Bicyclist Killed When She Falls Under Dump Truck Downtown

Updated 8/6/11 3:36 p.m.

CHICAGO (STMW) – A woman who was killed when she fell off her bicycle and run over by a dump truck in a “tragic accident” Downtown late Friday has been identified.

Jacqueline Marie Michon, 25, of an unidentified address, was dead on the scene, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office.

An autopsy Saturday determined Michon died of multiple injuries from a truck striking a bicyclist, according to the medical examiner’s office. Her death was ruled an accident.

The incident unfolded about 10:45 p.m. when the victim rode between a dump truck and a four-door vehicle stopped in the northbound lanes of North Wabash Avenue at East Wacker Drive, police News Affairs Officer John Mirabelli said.

Witnesses told police the woman lost her balance and fell under the rear axel of the truck, which proceeded northbound when the light turned green, Mirabelli said.

A civilian alerted the truck driver that he had run over a bicyclist, and the truck driver stopped and remained on the scene, Mirabelli said.

The incident is not considered a hit-and-run, and the police Major Accident Investigation Unit is conducting an on-going investigation to determine if the driver will be ticketed or charged.

“It’s a tragic accident,” Mirabelli said. “It appears from witnesses … that the bicyclist had lost her footing and slipped under the wheels.”

Belmont Area detectives are also investigating.

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  • Arjay

    I’m sorry for the tragic death of this woman. However,I’m actually surprised this doesn’t happen more often. Bicycle riders seldom follow any traffic rules downtown. They often weave in and out of traffic,in between cars and buses and VERY often down the middle of the street. I’ve never witnessed them receive so much as a warning from the many police officers and traffic control people who do nothing more than stand and pose. I’m referring primarily of the stretch of State street between Congress and Wacker drive. If you ever wonder where all the police are,they’re in front of ABC and The Chicago Theatre chatting.

    • StupidPeopleFTW

      Well said, and I frequently ride downtown and out in the ‘burbs. If cars drove like most of my fellow ‘cyclists do, there would be dozens of deaths per day as a result.

  • Chad

    I agree with you Arjay. Nothing is done to enforce the rules of the road when it comes to cyclists. And this is not being said because I am an angry driver. I am concerned. I dont want my SUV to be the next one someone falls under. Everyday I see cyclists ride through busy intersections against the lights, ride between cars, weave in and out of traffic. It’s is amazing that we dont hear of more fatalities.
    I am sorry this young womans life ended. May she Rest in Peace.

  • The Truck From Duel Winz

    Splat, Pow ,Bang, Boom

  • jesse jr.

    Sorry this young woman lost her life. Everyone on
    a bike should obey all traffic laws NOW AND NOT

  • Sickened

    “”A civilian alerted the truck driver that he had run over a bicyclist””

    A Civilian?? Are we now referred to as Civilians instead of voters, residents, taxpayers or just people? Did Rahm enact Marshal Law recently and the Police, Fire & Public workers are in a different class than the rest of us like in some foreign dictatorship? I guess we now have “The Ruling Class” and civilians.

    • Joe Rellik

      Agree. This is a poorly written piece. Why even put the languange “hit and run” in the piece when the driver stopped and the police say it was not a hit and run.

    • StupidPeopleFTW

      A little more exaggeration would be nice….

  • PT

    Bicyclists are sooooooooo damn proud to ride their bikes, they flaunt it. In the middle of rush hour traffic. In the middle of the road, Without stopping at intersections or red lights. Yeah, you win, but so sorry it cost you your life. Happy now?

  • jo dean

    Not a good way to start the weekend.

  • JeanSC

    It’s tragic, but let it be a lesson to bicyclists that just because you’re narrow enough to ride on the lane lines between motor vehicles, doesn’t mean it’s safe, whether legal or not. Take up the entire lane width. “Ride big.”

  • Sherleez

    well I’m SSSOOOOOO DAMMM proud to ride my huffy! I have the squeeze ball bicycle horn, the tinsell shreds hanging from the handle bars, glitter painted on the body….as I go, it does me right!

  • Taxpayer 2

    My condolence goes out to her family.I agree with Arjay too. I worked downtown and all I see is these rude bicyclist who riding their bikes, not following any laws whatsoever.

    Weaving in and out of traffic like they don’t care about dying. Not stopping for stop signs and not even stop for right of the way pedestrians.
    Bicyclist that rides their bikes downtown seem like they are stuck on stupid or on crazy.

    Law officials who make the laws need more laws for bicyclist and motor cyclist as well, because of their foolish. May God bless them all!

  • Bob Hamilton

    It is a very sad thing. I really cannot picture how someone could fall off of their bike unless there is more to the story, such as alcohol or something else. I’ve been riding my bike in Chicago traffic for 40 years and I just can’t understand this.

    • Elisha

      Why can you not picture someone falling out of their bicycle? It was at a stop light and the bike was probably going at a slower speed than normal. It is easier to balance when at a higher speed. It was likely a road bike so perhaps her feet didn’t touch the ground because people typically raise their seats to a level so that their feet reach only their pedals. Even professional cyclists fall off their bikes. Sure, she shouldn’t have been going between traffic, but we always see the things wrong with the other people on the road. If I am driving, I realize that their are idiot pedestrians walking casually across the road expecting me to slow down from 45 mph. If I am walking I notice the idiots speeding in cars past crosswalks with people waiting. I would never bike where I live (Charlotte) because I know that would make me an idiot, considering what I have seen cars do. Everyone breaks traffic laws. Everyone is an idiot. Everyone thinks everyone else is a bigger idiot. This is how the world works. Unfortunately this young lady is dead. May she rest in peace.

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