80 City Traffic Aides Laid Off

CHICAGO (CBS) — City Hall has laid off 80 full time traffic aides, as part of the budget cutbacks that Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced back in May.

City officials confirmed the latest layoffs to CBS 2 Political Producer Ed Marshall Tuesday morning.

In total, 97 positions and/or employees have been cut, for a savings of $2.3 million this year and $5 million next year. All the cuts are from the Office of Emergency Management and Communications.

The jobs are being taken from the Loop, and O’Hare and Midway international airports.

It will take four to six weeks to put the cuts into effect, officials say

The hundreds of part-time traffic aides will still be employed as needed.

With the layoffs, parking enforcement will now be handled by Department of Revenue workers, who have already been handling that responsibility in part. Also, due to the cutbacks, traffic aides will not provide blanket enforcement, but will instead only head to hot spots.

Last month, Emanuel warned of 625 layoffs among city employees, unless union leaders came up with $10 million in cost savings. Union leaders responded by offering ideas to save nearly $250 million per year, although $100 million of t he savings comes from the vague plan of a “full performance review.”

  • g-man

    Most of these traffic aides did nothing but stand around on the corner away from the street doing nothing but waving their flashlight around. And did you ever notice that very few white people were hired as traffic aides !!! Can imagine what the news would say if it was mostly whites.

    • Sarah Lugo

      What a racial comment. Scary of how some individuals think.

      • g-man

        Whats scary is that people like you always think that when a black person goes into a white area and something happens you would say it was a racial incident and if a white person went into a black area and something happens you would say that the white person should have known better. Now that is a dumb liberal racist way of saying blacks are prone to violence and white people should know better

  • Just Axin

    Yah! As if we never knew what to do when we saw a green or red light before these jobs were created to score political points. How many of them sucked the system (medical care, file disability etc) who knows. Now, how many left to get rid of? Call your Alderman and tell them to also start looking at getting rid of the many CTA employees who do nothing. From there, you can offer busdrivers $15/hr. That’s not enough you say? How do our school bus drivers manage to drive children for less?

  • Chivi

    I agree. Some of these aides would park their vehicles close to where they would route traffic causing traffic to go around their vehicles. On other days, I caught a bunch of them getting together in buildings talking and standing around laughing. There was even a time when I saw a traffic aide let a family member double park while taking care of business in City Hall. I heard the conversation on my way to work while waiting for the light to cross. They were loud mouthed, rude and not able to handle the traffic at all. This is dead weight!!!

  • bob

    Good ridance. Stop sucking off the teat of the taxpayer. They do nothing but stand around talking. Here’s a concept…follow the traffic signals.

    How about some red light cameras in the loop? That should close the budget defecit.

  • Tyrone

    These peeps could NEVER get jobs in the private sector. So let’s give them patronage jobs that are unionized and pay $45000 per year to stand around an chat up their hommies. Giood ridance losers!

    • Lew

      I could not have said it better myself Tyrone.

  • nat

    I was a traffic aide myself and let me tell you, it is a waste of city money. Never really thought why Daley would request to fill these positions if it wasn’t really necessary. There are traffic lights and signs why have people supposely directing traffic? It was a waste of time and money so I quit. I was just risking myself to get killed by being in the way of traffic. Drivers have traffic lights and signs to follow anyway. They should eliminate all of the traffic aides. The difficult part was not directing traffic but working with a bunch of lazy people that wanted the next guy to pick up the slac while they slack off!! such NONSENSE of a position! Even though it was a city job I couldn’t stay to waste my time, city money and risking getting killed being in the way!

  • dummies23

    Show some sympathy for crying out loud! I feel bad for anyone who lost their job. White people please, they were standing around talking too.


    They are useless anyway! Good riddance. They cause more traffic tie-ups waving their flashlights and not even watching traffic or the traffic signals.
    Buh bye.

  • imjustsaying

    Seriously most of these traffic aids were at intersections where there are traffic lights…..and CTA has too many workers there too….how many times have I been at the Orange line Midway station and these CTA employees are just standing around…. then we cut money for important things like education. I do feel bad for those who have lost their jobs but these were jobs that should not have been created let alone filled….I’M JUST SAYING!!!

  • About time

    Hopefully they got rid of the person on Wacker and Monroe. This lady has a misguided notion that she has power. She stands there yelling at the top of her lungs. I’m not sure what she is saying since I do not understand ghetto slang.

  • MyOpinion

    OH really? LIke laying off 80 minimum wage workers will make a difference? THese people need their money just to make ends meet – and they are working for it. Instead of laying off 80 people – why not 2 supervisors – which would be the same amount of money!

  • lima

    I always notice people comment about how bad it is to lay off city workers. Would those who think that is such a bad idea like to have their taxes raised instead of laying off city workers?!?!? Anyone? Anyone?

  • Steven Bayne

    Good for Rahm Emanual. I am a conservative Republican who has deplored his political personality from his days with the administration.BUT he has proven to be an excellent mayor to date. These “traffic aides” stand around in groups; confused looking and dazed they are, generally, clueless as to what is going on. I’ve seen three at a time on Wabash and Congress. You have to watch all three, and the lights, and the jaywalkers and the other cars and your back (this is Chicago). This is the most obviously beneficial move made to date by the new mayor.

  • sean

    what about management and aldermen?

  • Dsf

    The Police dept yrs ago didn’t want to do traffic control so Daley found a way to make political move and put people to work.I think they serve a purpose but the cops didn’t want to do that part of there Job.So that is why they were all hired.

  • Larry

    Good move, Rahm it down your throat. You’ve nabbed the low hanging fruit. Now, it’s time start chopping down trees. Don’t stop now. Get moving. And cutting.

  • Gabe

    Good for them. If one was to prevent an accident, these people were only in the way. We do not need more of jesse jacksons ideas. Traffic aides, what a joke. And not to worry , the mayor is also going for management and is cutting the city council in half. Days of milking the cow are over.

    • Claire

      Cutting the City Council in half??!!!!!!! That”ll be the day!
      Will believe it when I see it……..Where else but Chicago Politics can a part-time job command a 6 figure salary!!!!!?? Now that would really put money in tye city’s coffers….Cant wait to see that unfold….. Why does Chicago need 50 Aldermen, when only about 10 of them really do anything anyway?

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