No House Ethics Sanctions Against Gutierrez After Arrest

WASHINGTON (CBS) — The U.S. House of Representatives has decided not to pursue ethics sanctions against Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.), who was arrested last week while protesting in front of the White House. reports the House Ethics Committee has dismissed all allegations against Gutierrez. He was arrested last week while demonstrating at the White House with a group of 10 others advocating deferral in the deportation of some undocumented immigrants.

Gutierrez and the other activists were sitting on the sidewalk in front of the White House during the demonstration on July 26, Gutierrez spokesman Douglas Rivlin said last week.

U.S. Park Police gave them three warnings to leave and, when they refused, they were put in plastic handcuffs and taken into custody.

Gutierrez was part of a group calling on President Barack Obama to reform the nation’s immigration system, a promise Obama made during his campaign. Since Obama was elected, more than 1 million people have been deported, according to Gutierrez’s office.

Gutierrez was released Tuesday afternoon after paying a $100 fine.

Gutierrez was also arrested in a similar incident last year, in which he said he would not move until he was either arrested or comprehensive immigration reform became law, and he ended up being arrested and as in the latest incident, paying a $100 fine, The Hill reported.

  • Enrico Martinez Sanchito

    This jack leg piece of garbage should be removed from office. He is not helping to move forward with the mass deportations of sh!t illegal Mexicans, in fact he wants amnesty for 10 Million of them. He needs to go!!!!

    • curly

      Tell me what your solution for all the illlegals currently living in the US. To deport all 12 million of them? What a joke it doesnt make sense. We citizens prefer throwing the country’s money away by deporting people who contribute with this country? Lets legalize all of them who have a clean criminal background and gain some money. You guys need to forget about racism and selfishness and start thinking of our country’s economy. YES to Immigration Reform!!!!

      • Enrico Martinez Sanchito

        My solution is mass deportation! They also can take their bambinos with them. When they’re back in Mexico, they can all get in line and wait their turn, like all people wanting to come here. These ILLEGALS are such a horrible SH!T stain on America. It’s not just bad luck that Mexico is such a sh!thole, it’s full of Mexicans!!!!!

      • OLD VET


      • Roberta Waker

        @curly. The United States has the most generous immigration policies in the world and becoming an American citizen is simple. You come here LEGALLY, learn ENGLISH, get a job and pay taxes. This was good enough for our ancestors and it should be good enough for all immigrants. It has nothing to do with racism; it has to do with what is LEGAL and right. Plus, a recent study proved that it’s cheaper to deport ALL 20 MILLION illegals than it is to support them. Why do you think our States, hospitals, and schools are going bankrupt? We don’t need immigration REFORM; we need immigration laws ENFORCED. By the way, if they came here illegally, they are already criminals and the money you think we will gain by keeping them will be taken away from LEGAL Americans trying to support THEIR families. Wake up, curly. Don’t you see how illegal immigration is destroying this country? They are freeloading criminals that are bringing in drug dealers, drugs, gangs, diseases, etc., etc. Enrico is right.

  • tom Sharp

    Look at the nitwits and crooks who occupy the House–they have no ethics and wouldn’t know ethics if bit them on the A$$. TERM LIMITS OF ONE!!!!

  • Superwoman

    Enrico!! Mexicans are not the only illegals!! You must be racist!! I agree with limiting the entry or denying entry to just anyone but you have singled out only one!! I hope all the females out there who know the racist pig stay the heck away from him. If you are gay, all the males that do business with this so called human being should not get the disease!! Stear clear of Enrico Martinez Sanchito!! What a name!!

    • Enrico Martinez Sanchito

      @Super, You’ve got me wrong. I am not racist! Mexicans are not the only illegals, but they are by far, the most serious problem to America. This particular group of illegals is sucking this economy for all they can! The ILLEGAL Mexican population is a major sh!t stain on this great country. We need to impliment the mass deportations, before it’s too late. NO AMNESTY FOR SH!T ILLEGAL MEXICANS!!! Your abusive opinions are noted, Super.

    • Roberta Waker

      Mexicans aren’t the only illegals, but they are the majority. They DEMAND rights even Americans don’t have and our backs are breaking from the taxes we pay for their free medical, free education, free housing, free food, free, free, free. Deporting them is a lot cheaper than what it costs us to support these freeloaders All LEGAL immigrants are welcome in the United States – ALL ILLEGALS should be deported. I agree with Enrico and his name is beautiful.

  • Chicago Citizen

    He is nothing but a home grown terrorist. Remember FLAN which he was a member! He should be voted out of office, he don’t care about anyone but his political image. If the FEDS wanted they could indicit him for all the illegal backroom deals he’s done over the years but sombody’s protecting him! We need term limits!

    • Mike

      Deport gutierrez!

    • Roberta Waker

      They won’t deport him because it’s the Hispanics that keep him in office, both legal and illegal. If we give them amnesty and the right to vote they will make him President and we will no longer have a Congress or a Constitution to protect legal Americans. We will be just like Mexico with their drugs, drug lords, diseases, murders, etc. Come of think of it, doesn’t that describe Chicago where we already have a majority of illegals? Point made.

  • Carlos
  • g-man

    We actually pay this turd tax payers money to get arrested !!!!!!!!

  • Joshua Patino

    Mexicans work pay taxes that is more than any trailer trash out there in the USA why don’t they deport them they are not contributing to society they should take there citizenship away they don’t deserve it !

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