ROUND LAKE BEACH, Ill. (CBS) — A boil order is in place for northwest suburban Round Lake Beach due to an interruption in service that has affected water pressure.

The Village of Round Lake Beach issued the precautionary order for all residents Wednesday. It will be in effect until further notice.

The reason is that main water valves for the town were unintentionally closed, and when water pressure is low, it is easier for contamination to occur.

Anyone getting water in Round Lake Beach is advised to boil water “vigorously” for five minutes before using it for drinking or cooking, and wash dishes by immersing them for at least a minute in clean tap water with a teaspoonful of unscented household bleach.

Water used for bathing and showering does not require boiling.

Also, Round Lake Beach officials emphasize that since boiling water is involved, it is highly important to let it cool sufficiently before using it.

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