Chatham Man, 85, Shot In Robbery; Police Warn Of Pattern

UPDATED 08/12/11 10:00 p.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — An 85-year-old man remains hospitalized after being shot during a robbery attempt in the Chatham neighborhood, and police say there is a rash of robberies affecting the elderly in that area.

The man was watering his lawn in the 8200 block of South Wabash Avenue around 1:45 p.m. Thursday, when a suspect came up and announced a robbery, police sad. The older man grabbed the suspect by the shirt and the suspect fired his gun, shooting the man in the thigh.

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“But he still managed to defend himself because he punched the offender in the face and kind of knocked him off balance,” police News Affairs Officer Robert Perez said. “It dazed (the suspect) a little.”

The older man was taken in serious to critical condition to Advocate Trinity Hospital, according to the Chicago Fire Department’s Twitter feed. Perez said the condition of the victim was stable.

It was not known what, if anything, was stolen, but the gunman ran to a black or blue Pontiac Grand Prix with temporary plates which was waiting at a Shell station near 83rd and State streets, Perez said. The driver and suspect then drove away north on the Dan Ryan Expressway.

Perez said there was no indication the victim was a retired Chicago Police officer, as some media reports had suggested.

The suspect was described only as a dark-complected black man between 19 and 25, 5 feet 8 inches to 5 feet 11 inches with brown eyes and black hair.

 The crime occurred on a Chatham street where people take care of their lawns. The victim, whom neighbors identified as “Mr. Alexander,” was often seen watering his grass.

 Mary Jones and her brother heard the shooting.

 “He looks out and sees Mr. Alexander on the ground and he hollers at the young man, ‘What are you doing?’ and Mr. Alexander yells to my brother, ‘Kenny, he shot me and he’s trying to rob me,'” she told CBS 2’s Kristyn Hartman.

Meanwhile, police say a rash of robberies in which seniors are being targeted has hit the South Side, particularly in the police districts that include South Shore, Woodlawn, Grand Crossing, Chatham and Auburn-Gresham.

The seniors are seen doing chores around the grounds of their homes, such as cutting grass and gardening, police said. Contractors and landscapers working on property in the area have also been targeted, police said.

The description of the robber and his car are the same as those for the gunman who shot the 85-year-old man.

Police advise not working around the house alone and staying in well-lit areas, and calling 911 to report anyone and anything suspicious. Seniors are also urged to call their Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy Implementation Office and the Senior Citizens’ Unit, and be acutely aware of your surroundings.

No arrests had been made as of Friday morning, Perez said. Anyone with information ias asked to call Calumet Area detectives, at (312) 747-8273.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

  • dooinok

    Police say don’t work outside around your house alone. What is this city coming to? Scary!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ned

    Imagine that, a black man robbing an elderly person. Who would have ever guessed such a thing could happen.

    • Jackson

      Blacks aren’t the only violent people on this planet. White people are the most deceitful, violent race of people on Earth. Blacks could learn a thing or two from white people. Kill and exploit other races for your own benefit. Thena act like you are the most civilized race in the universe.

      • NIZZER

        BOOHOOHOO The white people are to blame for all our NEGRO problems

      • Fed up with the trash

        Maybe not the ONLY violent people, but in this town certainly the MOST violent. And more violence is coming with Obamanomics failing and causing more poverty.

      • Ned

        Mr. Jackson, I find white people to be the least deceitful. It seems to me that Islamic extremists are the most violent followed by blacks. Also you should research American policies. We don’t kill anyone who hasn’t earned it and we never will exploit another race. I don’t know where you get your info, but you are far from accurate!

      • Jackson

        You’re a pretty oblivious guy, Ned. How many Africans were killed during the Atlantic slave trade? 100 million? 200 million? Did Wall Street not just fleece the country out of over a trillion dollars? Have white people not tried to exploit every other race on this planet at on time or another? Do white not have a history of extreme violence and prejudice against blacks? What world do you live in?

      • Fed up with the trash

        Wow, I thought blaming someone else for your actions (or inactions) was just an Obama thing. I guess it’s a black thing.

      • Ned

        Mr. Jackson, I didn’t know there aren’t any black people working on Wall Street, my mistake. The historical references you have referred to are irrelevant ancient history. We are in the now, so your opinions should reflect the modern day, rather than dwelling on old history. Today, blacks are commiting the majority of violent crime, you simply can’t deny it. Read the news and you will see for yourself.

      • Lyndia

        Jackson, you have gotten so many replies because white people do not like the truth. We know some but not all of them are the most deceitful, violent, freakest, sociopaths, that have ever occupied the earth. We know that. We know that “Pale face speaks with a fork tongue.” We know that they will get an insurance policy on their mama and then kill her. We know that. We know that they will get mad at the government and blow up buildings. We know that. We know that every where they have traveled, they killed off the people not only with guns but with disease too. (Ask the Indians.) We know they are some nasty MF’S.

      • Ned

        My god, Lyndia, will you EVER forget about old, irrelevant history and realize how things are now? The crimes you have suggested, parent killers and home grown terrorists, are extremely rare if you consider crimes per capita. Don’t you have anything derrogatory to say about the DAILY killing, robbing, beating, raping, and the general spreading of misery by a very large majority of young blacks on the south and west sides of the city? Nobody is saying that no white people commit crimes, but the fact remains, young black men in this city commit almost all of the violent crime. Why are you unwilling to acknowlege this?

      • Fed Up with all of you

        Ned, save your breath. It’s no use trying to reason with LaToya and Lyndia, because they have the martyr mindset that has been ingrained into their community for three or four generations now. Just like Obama, they have no solutions or ideas, all they know is that everything is Whitey’s fault. Or in Obama’s case, Bush’s. They take zero responsibility for their actions and play the “poor, mistreated and abused minority” card every chance they get. Because their ancestors were mistreated 200 years ago, they feel THEY are owed something and should be above the law.

        OK, so does that mean that anyone with a Skokie address is free to run wild, rob local family-owned businesses, knock people down a flight of stairs to steal a cell phone, and randomly go beat up people on the street who have a different skin color? They can DIRECTLY trace their family tree to a victim of the Holocaust, a parent/grandparent/aunt/uncle that was victimized because of their race. Why don’t we see roving gangs of young Jewish kids on the Gold Coast terrorizing tourists?

        Or how about me? I’m about as white as you can get, but I can trace ancestors back to slaves too. There was so much intermixing during that time, everyone born in America has a little African blood in them. Can I use that for an excuse to start committing crimes everywhere? I can also trace back my bloodline to Europe, where my ancestors were tortured or murdered by the Inquisition based on their religious beliefs. I want restitution for something that happened to my great-great-great-great-great-great-great Grandpa!!! Where’s my free scholarship to the college of my choice? Where’s my 0% interest government loan to start a small business? Where is my free food, free rent, free medical care, and my free “gubment paycheck?” I could use a new 50″ TV, new iPhone, and some new Air Jordans. Oh wait, I can just knock an old lady down some stairs and get an iPhone. Scratch that one.

  • Fed up with the trash

    Yep, there’s a pattern all right. Anytime you go south of the Stevenson, you’re risking your life. All the lowlife trash is on the South Side, and now they figured out how to use the CTA to attack hard-working people trying to get to their jobs.

    • Jackson

      Why not stay north of the Stevenson then? If you have to go south for your job then find another one.

      • Fed up with the trash

        LOL, I have a real job in the civilized world. No need for me to take my life in my own hands. Feel free to keep killing each other. Less welfare my tax dollars have to pay for.

      • Jackson

        I have a real job too in the ‘civilized world’. What’s so speacial about that? I also live on the south side and have never comiited a violent crime.

      • Fed up with Jesse Jackson and the trash

        Give yourself a medal, Jesse (or Michael, or LaToya, or whatever Jackson you are today). I noticed you qualified your response by stating that you have never committed a violent crime. (Crimes against the English language don’t count, so you’re off the hook for your horrid grammar.)

        So how many non-violent crimes have you committed? We don’t need a full list, as CBS Chicago has limited space on their servers. You can just list the ones you committed this week. LOL

    • Jackson

      Well, I’m going to make around $500 today so there’s no need for me to steal. i do speed eveyday though. lol

      • Fed up with the trash

        Yeah, it sounds like you’re doing some speed right now. Maybe you should sell it instead of snort it. Oh wait, that’s how you’re making $500 today! (slaps forehead) Sorry, I’m not up to speed on all the gangsta homey terminology, you’ll have to bear with me.

  • Stephanie Wilson

    “Police advise not working around the house alone and staying in well-lit areas.” So you need to act like a prisoner in your own home, lock all the doors and bar all the windows. Ridiculous! Why not let people carry firearms to defend themselves or clean up the streets and lock these people up? This is what your taxes are doing for you.

  • Marty

    Jackson and Fed up…you’re both racist, uneducated, pompous bigots who are probably sitting under a rock. Grow up.

    • Fed up with racist southsiders

      Oh, thank God St. Marty showed up to lecture us. You grow up.

    • Ned

      Hey, what about me, St. Marty!

  • Darrell Alexander

    “Love one another with mutual affection and outdo one another in showing honor”. It doesn’t require a PHD, a job, or even a drive to/from the Southside.

    • Cliff

      The only problem with that is on the southside, killing someone is like a badge of honor. These vicious negroids have no concept of real honor.

  • Lyndia

    I am not go9ing to get into the name calling and sh@@. An elderly man has been shot and the victimizier got away. The victimizier would have possibly been a DEAD VICTIM if we had conceal carry. 49 other states cannot be wrong. I do not care what Monique Davis says or does at this point. I will be voting against her and everybody else that is against conceal carry.

    • melzon

      Good call. The crooks will think twice when citizens can open fire on these heartless thugs.

  • Good For The Old Dude

    Old man kicks ass of gun carring punk again. Note to punks, old people dont give a s hit, they are old and not afraid to die.

  • Florida Eagle

    2nd amendment allows u.s. citizens to defend themselves.
    Defend your property. Defenseless people are targets for criminals.
    Criminals will always have weapons. Defend yourself . Get back to the
    Constitution Chicago. Dont live in fear …..

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