Brenly: Bringing Zambrano Back Would Send ‘Horrible Message’

(WSCR) Just three days after Comcast Sports Net studio analyst Todd Hollandsworth blasted Cubs third baseman Aramis Ramirez on The McNeil and Spiegel Show on 670 The Score, Cubs television analyst Bob Brenly took his turn firing shots on the show by going after Carlos Zambrano.

“All of the explosions always followed personal failures on the part of Zambrano,” Brenly said. “I see no chance that that’s going to change in the future. I said it on the air, the only thing he’s gotten better at in his time in Chicago is being selfish.”

Brenly said you can’t blame the Cubs for allowing the latest Zambrano blow up, but he admitting you could see it coming.

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“I think certainly you could have anticipated some of these Carlos Zambrano problems given his history, and maybe been a little more proactive in trying to get him the help that he needed to get over the hump,” Brenly said. “But ultimately you can’t continue to make excuses for a guy. At some point you expect people to mature and you expect them to learn from their experiences and hopefully not make the same mistakes over and over again and unfortunately that’s just not the case with Carlos.

“Obviously, he has never learned from his mistakes and I think it’s probably time to part ways, and let him be somebody else’s problem,” Brenly said.

And if it isn’t the end of Carlos’ tenure with the Cubs?

“If it isn’t, somebody has a lot of explaining to do to those other 24 guys and that coaching staff in that clubhouse,” he said. “Not that you would be rewarding Carlos, but you would certainly be excusing, and that doesn’t send a good message to those other guys who are showing up everyday in the midst of a horrible season … To forgive a guy who walked out on this bad team, I think would send a horrible message not only to the big league club but to the entire system.”

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  • Michael Canter

    It would send a horrible message to any player that considered signing with the Cubs as a free agent as well. The bottom line is, the Cubs, as everyone has said, need to completely clean house. There is a horrible me-first attitude that permeates throughout the organization, one that has for far too long. This is an organizational issue and whomever runs this organization, Jim Hendry, Crane Kenny, Tom Ricketts needs to either be let go or demanded to fix it immediately.

  • Bill Figel

    Let Z play. This is just sports we’re talking about not war. In sports, men get to be kids longer and get paid like kings. Growing up we all had “kids” who stormed off the diamonds, fields and courts, and we all knew they’d be back. Zambrano will be back at some point, so why not now. Make the best of a bad situation, let him finish the season and get something for him. otherwise, he’s likely to be playing for Ozzie and the Marlins and coming back to haunt the Cubs who will have nothing to show for Z whole thing.

  • GM

    Bounce zambrano

  • RetiredinAz1

    Bring him back and I, for one, will never attend another Cubs game! This guy is a bum…..a black-eye to the Cubs Organization.

  • jenna

    cubs baseball is white baseball. have you noticed their fans and media only overscrutinize/discredit the nonwhite players out of town? fukudome soriano sosa bradley Z, etc..

    11 years of gladiator pitching and no rings. and showing anger for this (while the other 24 players emote apathy) makes zambrano the only sentient, sane being in cubs nation. now he is trying to get out and start over elsewhere which is smart. let the stupid cubs contine their bermuda triangle misery for another century without him. viva el Z!

    • DC

      you are completely wrong. What about all the praise for starlin castro right now? Are you one of those who can’t handle criticism of a minority? zambrano is bad news. If he was white, he probably would have been let go a long time ago.

  • Denver Deadite

    I fully expect Zambrano to be back. This is the Cubs, after all.

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