Proposed Tollway Expansion Plan Creates Jobs, Reduces Congestion

CHICAGO (WBBM) – The proposed tollway expansion plan attracted hundreds of people last night to several Chicago suburbs. Many like the idea despite a plan to increase toll fares

The $12 billion proposal would rebuild and widen 61 miles of the Jane Adams Memorial Tollway to Rockford, complete the Elgin O’Hare Expressway and build a western bypass of O’hare Airport to connect with the Tri-State and Interstate 90.

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The Daily Herald reports many at the public hearing liked the plan because it would mean job growth and reduced congestion.

other are concerned with the cost to motorists who could see a 15 cent toll increase. Additional public hearings are scheduled for next week.

  • joseph

    yeah! right jobs???????? that is going to create more money for politicians and construction companies!!!!!!!!! that dont do a good job! they are looking for ways to take in more money and create more conmute time for every one,way there is no one?????? complaining about this stupid illinois tollway sistem,when it was created decades ago, they calculate that they would recover the money spend on the higways in 15 years and then what?????? they like how much money they where making, and the roads and the traffic is one of the worst in the country, there are a lot states that dont collect money for their roads and they have almost perfect roads

  • Border Agent 69

    Quit building schools for the ILLEGAL immigrants and start deporting the millions that are here ILLEGALLY in ILLINOIS and we would have millions of cars,suvs,etc off the road means less congestion not to mention the jobs it would create.

  • Joe Patroni

    I feel much safer driving the Illinios Tollway. It is well worth the money, even if tolls do go up. They are lighted, wide and services are provided. Transportation is what defines Chicago. We are the crossroads, and these plans will allow up to remain competiitive with other States and China. I think we need 53 to Wisc., a newer I-55 through Will and Grundy County…I support the Tollways 100%, Most states have tollways and Road Pricing is the future..look at Minn/St Paul.

  • Tom Koz

    Joe, spoken like a true IDOT employee!!

    • LOTD

      You forgot the other “I”!!! This guys a total @ sshole and always posts $hit.

  • kartezass

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    Here is an article about the tollway expansion and some idiot that has nothing to do brings in immigration. This guy must be an american indian because we all came from other countries to look for a better life. Anyways I would support a small increase if it brings more troopers to the tollway. The left lane in the mornings on I-294 is a nascar race. I would not get on that lane even going at 70 mph. We need troopers out there.

  • Chris Burke

    Why not cut benefits of Tollway workers, to start with? For the 1st time they are going to contribute to health costs in 2012. What kind of insulated world are they living in? Most private sector folks in this state have gotten little or no raises, to watch their spending power decrease with tax increases and high gas prices. How much can we continue to pay? Why don’t we jack up taxes on the rich making over $150,000 per year? The tollway is run by democrat appointees. This is another example of democrat policies hurting the people at the lowest end of the economic spectrum.

    • Tanya Livingston

      Tollway Board membbers are appointed by both Republican and Democrats. The Tollway Board consists of professionals and are experts in transportation planning, finance, law, enginnering etc. There has been a sea change from the tollway of old, perhaps in the past it was a partonange? dumping ground, today it is operated, manged, and directed by professionals. The Tollway abides by engineering and legal standards and is transparent. Live streaming of meedtings are on-line and toll collection is now mostly electronic/. I am not a tollway employee just a wonk for the facts

  • NG

    Idot=Idiot. There was a small construction job going on where I work (actually, still going on). While the contractor was working, there were three idot employees “observing” I’ve worked the business so I know that there only needs to be one per work crew. Also, they weren’t observiing all the time. They were also sitting in their car while the work was going on.

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