Officials: 15 Naperville Students Drank Alcohol Before First Day Of Classes

UPDATED 08/19/11 3:11 p.m.

NAPERVILLE, Ill. (CBS)—  Some students at Naperville North High School are starting the school year with suspensions because they showed up for the first day of class after consuming alcohol, officials say.

As CBS 2’s Vince Gerasole reports, at least 20 students were questioned by School District 203 officials. Now, 15, all seniors, have been suspended for 10 days each, and more suspensions may come.

Classes at the school began Wednesday. But school officials say students were drinking at three separate house parties before school began.

Officials say an adult staff member encountered a student who appeared to have been drinking alcohol. Through a series of questions, it was determined a number of students had been drinking.

Principal Kevin Pobst said this is not simply teenage behavior that should be treated as young kids acting like teens typically do.

“We don’t laugh about teenage drug use or alcohol use,” Pobst said. “We see it as a safety issue. We want the students to get whatever attention they need, and it may not be very much attention, because they may be just experimenting. But it may be very serious attention that they need.”

The district is not reporting any of the students to police at this time, but the behavior may have violated several school rules.

Beyond suspension, violating those rules could impact the ability of these students to take part in after-school activities and sporting programs.

  • James

    That is hilarious! This reminds me of my high school days. I didn’t know someone can be suspended for having a hangover from the night before. The parents should raise that question.

    • Mike Leahy

      They weren’t hung over. They were drunk.

      • sarah

        a few students were drunk, but most were just hungover. the situation got blown completely out of proportion.

  • jack

    High school kids with hangovers – wow – those 18 year old kids got some really strong grape juice – hey parents – what were you thinking. The typical Naperville attitude – let’s get the kids blitzed the night before a huge event . . . .

    Naperville North – new mascot – bottle of JACK

  • Jim

    This is another incident for the total disregard for authority and watch the parents come in and condone this as my kid was just doing what everybody else does. Time to send a message and send them home to mommy and daddy
    for good. Make the schools a safe place to learn and to those in authority have the backbone to deal with this kind of stuff! that sends a clear message
    we are not going to tolerate this!!

  • Global Citizen

    Some cultures drink alcohol. They brew beer and make wine at home for generations. In those counties young people are able to drink alcohol in public, often with their family. Where is the cultural sensitivity?

    • Mike Leahy

      So it is OK for students to go to school drunk? If you are a parent……….my condolences to your children

      • Global Citizen

        I never said students should go to school drunk, or ever drink for the matter. My kids don’t drink. There are a lot of cultures that do, and if these kids were doing it at home, with their parents, and they weren’t actually drunk, this is an overreaction. This area is highly diverse and we try to respect all cultures. European cultures are allowed their own beliefs and customs, just like all the other groups.

    • jack

      @global citizen – and those who brew and make their own – can control how much they consume and how they feel the day after – feeding enough alcohol to someone that makes them drunk the next day – don’t think so. I’m sensitive to cultures – but I also don’t want to see a pile of puke on the floor of the bathroom.

  • sean s

    As a kid if I had to deal with those uppity self absorbed pushy adults I would be constantly drunk just to deal with their self superior attitudes!!!!!!!!!!

  • Geo. M.

    Did any of these parents have conversations with their kids before school Wednesday?

  • M . Lynn

    Probably not because they only think of themselves.

  • WOZ

    I think they heard about their job prospects when they finish school and like the rest of us they found a way to cope!!!!!

  • jack

    OK – with the update to the story – I’m confused…

    Were the kids at a drinking party the night before and showed up to school the next day still sloshed OR Did the kids drink their breakfast and go to school

    Hey CBS – clarification please

    Hey Naperville School District – Nice image – makes me want to move my family down there – Celebrate the first day of school – Have a shot…followed by another – sure I’ll take some JACK

  • penny

    Naperville use to be such a nice town. Now look at it. Awful, just AWFUL!!!

  • ralph

    With all the debt the politicians have loaded on their generation, it’s no wonder they’re driven to drink.

  • Corey

    I love how all the older people on here are freaking out.. This happens everyday in every high school in America. Im 22, we used to get drunk and stoned before very school day. Guess what, this in what teenagers do now. I dont condone it, but it will happen EVERYDAY. And to Geo M., They got drunk after they left their houses, duh.

  • Sarah

    The way the school handled this and the way the media reported it is ridiculous. The number of kids who have been questioned is somewhere around 40. The kids drank at a party the night before, a few kid’s were still drunk on wednesday morning but the majority of students got suspended for having drank the night before. There is a tradition of having an all night campout the night before your senior year that started partially because of the morning tailgate sponsored by the school. If the school district is going to give out information they should make sure that they’re giving the complete story, and that the information they’re giving out is correct.

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