Quinn Vetoes Legislation Allowing People To Collect Road Kill

CHICAGO (WBBM) – If you’d been savoring the prospects of a rustic stew or a fox fur coat — it’s not going to happen with road kill.

Governor Pat Quinn has vetoed legislation letting people collect animals killed along Illinois roads.

In his veto message — Quinn said he was worried about the safety of drivers who stop to pick up road kill. He encouraged lawmakers to come up with a version that includes safety measures.

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Under the legislation people with proper permits and licenses could collect any furbearing mammal found during the appropriate hunting season.

Even without the measure, people are allowed to collect deer killed by vehicles.

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  • srdib

    what a moron! does the think people are gonna slam on the brakes in the middle of the road? too many stupid laws by this jerk.

    • Roberta Waker

      You are so right. What’s the difference between someone pulling off the road to change a tire; take care of some other emergency; or stop to collect road kill. Don’t the Police stop to pick up road kill, which is usually donated to some poor people’s organization? Don’t see any difference. Maybe he needs to find some road kill in his bed to get the message.

  • Jethro

    Granny ain’t gonna like this.

  • ZooKeeper

    If he only had a brain! How many have been killed while picking up deer on the side of the road?

    With his reasoning, he needs to put a halt to all traffic stops in the state, ban the changing of tires and mandate that no motor vehicles shall breakdown while on Illinois roadways.

    • Roberta Waker

      Wait for his Jan. 1 law to become effective that says people in the rear seats of vehicles need to wear seat belts. Then you can call the State Police to have him arrested for violating his own stupid law. He’s ridiculous. Instead of trying to find ways to bring money and jobs into this state; he is busy signing stupid laws that don’t mean anything good. FIRE HIM ASAP.

  • Ismael Martinez


  • Joe Patroni

    Burger King, here I come.

  • JeanSC

    This is so stupid – the Gov’s request for “safety measures.” Rules of the Road already has enough rules for pedestrians using the roads when not having sidewalks to use, and for motorists who have to make stops while on the road. It doesn’t matter why you’re a pedestrian on the roadway, or why the motorist has to stop. Quinn should read Rules of the Road again.

  • brad

    You can always pick up the road kill in good ole’ Pennsyltucky!

  • Taxpayer 2

    A lot of law officials need to pack up and go home, This guy need to retire. And all of them need term limits pass immediately.

  • rukiddin

    Why are were worried about road kill? Quinn be a man and get this budget crisis settled. Everyone needs to concentrate on that and stupid road kill bs. Are why aren’t the people balance the budget with the government? IT IS OUR MONEY.

  • BD

    Get it straight!! Its Governor Madigan! Quinn is just the flunky holding the spot for the future GOVERNOR LISA MADIGAN! DUHHHHH


    This worthless @ s s hole has nothing better to do then deliberate this?? Thnx again to all you democrats for voting him in!!!

  • BingoBrown

    Our state is safer for this Mr. Quinn, thank you. All those times I’ve been driven between Iowa City and here dodging and worrying about the safety of the hordes of people scurrying to pick up dead rascals on the side of the road will no longer have to be experienced again. In all seriousness, though, how big is the group of folks that are going to be effected by this veto? 5? 10?

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