Hollandsworth: Aramis Ramirez’s Effort ‘Inexcusable’

(WSCR) Aramis Ramirez has been one of the better hitters in baseball during the second half. Since late June, he is batting .288 with 16 home runs and 38 RBIs.

But despite the numbers, Comcast Sports Net Chicago’s Cubs studio analyst, Todd Hollandsworth, is still not happy with the third baseman.

“I really don’t see how in the world or why in the world you would want to potentially bring [Ramirez] back,” Hollandsworth said Friday on the McNeil and Spiegel Show on 670 The Score. ” Yeah, it’s great that he’s swinging the bat. I think a lot of things are factoring into that. It’s kind of a sore spot with me.”

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Hollandsworth doesn’t think Ramirez helps out other players around him and questions his effort.

“He’s your best hitter — we’ve watched it for years now — and you can’t seem to have a positive effect on the guys around you, in your clubhouse, getting them to step up and play at a different level,” Hollandworth said. “It’s just hard for me to swallow especially when you are being paid to be that guy.

“Then you bring into question effort. And that’s one thing in the game of baseball that really is inexcusable. 100 percent effort all the time. There’s really no reason for you not to have 100 percent effort. He’s got impressionable kids around him — Darwin Barney, Starlin Castro — these kids are growing up. They are watching it right next to him.”

Hollandsworth also brought up the point that even though Ramirez is hitting better, the Cubs aren’t winning any more games.

“[The team] is not getting any better,” he said. “Somebody once told me, ‘We can be 20-games below .500 with you or without you.'”

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  • starlinfan

    sounds like hollandsworth is bitter about something. sorry aramis wasn’t your best friend back when you were with the team todd. please give an example if you’re going to go off on a guy. yes, aramis isn’t like the reed johnsons of the world, but you’re just generalizing for the sake of being negative.

  • Slim

    Sometimes sports critics make a lot of sense with the details and then there are times like this article where hollandsworth just sounds like an emotional crisis. He’s starting to sound like a Dr. Phil for the sports world. Must be having some issues in his own life to be sounding so bitter. Maybe he should talk to Dr. Phil

  • Wondering

    Yeah Todd sounds a bit menstrual . However, do the Cubs want Ramirez back for the dough his option calls for? What is it? 18 mill ? Also I think it almost time in his career he may be 1b instead of a 3b. It has to happen eventually with power hitting 3bs.

  • Billb

    Hollandsworth’s comments are idotic. Anyone who’s played at a high level knows that baseball is the team sport with the least team in it.. The most you can do is do your job consistently. He’s asked to hit and he’s doing it. Yeah, he should hustle all the time but if Castro and Barney (and other young players) are modeling their work habits after Ramirez or any othe veteran, then they’re the wrong type of players. If they haven’t figured out what work habits they need to follow by now, it’s already too late for them and they should be traded. Like the other responders, I think Todd has a bug up his *** about Ramirez and he should get over it and be a little more professional and objective.

  • Stevie

    hollandsworth, i liked you as a player but you’re an idiot. did you really just say that the cubs aren’t winning more despite his improvement? 9 of 11 isn’t winning more?? he may always be one of those 97% hustle guys but he’s no soriano: a big contract isn’t enough for him. he’s still constantly trying to better himself as a player and teammate, and that’s clear from his postgame comments yesterday which were surprisingly sharp and logical. where is this even coming from? you have no place blasting your former teammate like this, especially one who has contributed so much more than you did.


    His numbers have come up since late July.

  • Nick...Chicago

    Hollandsworth is right,Ramirez and Soriano don`t want to hustle because it`s not COOL plain and simple .Cubs better becare before yhose two ruin Castro.

  • GrammarCop

    Ramirez is part of the problem not part of the solution…just like his buddy Big Z

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