Store Manager: Police Beat Me, Bashed My Head Against Window

UPDATED 08/18/11 11:04 a.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — A Southwest Side liquor store manager said Chicago Police officers beat him brutally after he complained about their mistaking him and his brother for robbers.

As CBS 2’s Susanna Song reports, Michael Ayala is manager of the 7-9-11 Liquor Store, at 4884 S. Archer Ave. He had broad bruises on both of his arms that he said were the direct result of what he calls a police beating.

“I never thought it would happen like that, where we would get brutally beaten,” Ayala said.

Ayala alleges 15 police officers turned on him and his brother as they were closing the store late Tuesday night.

“I was completely lost. The whole time, I was like, I didn’t know what was going on,” Ayala said. “I never expected this from Chicago Police.”

Ayala said before he and his brother left the store that night, he went back inside because he had forgotten his keys, but police mistook them for robbers.

“I come out, and they had my brother handcuffed. I come out, just telling them, ‘What’s going on? I’m the manager here,’” he said.

Ayala said he explained that he had the key and could disarm and re-arm the ADT security system to prove he was the manager of the store and not a robber, but the officers were not interested.

Ayala claims the officers interrogated him for half an hour.

“I told one of the cops, ‘I got you on camera, and I’m not going to let this go,” he said. “Now when that happened, the sergeant just flipped out on me and bashed my head right against this window right here.”

The store window to which he was referring was left cracked in a spider web pattern.

Ayala said he was also “bashed” all around his body by the officers.

After the beating, Ayala says he and his brother were arrested and taken to jail, as was his brother. They were released without charges soon afterward.

Ayala says he never did anything to provoke the beating.

“I never approached them to a point where I physically touched them,” he said. “I would never do that to an officer.”

A neighborhood watch sign warning that all suspicious activity will be reported to police is posted in the window of Ayala’s store. But he says in reality, he is now afraid of the police.

“I’ll probably take that off,” he said of the neighborhood watch sign. “I don’t think I’m going to be able to call the police, even if (criminals) rob the store.”

He said he has lost all trust in the police.

Ayala adds that he is working with the attorney and the owner of the store to get him a copy of the surveillance video. He says five cameras captured the beating.

Chicago Police responded to the allegations, saying, “The alleged conduct does not represent the high standards of professionalism and excellence maintained as core values of the Department, and which officers demonstrate on a daily basis serving and protecting the community.”

The Independent Police Review Authority is investigating the brutality allegations.

  • Centurion

    Remember how long it took for CPD to terminate Anthony Abbate for beating on the bartender? This will take years to investigate.

    • peabodyhere

      This happens every day, in every state, in every country state.
      Because, the police are another class of citizen, and above the law.
      Masons let masons go. Always have, always will.
      You can stop this abuse by pulling the funding.
      Make them follow and obey the written law.

  • James Huerkamp

    then what does this beating represent if not the CPD? Are these cops on probation? are they stopped from working? They should not be allowed to work til this is taken care of and they should not be paid.

  • jbiller

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….the CPD should just sit in their squads and do only the bare minimum. Every time they try to do their job, someone is complaining of police brutality!!! I saw the video from this and from what I could see, it didn’t appear to be as bad as the news is reporting it. Something had to be happening for that many officers to respond. While I will agree that there are definitely some bad cops on every force in the world it just seems that every time the city of chicago rewards some criminal with millions due to his claim of brutality along comes another. By the way, has anyone checked for these supposed victims greencards?

    • lucille


      they do that in englewood–they never show up.

    • S. Kedzie

      Illegals don’t own liquor stores.

    • Illegal

      @ jbilleer… Are you saying if the vicitms are Illegal they deserve to be beaten like animals?? I don’t ,……..I hope your not on CPD to serve and protect our community …

      • Lyndia

        Illegal, can’t you infer something from his statements? Hell yes, he is an officer with cpd. I am not a police basher. Too many of them are friends of mine and family members. However, these are just people and capable of making mistakes like anybody else. If this was the manager of this place (an idiot can CLEARLY see that he was) these police are in BIG trouble and THEY MAY BE FIRED FROM THEIR JOBS AND SUED CIVILY AND CRIMINIALLY. If the camera proves what the men said is TRUE, than good bye job, pension, wife, kids, home and HELLO JAIL AND HOPEFULLY FOR A VERY LONG TIME.

      • Jose Rodriguez Matinez Gonzalez Doritos

        Only sh!t illegal Mexicans!!

    • Torrence Robinson

      @jbiller, I’m with you 100%. I also think it is irresponsible for CBS to put this story at the top of the page, with everything else going on. It almost seems like an effort to bring out the police haters, of which there are far too many in this city!!

    • r a

      Maybe they should beat ur ass or a family member and then we will see how u respond. Cops are just like everyone else they abuse their power so don’t act like they are innocent.

      • Torrence Robinson

        @r a, You have many times displayed your lack of intelligence and hatred for whitey, the system, and the others commenting on this web site. We all just want you to quietly go away and don’t come back!!

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  • CFLC

    15 Cops?? Are you sure is was not 30 or 40 cops that beat you. You look pretty good for getting beat. Or, were your feelings just hurt? Opportunity, Opportunity, Opportunity, Whose your blood sucking lawyer?

    • Lyndia

      His blood sucking attorney is the one that is going to sue the shi@ out of cpd and the officers. It is not opportunity, it is called righting a wrong. I personally like cameras because you cannot lie your way out of the truth. CAMERAS DO NOT LIE.

      • scott

        The cameras show nothing!!! The police reponded to a robbery in progress and when they show up, a person is seen trying to shut the scissor gate behind him to prevent the police from entering. Doesn’t that seem suspicious to you? Funny how he claims a Sergeant banged his head against a window, but somehow he doesn’t have any facial injuries and that video doesn’t seem to exist…how convenient.

  • s.sider

    Cops HATE being filmed and we all know why.

    5 video cameras. Cameras don’t lie. Let’s see what he’s got.

    • ashland

      I’ve read a lot of news articles this year where police actually beat the $hi out of anyone who “dared” to film their illegal shenanigans. It happened in Miami where the owner of the destroyed phone held the phone’s chip in his mouth as the police smashed his phone, and the phone’s owner was able to upload the violent police beating to YouTube. That’s one example out of many.

      Never tell the cops that you have cameras, never let them see you videotaping them either.

    • Lyndia

      I AM WITH YOU.

  • joe college

    I have not seen an anti police story on CBS 2 chicago, I know it would not be long till we had one again, Why dont we do a story on how the same corrupt politicians in this state get elected every year and why the construction companies and the alcohol distributors are the top contributors to our elected officials campaign funds?

    • bill

      Never hear about the huge campaign contributors from overseas either.

  • exo

    More corrupt cops. The police are the worst criminals in America, next to the politicians.

    • Torrence

      You are completely wrong. The CPD is the best! The only people that hate the police, are people on the wrong side of the law!!

      • Lyndia

        Torrence, you a dumber than a rock and a round rock at that because a flat rock would have more brains than you.

  • some guy

    So now you’re too afraid to call the police, even if someone is robbing the store. Hmm, even if you did call, I doubt officers will be rushing to your aid. You’re on your own buddy, good luck!

  • Tony

    Here we go again ! what does it take to get these rouge abusive cops off our streets? I feel so bad for that store owner. I heard no one apologize to him..CPD you need to clean up your back yard. You will be surprised on how many weeds that you might find back there. All these people that are defending them are probably there family, co-workers and friends. Sad ! I am only referring to all the bad cops.

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