Man Shot On State Street Bridge

UPDATED 08/09/11 5:18 a.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — Police continue their search for the gunman who shot a man in the head on the State Street bridge downtown in broad daylight Monday.

As CBS 2’s Susanna Song reports, the 29-year-old man was shot in the head on the west side of the bridge near North State Street and Wacker Drive just after 5 p.m. He was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in critical condition.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Lisa Fielding reports

Chicago Police Cmdr. Gary Yamashiroya said the victim was heading to work, northbound on the bridge, when a male subject approached him, pulled out a weapon and shot him in the head.

The incident happened at the height of the evening rush hour, as people were heading home in the train. Witnesses heard a gunshot, and saw a man fall to the ground, covered in blood.

“Two men were together – I thought they were together – and all we see is just one man took out his gun and shoot him in the back of the head,” said witness Sameisio Lewis.

Lewis told WBBM Newsradio’s Lisa Fielding that it appeared the shooter pulled the trigger after a brief conversation with his victim.

“It’s just a shame that, walking down the street you see a murder,” Lewis said.

“I was shocked because I didn’t want anything like this to happen right next to the Trump Tower, or downtown period,” he continued.

When police arrived, the victim was able to talk, telling officers someone had shot him.

“We don’t believe this was as random act. We think that this was an instance where the person was specifically targeted,” Yamashiroya told reporters at a news conference near the shooting scene.

No weapon has been recovered. Police hope video cameras at the busy downtown area will yield more information.

“We are still determining the motive,” Yamashrioya said. “We have several witnesses and we’re also reviewing evidence.”

The State Street bridge over the Chicago River was cordoned off by police investigating the shooting. State Street was blocked off between Wacker and Kinzie.

A man who refused to give his name said he heard a single gunshot coming from the area of the bridge.

The witness said he gave chase on his bicycle when he saw a man running away, but lost him at an intersection.

“I got stopped by the light and I didn’t want to get hit by a car,” the witness said.

At last check, the victim remained in serious to critical condition at Northwestern Memorial.

The suspect is described as a black man about 6 feet tall with a short afro and a skinny build. He was wearing a light blue dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and black shorts, and was holding a chrome-colored handgun, police News Affairs Officer Darryl Baety said. He might have been wearing a raincoat.

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  • ZooKeeper

    Okay, so it was a man in light blue pants and a white shirt. No other description?

    • WOW

      Damn CAN U READ??

  • BeaJae

    The Tribune is reporting this description:
    He was described as black, thin build, with a short afro haircut, wearing a light blue dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and black shorts. He may also be wearing a rain coat.
    Thank you Tribune.

  • zarathrusta

    Nice comments. It’s good to know that the site won’t let anyone repeat themselves. THAT would be offensive.

    • sara

      So, what we are suppose to just sit back and let them ruin the world?

  • rc

    Incredible that the criminal could get away with so many people around.

    • ADF

      They should do exactly what they would do if a white man did it–i.e. arrest the shooter and prosecute him. Why isn’t that enough?

    • GO Southside

      That West side part of the bridge is less congested then the east side of the bridge.
      because of the IBM building on the east side corner. More people walking to work or walking into center of downtown. This is why it was easier for the shooter to escape.

      • GLS

        No that has nothing to do with this guy getting away….. It’s really plain and simple:
        IF ONLY a witness or maybe even, i don’t know… 3 witnesses!!! had the right as citizens to ensure human safety, then this guy might have landed in the river after his ass was shot multiple times. AND MAYBE he would’ve landed in the river with his own fully loaded gun BEFORE HE EVEN HAD THE CHANCE TO PULL HIS TRIGGER.
        Ponder that idea, since we’re so interested in keeping the streets safe right….?

  • bobby

    A witness on a bike gave chase but was stopped by a light? Wow. He must be the first cyclist in Chicago history to stop at a traffic light.

    • Bob

      hahaha – that’s the truth there.. I risk my life everyday driving avoiding these idiots that think it’s okay to cross intersections when the lights are red. Degenerates..

  • Lars

    Illinois will never pass concealed carry. Therefore it’s citizens will be powerless against these armed thugs.

    • GLS

      Sadly you’re absolutely right ! Until we get a clue and enough majority fear to vote for Legal Carry of Concealed handguns, all of us law abiding community members are in serious danger every moment we spend outside our homes, totally unable to defend ourselves, our children and families, or each other, against such a man as this shooter. It is totally revolting to think about this situation and all the others like it—Not only do THE CRIMINALS HAVE ALL THE POWER, they are so confident IN THAT POWER WE HAVE GIVEN THEM that they literally show off!! This dude had the nerve and the certainty that he could pull this off AND HE DID! Shot a man at the moment of universal rush hour, 5pm, with a gun up next to his head & hundreds of helpless people around in the center of the city! Seriously, we look like such a bunch of fools with our good behavior and clean records as we are totally unable to stop 1 man with 1 gun ON FOOT because our lame pepper spray just isn’t gonna keep us alive either! They must laugh as they run around the city with shiny revolvers and ZERO concept of life’s value, attacking, shooting, robbing, raping, killing…
      Too bad the people of Chicago don’t insist on safety and security like the Americans in Atlanta, Detroit, Texas….

  • Don Lee

    Maybe Obama did it. If so he will get away with it by blaming Bush

    • DaveP

      Really ??? Are you THAT politically obsessed ? Please seek some help.

  • HooDatIS?

    this is terrible
    i was going to travel to chicago for pleasure but not anymore u stupid people killing the economy

  • Jeremiah Wright

    Chicago’s chickens are coming home to roost!

  • Tea Party Godess

    Why can’t “those people” shoot in their own ghetto-as**s neighborhoods.

    Shoot as many pieces of sh**t you want there. Stay away from areas of civilization.

    Conceal and carry baby! Guns and Jesus. Guns and Jesus.
    That’s how we can take back our country.

    • Jack Q.

      If by “those people” you mean brown people of recent African descent, Chicago was founded by “those people” (DuSable) u ignorant psycho racist. So if u don’t like it… take a boat back to Transylvania. This was obviously some sort of assassination. Also, Jesus never advocated guns (or any weapon for that matter). Read the New Testament sometime. He also didn’t advocate racism. Again, read the New Testament sometime. Jesus admonished his disciples for using weapons and commanded forgiveness and restraint against our enemies. AGAIN, read the New Testament. Don’t you ever implicate our Lord in your insane, racist, vengeful ramblings again. This criminal needs to be taken off the streets for everyone’s safety.But you need to seek some help, also.

      • g-man

        But DuSable had a J O B ———-Something most of thems do not get or want or look for !!! And is there not a passage that says –“An eye for an eye””

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  • YoNovian

    Guns and Money! Fact check? Who is paying and who is receiving? That’s the root of the problem.
    Religion and suppression! Fact check? Systematic control of people. Chicago will be what we want Chicago to be.

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