phone to connect and report the outage, but the connection was so slow I ran out of bttery before I could even get to a screen of any use.

    I’m disabled and have wonderful neighbors that checked in on me. I couldn’t open my electric garage door to get my car out and I didn’t want to bother anyone to help me with it – seeing as my neighbors were all deaaling with damage trees and running their portable power genertors. Besisdes, the A/C doesn’t work in my old car. Instread I ordered carry out food and had it delivered. I am surprised at the number of people that do not have radios tht run on batteries. I also use flameless candles throughout my home, they are safer and some run their own timer. I am now waitiing on my appt with a contractor to determine the kind of setups available for an in place back up system. While it’s unbearably hot in the summer, a power outage in very cold winter weather could result in frozen/bursting pipes.

  • Marc

    Not only was Glenview there but eight other communities. The problem with ComEd is their lack of communication skills and Infrastructure issues. Many people have had 20 or more power outages in the last two years.

  • Fools

    I think the people of Glenview should band together and file a class action lawsuit against Mother Nature for allowing the extreme weather. I also agree that Com Ed should find a new supplier for their magic wand, so people don’t have to wait for repairs to be completed.

    • GM

      No, a class action against com ed, fool.

      • Fools

        These idiots forget the amount of damage that came with the storms was not Com Ed’s fault. It takes time to repair a huge amount of damage like that. It,s not magic that makes the repairs, it’s manpower and it takes time. Who’s the fool now, GM?

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