Prosecutors: Man Surreptitiously Photographed Daughter’s Friends Naked

HAMMOND, Ind. (CBS) — A Hammond, Ind., man is being held without bond, on charges that he provided alcohol to his 17-year-old daughter’s friends and let them swim in his pool, then surreptitiously photographed them naked.

According to a criminal complaint filed last week in the U.S. District Court in Hammond, police first started investigating the suspect, Steven E. Lewis, when three friends of his daughter contacted them.

The unidentified girls told Hammond police that they had all visited Lewis’ home, in the 7500 block of Jefferson Avenue in Hammond, on July 20, during which they swam in a pool and drank alcohol that Lewis provided.

The three girls all eventually fell asleep in the basement, and one of the girls said she was intoxicated, the complaint said.

Another girl said she woke up around 6:45 a.m. to discover Lewis walking around the basement. He left, only to return with a camera.

The teenager said he started taking pictures of one of the other girls who was sleeping on the couch before taking pictures of the third girl, whose breasts were exposed.

According to the complaint, the girl who was awake pretended she was asleep until she heard Lewis leave, then woke the other girls up.

They went to the house of one of their grandparents and told them what happened.

One of the girls had a key to Lewis’ house and went back to retrieve the camera, which they showed to police. Among the images the girls found on the camera pictures of Lewis holding a pair of one of the girls’ underwear next to his own genitals, according to the complaint.

Police obtained a search warrant for Lewis’ computers, on which they found pictures of one of the girls from the morning of July 21. The computer also had two pictures of one of the girls from October, in which she can be seen naked in a bathroom.

A seven-minute video taken earlier in July shows another girl using the restroom.

According to the complaint, items in the background of the bathroom images match those in Lewis’ house.

The girls told police Lewis had installed cameras all over the house to keep an eye on his elderly parents but they didn’t know there was a camera in the bathroom, the complaint says.

Lewis did not fight a probable cause hearing Wednesday, according to federal court records, but did ask to be released to home confinement. U.S. Magistrate Judge Andrew Rodovich denied the motion.

U.S. attorneys asked for more time to file an indictment.

The Northwest Indiana Post-Tribune contributed to this report, via the Sun-Times Media Wire.

  • Gary Hendricks

    It sounds like Mr. Lewis has a fetish for the premium. What an engenious scam. Kind of stupid keeping the pictures on his computer’s hard drive. Don’t forget people, the girls in question were mere months away from being legal tender. I am curious, the story doesn’t mention anything about the charge of burglary for the theft of the camera. Maybe that will be the next story up.

    • Ankhorite

      They turned the camera in to the police, you dolt.

      No theft charge possible. No theft, period.

      “Legal tender” ?? You’re disgusting. These were children. The theft here is that he stole their images, and he stole their innocence, and he has stolen a part of their lives that they will never get back; the ability to sleep peacefully, and the ability to trust.

    • Cornyia Carter

      Gary Hendricks sounds like a pervert and pedophile….YOUR NEIGHBORS NEED TO WATCH YOU…AND THANKS FOR USING YOUR REAL NAME…

    • George G

      Hey gary, do you have any 17 y/o daughters I can have my way with, they are only a year away from legal tender right? You are a real piece of work, or should I say S**t.

      • todd

        I’ve had sex with LOTS of 17 yr old girls. So what? It’s not illegal. And what does having sex have to do with the guy taking photos?

  • tommyo

    Give us all a break, Gary. First, it’s “ingenious.” Second, the girls’ ages have nothing to do with the crime that is alleged. (They could have been 14 or 34 years old) Third, is it burglary if one of the girls was given the key? No. The best Mr. Lewis could hope for is “theft”, and I’m not sure taking a camera allegedly used in a crime would be considered “theft”, especially if the girls took the camera to the police.

  • Roberta Waker

    You’re right, tommyo. Gary sounds like he knows something about taking pictures and it doesn’t seem to bother him that they were still “minors” and photographed without their knowledge after getting them drunk. Isn’t this considered pornography? Wonder if we’ll be reading about him next.

  • photoshoplifter

    I don’t know, Roberta…seems to me Mr. Hendricks has a problem relating to human females…if he dressed up for Halloween as an egg and crawled up into a chicken’s rectal opening, he STILL couldn’t get laid!

  • HooDatIS?
  • Davidd

    What he did was disgusting and he should be punished accordingly but none of these girls turned down the alcohol he served them and they should be charged with underage drinking.Thank God this didn’t escalate into something even worse.

  • dooinok

    C’mon…..just needed wanking material.

  • Todd

    And this is a federal case, why? The girls are NOT minors since at 17 they are considered adults and can consent to sex. Invasion of privacy for the bathroom pics, sure. But that’s not a federal case. This is a BS waste of tax dollars.

  • lancer

    Todd it depends on the state. Although 17 may be considered legal, in your mind., Most states define 18 as the legal age of consent. It’s usually 18 or nothing because it’s a slippery slope towards younger aged kids. Most court’s run the “17 year old” question on a case by case basis. Age of the offender is also taking into consideration. In Illinois the stated LEGAL AGE IS 18. Anything lower is considered most times statutory or criminal rape.

    • Todd

      You are wrong. It is seventeen. And most states do not define 18 as the legal age. Only a few have 18. The vast majority have 16, and some (like IL) have 17).

      In any event, no one is talking about rape here. This was just some dude taking dirty pictures and/or had a camera hidden in the shower. Yes, he should be punished. But it is not something the federal courts should be involved in.

      • Roberta Waker

        Todd, Would you like to have your picture taken in the shower without your knowledge? Men and woman sometimes do things that are very private and I don’t think anyone would want their pics taken without their knowledge. It’s too easy to post this stuff on the internet for the world to see and most people want to keep their bathroom visits private. Age has nothing to do with it; they were given alcohol to get them drunk and put in a compromising situation, which is wrong, wrong, wrong.

    • Mikey


      The age of consent in IL is 17 in most cases, unless it involves a family member or a person in a postion of trust (think cop, teacher, etc.) The parts of the statute where you read “under 18” have conditions (i.e. “under 18 and…”). That means that both conditions must be met in order for the statute to apply.

      Nonetheless, I think 17 is way too young for a grown man to be messing around with, let alone doing what this idiot did. But what is morally acceptable and what is legal are often two different things,

  • Cornyia Carter

    It is a lot of pervs commenting here…..typical

    • todd

      So you are a perv?

      Or could it just be that you engage in ad hominem attacks against people whom you disagree with?

  • Deborah

    First thing I’d like to say, “Thank you” to the men how stood up to this jerk, Gary and said what you did. It’s good to read that men come forward and express their disguss for sommeone who talks this way.
    Underage drinking was common when I grew up and in the age we are in now with the drugs (okay…alcohol is a drug) this seems minor that they were drinking. The fact that it was given by someone with a agenda is wrong. In all of this there was nothing on the daughter….was she in on it? That is a scarey thought! It could tell us more about creepy ol dad.

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