Elderly Man Suing City Over Denial Of Firearm Permit

CHICAGO (CBS) — A Chicago man is suing the city and the Chicago Police Department for denying him the right to legally own a gun in the city.

As CBS 2’s Mike Puccinelli reports, LaFarena Batchelor said he doesn’t want money, just his Second Amendment right to bear arms.

Batchelor says he fought to defend the Second Amendment while serving his country in World War II and the Korean War.

Now, the 84-year-old former Navy man says he’s being forced to fight the government, even though for years he fought hard to protect it.

“They’re treating me like I am a criminal,” Batchelor said.

That’s because, in May, he applied for a Chicago firearm permit so that he can legally own a gun to protect himself in a neighborhood where police are often called.

But Batchelor said that permit was denied by the City of Chicago, because 15 years ago, he fired his gun in his yard to scare away two dogs that had invaded his yard.

“I thought the dogs were gonna bite me or maybe even kill me,” he said.

Batchelor pleaded guilty and paid a $50 fine, but based on that 1996 conviction, the city denied his application for a firearm permit.

Batchelor said he fears that could make him a victim.

“If you live in a home alone, you’re more apt to be bothered, you know? You’re more vulnerable,” he said.

Batchelor said he’s been assaulted and his home has been vandalized. His attorney said that denying Batchelor the right to hold a gun leaves him defenseless in a dangerous neighborhood.

“He’s the type of person that we want to have guns in their homes. He’s not some gangster,” attorney Joel Brodsky said. “And for the city to prevent him from getting, having a gun is just simply ludicrous.”

Brodsky said Batchelor’s Constitutional rights are being violated, so he plans to pursue the case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court if needed.

Officials with the city’s Law Department said they are reviewing Batchelor’s lawsuit, but they said it is appropriate for individuals who have been convicted of illegally possessing or using guns to be ineligible to obtain a permit from the city.

  • Slim

    That’s just another corrupt Chicago decision. Typical Chicago (and Illinois) politics


    SAY IT W/ ME, THIS IS ALL, B O L O G N A………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What!

    The man is a veteran, for Pete’s sake!!! He fought in two wars. In my opinion, he should be whatever he wants, legal or not!!!

  • Gregg

    This guy could be one of those gang bangers. How can retired cops and security guards have guns without permits but retired military can’t?

  • thor

    now that the whole city knows his name,and miss or mr. gang banger owns a computer.lets see where the old man lives, wbbm are you that f’n stupid for printing his name?


    I’ll be praying the city will let him have his gun. For cryin’ out loud, just let him have one. What difference will it make anyway. Every gang-banger worth his or her name has one or two or three or four or more. Right? Who knows, he might be Chicagos Harry Callahan, AKA Clint Eastwood! “GO AHEAD, MAKE HIS DAY” Let him have his pop gun. But we will call him “Harrisimo Callahanski”


    Mr. Batchelor just get your foid card and go to any firearm dealer and you can get any weapon you want. Don’t waste your time going to the police. Do you think gang bangers went to the police for a permit? Hell no. I know you tried to do the right way but you found out the right way doesn’t work all the time.don’t be afraid to have an unregistered weapon because most people in Chicago do not have permits.

  • oh well

    He’s an idiot = he doesn’t get a gone.

    • Marty

      who is the idiot? the one who can’t spell gun. IDIOT FOOL. learn to spell idiot

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