Walter’s Perspective: Time To Ground Air & Water Show

CHICAGO (CBS) — Excuse me, please, if I’m a little shaky. My bones have been rattled all day by the fighter jets practicing for the Air & Water Show. 

Being outside today was like trying to hide from Armageddon, under attack, and wondering why. We’re a peace-loving nation, protected by those jets, and thankful for and proud of the pilots who fly them.

We know how good they are. They don’t have to prove it on a tranquil afternoon. Must they rock-‘n-roll us off the street, make babies cry, cause a farmer at a market to drop his tomatoes?

And again tomorrow and the whole weekend, enough noise to rattle us all, if not make us deaf, at whatever the cost we will pay to fuel the jets.

Not to mention the danger and what the traffic will do to the lakefront for three days, and the police from the neighborhoods who will be re-assigned to control the crowds.

I’m all for the air and the water. Dump the show.

  • billyd

    Take a chiil pill, old man. You’re getting way too grumpy.

    A&W Show is the last big free lakefront summer event Chicago has to offer. And almost everyone loves it. If it’s too much for your hairy old ears, then go someplace quiet for the weekend.

    • Sandy

      Turn off the hearing aids, Walter, get a cold beer and go to check out nursing homes.. you’re ready!

      Lots of new journalists and potential news folks out there would love a shot at your job (and salary)! Move aside!

    • PeggyR

      My thoughts exactly. Walter, you’re showing your age. Leave town for the weekend if it bothers you. A&W was my first date with my husband 26 years ago. We wouldn’t miss it. We’re going Saturday with our son and his girlfriend.

    • Vince

      @billyd,I’m with you Dude,But he’s an old man,that’s what they do…COMPLAIN about Everything.What other Reason is he there for.I don’t care what he thinks my Family and i are going.

      • Ro Ro


        Walter needs a DRINK!!! Maybe go for a ride, double park and get a DUI What a grumpy old man, time to throw in the towel walt, GAME OVER!!!

  • Larry

    Who edits this website? Time to “Gound” it? That’s the headline. There are TONS of people out of work, and yet you have a person whose job it is to edit and these HUGE mistakes happen? Wow.

    • ungagnant

      my cat agrees w/walter
      have this thing in the suburbs where it belongs

    • brian

      OK I thoight it was just me. I was like umm can I get paid to make typos?

  • Kevin

    Walter use to have really good perspectives. With this one, he’s sounding more and more just old and crotchety. Or like those folks that move into the party part of town, and then complain about the party. ENOUGH of taking our Festivals and BIG events that have made Chicago .. CHICAGO away. MOVE Walter .. there’s a farm in IOWA with your name on it.

  • GMan

    Time to go back out on the streets like the bum you really are. You lost it long ago. Please just go away. Gilbert Godfreed is less anoying than you.

  • Betty Isbell

    I listened to your commentary and all I can say is a little plane noise for a weekend. Try living in the West Suburbs of OHARE, I have it ALL 39 years I have lived here. Sometimes can’t live outdoors because the noise is so bad not to mention my hearing which has been compromised. And still they expanded for good ole “Daley” another Monument.

    • Mikey G

      Betty, O’Hare opened for commercial travel in 1955, International flights started in 1958 and in 1962 served 10 MILLION PASSENGERS. What did it just sneak up on you 39 years ago??? THE AIRPORT WAS THERE BEFORE YOU. Spare us your whinning……..

      • kim

        Mikey G, Say it louder please. Surley Betty didn’t hear you over her bi*c*ing and moaning…………… er I mean noise from O’Hare.

  • Sheldon

    Can it Walter. Grab one of your many booze bottles go away for the weekend and let the rest of us enjoy a great show.

  • phil

    Yes I’m proud of them too, thats why I’ll be there

  • Benjamin Diaz

    Why is this drunk driver still allowed on television. Time to cancel Walter

  • hachipisali

    Hello, Cheif Running Bull? It’s me Hachi, huh? say that again, Oh yea, I’m still in Chicago, Say what? huh? yea, I’m still smokin’ the peace pipe, Huh? I can’t hear you, You did what? speak up I can’t hear a word you said. Oh really? You got a new what? huh? I can’t freakin’ hear you!! there’s a Thunderbird flying over my head!!

  • tom Sharp

    Three things Walter: 1. Grow a pair, 2. ear plugs, 3. shut up!

  • Mark

    You listened to planes all day long? Really? Out of the 8 hours that I was at work today I heard the planes for no longer than 30 minutes, maybe an hour? and that’s tops.

    Maybe your work day is a little shorter than mine is, if you’re all day was 30 minutes or perhaps 60. Chill out. The Chicago Air & Water show is great for the community, great for business downtown. Great to be in town.

  • Wilbur

    Damn it Walter……..I’m a big supporter of you and this is the most ridiculous annoying old man thing you have ever written. Are you serious? For 95% of Chicago this is an unbelievable weekend to witness……..Go to Naperville for the weekend, you knew it was coming.

  • Bill S.

    Walter: Check to see if your suspenders are wrapped around your jock strap.

  • Virginia Morin

    I’m with you on this one Walter. I’m sick and tired of the noise and air pollution caused by this militaristic and dangerous “show.” I thought we were being bombed this morning when I heard the fighter planes over my house!

  • Southside

    I say we cancel the water part of the air and water show.

  • Kathleen Rivera

    Seriously? Dump the show? Its my favorite event to go to. Walter, I like your Perspectives but this one?? You are crazy… We need to have some fun. I love planes, jets, helicopters..
    If you don’t like the noise, maybe go on a weekend vacation away from the city. I know you can afford it. Let us regular people have some free fun at the lake front with the Air and Water Show.

  • Red

    Here is a free show that the whole family can enjoy and he would like for it to stop. Please find something else to write about. This is beyond dumb

  • Sanene

    I hate the noise too, but even more I hate the feeling of being dive bombed. Like, is this Chicago’s 9/11 taking place? I admire and respect the pilots’ ability and I am proud of them. But flying so close and so low over a populated area is asking for disaster. I keep holding my breath every time I hear them hoping one of them wont plow into one of the high rises on the lake front. Everyone, makes mistakes now and then,.no matter how skilled, I wish the show would be held in the suburbs or at least a less populated area But that’s not going to happen, so I live with it and hope every time I hear them that this isn’t the day they will crash in my ‘hood..

  • scot

    There is a sign outside of Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas, home of the Thunderbirds that reads-“Jet Noise is the sound of Freedom”.

    Does anyone remember how oddly quiet it was the week after 9/11 when the No-Fly restrictions were in place?

  • Craig

    Walter, I gotta agree with a lot of the other commentors. You’re way off base on this and unbelieveably out of touch. Not to mention the fact that the show brings in revenue to the city by people eating at restaurants, taking cabs, etc. Take a chill pill, Skippy.

  • Doug

    This is one of the few times I disagree with you, Walter. It’s exhilarating to watch those amazing machines and the “best of the best” who fly them. It’s another nice perk for us taxpayers. We live downtown so wish you’d do a Perspective on the ear-damaging emergency vehicle horns that seem to be about 50 db louder than the sirens. THAT happens way too many times every day, Often, the drivers blow those God-awful horns when there’s little or no traffic and they have a green light.

  • MrTowTrk

    Hey Walter, This Old Vet, Likes to Hear, Them Jets, pass over head,
    It’s The Sound of PEACE, via Superior Fire Power.

  • J-Chi

    I totally agree, it’s time to stop this show and all other military propaganda air shows. This is a total waste of tax payer dollars and a safety and quality of life issue. The noise is unbearable and these planes leave a huge carbon footprint as well.

  • Nancy

    Buy ear plugs. Go hide in the basement. Don’t come out again.

  • Chris

    Who thought it was a good idea to let this guy express his opinions as its clearly obvious that 1 million attendees disagree in the Chicagoland area.

    Remove this perspective piece before you loose more viewers.

    • Ro Ro

      It’s lose as in you are going to lose. Not loose like your

      • Chris

        Good catch…maybe I should become a CBS editor since I make typo’s as well.

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