Witness Describes Execution-Style Shooting Of Teen

CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago police were looking for the gunman who fatally shot a teen boy Sunday afternoon in front of witnesses in the Austin neighborhood.

The victim, Joseph Price, was 14. But the teen’s current guardian says he looked 12, at best. And he can’t understand why anyone would want to shoot him dead.

“It seemed more like a hit, and I couldn’t understand what the purpose on it, when he never really did anything. He don’t even know the neighborhood that well,” Guyland Hill told CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov.

Hill runs the West Side transitional youth home where Price, who was from Maywood, had been living for the last month. The teen was just a few blocks from away, at the corner of Long and Ohio, when witnesses say someone walked up and killed him.

“I was scared because there was a whole bunch of kids outside. It was broad daylight,” one witness said.

Another witness told CBS 2 Price was walking his dog when an adult man came up to him and shot the teen in the arm. As Price lay face down, the witness said, the gunman shot him twice in the back of his head.

Police say the victim was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Detectives were out in force all over the Austin neighborhood Sunday evening, but they wouldn’t comment on what, if any, leads they have.

Hill says Price had a troubled background. The teen was placed with him because authorities could not find price’s parents, he said.

But Price was set to go live with his sister in Wisconsin on Thursday, where Hill had hoped Price would find some stability.

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  • Brian Gumbo


    • Unlock your caps!!!

      When will you wake up and unlock your caps lock key? Idiot.

  • drake

    this is sad i want to move out this city soo bad

    • Brian Gumbo


      • Tasha Yar

        Before you go pointing fingers and calling people names like moron, grammar check your own work.
        It should read “me too.”
        To is usually part of an infinite verb phrase such as “I want to go home,” or it is used as a preposition “to this day I miss her.”
        Too means also, in addition, along with…. you get the picture.
        People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Maybe you should use some more exclamation points and bigger type along with all capitals to get your point across next time. (Sarcasm)

  • limod

    It is going to take so much more than that Mr. Gumbo. I believe for every person killed at least two people know who did it-the gunman and whoever the gunman told s/he was going to do it. Until one comes forward whenever someone is killed, it will never stop.

    • Brian Gumbo

      Not coming forward only adds to the problem but for a city that claims to be strongly opposed to guns, the punishments for using them to kill sure are pretty weak.

  • jojo


  • Denzel Rosenberg

    Nothing else was mentioned about the dog, I sure hope he wasn’t harmed.

  • sanene

    Since Chicago, and specifically the previously retired Mayor Daley was so opposed to guns and had such restrictive laws against them, how come all the gang bangers and criminals have guns? How do they manage to get them? Oh, I see, they steal them?? And they have underground sources like fences where buy untraceable guns?? Oh, yes, that makes sense. All the criminals have them, even assault rifles and AK47s, and they use them. Practically every day somebody in a gang-infested war zone gets shot. So it looks like gun laws just don;t work, do they? Well, I already knew that. New York State has had the Sullivan Act forbidding guns for at least 70 years and it doesn’t stop guns being used there either, does it?. Maybe it is time to concentrate on stamping out crime and breaking up violent gangs and giving long and severe sentences instead of wasting time on silly laws that don’t work.

    • VIP, Cook County

      Totally agree. He was obviously an already active gang member (black cap tilted to one side is a gang sign with white t-shirt) and advertising his affiliation. Illegal drug money supports gun purchases and exchanges, and violence for turf. It’s a vicious cycle. But citizens can fight back in helping law enforcement with neighborhood watch programs, citizen police academies, beat meetings, etc. Reporting crime and suspicious activity can be done anonymously either by phone, texting, emailing or in person.

  • Eventually

    This kid took a mug shot picture of himself and posted it on his Facebook page. Eventually the Chicago police department would have taken the pic for him.

  • mike

    That’s right Brian!! Blame everyone else for peoples bad behavior. It’s EVRYBODY ELSES FAULT! tHE POLITICIANS!!1 SOCIETY!!! WHITEY!!! It’s A VIOLENT STUPID CULTURE OF IGNORANCE AND DISRESPECT FOR THE LAW AND FOR LIFE.THAT IS AT FAULT BRIAN!!! So spare us the B.S. about “electing officials to protecet us”!!! CLEAN YOUR HOUSE!!!

  • dan

    To Sanene,

    Straw purchasers buy the guns legally in Mississippi and Alabama on behalf of others which is illegal. The only way for gun control to work is to make it national law but there are too many strong groups like the NRA that will never let lawmakers let that happen.

    Some people think that making it legal to carry concealed weapons will make thugs think twice about rolling someone but really the low intelligent people act first and think later. All that will accomplish is more gunfights like back in the old west when cowboy thugs used to shoot up towns.

    Need to have a fast track death penalty with executions in public for all to see. 3 strikes and your time on the planet is up. The problem is too much crime by repeat offenders. You think a guy that shoots someone in the arm and then 2 times in the head aint killed before?

    • EddieEagle

      Yeah I know, the wild west is running rampant in the other 40+ shall issue carry states right?

      Straw purchases are “illegal” on a Federal level already. Get a clue!

  • KE

    And regardless if these individuals are 12, 14, 16, or whatever age.. when you choose to be in a gang and/or do not seek sufficient help to get out of one, and you instead choose to participate in the shoots, killings, robberies, rapes, etc… you have ROBBED THE INNOCENT OF THEIR FUTURES.. for that you should and need to be puinished.. by the legal system or by the PUBLIC.

    If this kids was truly involvedd in the gang lifestyle, he got what was coming to him

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