Federal Program To Provide Seniors With Computers

CHICAGO (WBBM) — You soon could be getting Facebook friend requests from grandma.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Nancy Harty reports, federal funds are paying for 900 computers going to 15 senior housing buildings in Northern Illinois, including six in Chicago and Oak Park.

Congressman Danny Davis said that elderly residents will get Internet training and learn what’s possible online.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Nancy Harty reports

The democrat called the program a tremendous partnership because it also helps the environment and ex-offenders, who repair old computers otherwise headed for landfills.

$5 million dollars will pay for the expansion, including the six facilities in Davis’ district.

There are Bethel New Life, Ellis McCoy Apartments, Senior Suites in Bridgeport, Sankofa House Information Resources, Mills Park Terrace and the Oaks.

Davis thinks so highly of Digital Development Corporation of North Lawndale for giving training and jobs to ex-offenders that he says he’s hired a few of their technicians to work on his personal computers at home.


    900 computers,$5,000,000.Federal funds. $5555.55 for each computer. It’s no wonder America is going broke and our credit rating is getting dumped to junk status. This is just another shining example of why the Federal government is spending $4 BILLION a day on their debt they have run up. Do you understand this voters?

  • Joyce Browning

    Have you people in Congress lost it already? You need to come down out of your “dream world” and face the facts – the average senior has to figure out day by day how to buy their necessary medications and food, in addition to paying for outrageous utility bills. What makes you think they will want a home computer and, how much are you bilking the taxpayers out of with this garbage. No wonder we are broke and other countries are laughing at us. How about if we take the money out of your salaries – we already know that you don’t do your job if you have time to think up stupid things to bill the American taxpayers for. I am sick of the lot of you and so is everyone else I talk with and you can bet you will not get any votes in 2012 if I can reach enough people.

  • Geezer 1948

    That’s only, say…9 – 10 times what a decent, no-frills computer should cost. Who’s getting rich on this baloney? What a waste!

  • Joyce Browning

    I forgot to add a question? Mr. Davis. Do you owe someone a favor or are you making a killing off this deal? Just curious.

  • len

    seniors don’t like computers your lucky if you find one.if anything it will get
    stolen ..they even walk out with sofas that are in hall ways and now you want
    to use our tax dollars for computer…don’t waste the money…..

  • efrain

    Is this program for all seniors or just for one race? Is this the best way he can save a dime from the federal budget? I think all politicians should pay 10 percent of the cost of each bill they introduce out of their own pockets. Would this be a necessary expenditure?

  • Ripe For Fraud As Always

    I love them all, but they cant work the vcr remote yet. Feed them and give them new Lazyboy chairs and let them rest, they have earned it.

  • Sounds good

    Well done! Yes we have a federal deficit, yes seniors are behind the eight ball with regards to computer technology, yes ex-offenders need a second chance, and yes the money will go somewhere. Why trip about the money helping seniors and ex-offenders? Non computer savvy seniors, ex-offenders and other have been with us always and will always be with us. Why not help them?

  • wolfster38

    900 “USED” computers for the cost of 5000 new ones. That is if the new one cost 1000 dollars each. Way to go Washington, way to go!

  • smokey

    Oh Danny Boy the pipes are calling. Time for this Congressman to go and get the people off the federal plantation.

  • Adam

    To those you complaining about wasting federal dollars on this program please read and put this into perspective. 5 Million dollars is a grain of rice compared to what we spend DAILY.

    We have already spent $1.2 TRILLION dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan, not including Pakistan or Libya. This means the 5 million dollars actually spent to help people, albeit, are BEST GENERATION of Americans, is spent in mere seconds abroad. I don’t see a problem with spending a pitiful 5 million dollars when it’s actually helping people but you people obviously think it’s the end of the world. The 5 million likely incldued refurbishing,training the seniors to use, and paying the workers to train. I agree 5,5555 is alot of money for these services but does it really matter when are deficit is 14 trillion, spending 5 million is really gonna be the straw that broke the camels back and to help seniors stay connected to the world is such a terrible thing right?

    I hope you children send you away to a nursing home with nothing to do but stare at a wall and soil yourselfs.

    Btw, Im 25, and consider myself a moderate, and most of you posting here is the generation that never grew up and lived outside your means, thanks for destroying America dikfor’s.

    • Ablay No

      Adam Your a wise man.

    • Taxpayer Bob

      “I hope you children send you away to a nursing home with nothing to do but stare at a wall and soil yourselfs.”

      Spoken like a true malevolent altruist.

  • Joe Patroni

    These computers are a teriffic investment. Just think of all the grandkids watching grandma ordering from Amazon. The five miillion goes to installation, new lines for DSL, desks and maintenance/support. This is not a suck hole like Section 8, Link Cards,or SSi disability or LIHEAP. This is going to people who don’t smoke dope and drink all day at taxpayer expense.

    • Ablay No

      word… well said.

  • working man

    JOBS JOBS JOBS people need jobs to pay for thier home and things like food jack ass congress

  • Chicago Citizen

    Mr. Davis was this contract put up to the bid process and awarded properly. Or did you just return a political favor like the Chicago corrupt way and don’t forget to scream raceism whem they start investigating your contract for these computers and are any WHITE or BROWN senior citizens getting any of the FREE computors.

  • Taxpayer Bob

    I have an idea. Let’s destroy seniors’ investment income, gut medicare, strangle social security and submit the old geezers to Obamacare death panels. Then, let’s buy 900 computers at ten times the cost you can get them at Best Buy for and make a big hooplah about what we’re doing for seniors.

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