Plane Forced To Land For Airspace Violation During Obama Visit

BARRINGTON, Ill. (CBS) — A small airplane was forced to land at an airport in Barrington after violating airspace restrictions that were put in place for President Barack Obama’s visit to Chicago.

According to a spokesperson for the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), two F-16 fighter jets intercepted a Kitfox Model 2, single-engine propeller aircraft around 6:30 p.m. due to airspace violations.

NORAD contacted the pilot after it took off from Mill Rose Farm Airport in Barrington and the plane landed back at Mill Rose, where it was met by local authorities.

Further information was not immediately available.

  • Fines and Suspensions

    The FAA should issue heavy fines against the airport and the pilot(s) of the plane for security violations, and the pilot should have his license temporarily suspended. Really people… You’d think after 9/11 the message would be clear. And where were the air traffic controllers??? Wake up!!!!

    • Commercial Pilot

      With all due respect, please check your facts before you start lecturing other people. First, the ‘airport’ is a non-controlled field, with no tower. The pilot was within regulations to take off, as long as the conditions were VFR (good weather). The pilot was not required to contact ATC, and only needed to announce on the common frequency assigned to the airport (and others within the area) that they were departing and in what direction. The pilot was likely licensed as a recreational pilot, and is solely responsible for not checking the current ‘NOTAMS’ (notices to airmen) for any restrictions. Witn our system, a lot of responsibility is placed on the pilot. The FAA did nothing wrong here.

      • Commercial Pilot

        p.s. The airport also did nothing wrong, and likely there was no one working at the field anyway.

    • SAD

      Our gvt officials should STOP WASTING OUR MONEY!! Placing more restrictions on us while they are able to do whatever they want and disrupt our lives at the drop of the dollar. You are the one who needs to wake up, moron.

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