ComEd Won’t Reimburse Customers For Damages From Storm Outages

CHICAGO (CBS) — ComEd said Wednesday that it should not be held liable for some damages that resulted from power outages in this summer’s storms.

But, as CBS 2’s Pamela Jones reports, some customers said that’s not fair and they should be compensated for all the damage and waste when the lights and power went out.

“I think that we’re paying for a service and, what, we’re not going to be provided with it?” said Mt. Prospect resident Mary Ann Budzon.

She endured the July 11 storms without power. Like thousands of others, she said the situation made them feel, figuratively, powerless.

“People have lost food, they’ve been flooded, they’ve had damages to their house. I mean they can’t assess everything that was done and people want an explanation and we’re not getting it,” Budzon said.

She said she thinks ComEd should help customers pay for some of those losses, but a new petiton the utility has handed to state regulators doesn’t agree.

It asks the Illinois Commerce Commission to determine that ComEd is “not liable” for damages resulting from power outages during six storms in June and July, because the utility says “the interruptions were caused by unpreventable damage due to weather events or conditions.”

ComEd said the storms were extraordinarily severe and caused some $80 million in damage to power lines, poles and other equipment in the system.

The utility said that, under state statute, it would only have to pay customers if a “single continuous power interruption results in a group of more than 30,000 ComEd customers being without service for at least four hours.

“We’ve had four outages in a period of a month and we’ve been out for at least 12, 14 hours, 24 hours at a time,” Budzon said.

In a statement Wednesday night, ComEd spokesman Bennie Currie said, “This has been a record-breaking summer for severe weather and ComEd understands the frustration our customers experience when they’re without electricity for any extended period. We do not reimburse customers for losses associated with an act of nature, such as a storm, which is beyond the company’s control.”

  • Lindsey

    Typical. I’ve never lived in a place before with such a bad power company that cares so little about customers. It seems like all it has to do is rain lightly for the power to go out. No excuses!

  • Luther

    TOUGH! Storms are called “natural disasters” for a reason. YOU CANNOT CONTROL THEM! Everyone suffers together, including Comed. GET OVER IT!

  • NICK

    and they have the balls to ask for more money ?

  • Charlene

    Thanks Luther couldn’t say it better myself. People are so worried about themselves they don’t care about anyone else. Do you think that amount of damages can be fixed by snapping your fingers? It was a “natural disaster” !!!!.
    Get over it!!!!!!


    ComEd won’t reimburse you for burning up your central air conditioner with their “Brown” electric that burns up your compressor nor the spikes that will fry your computer. Those are acts of incompetence due to ComEd running a system that strives to pay the stockholders,not serve the paying customers with no other choice but ComEd.The number of customers losing power in storms wouldn’t be as great as it is if ComEd hadn’t cut back on their work crew numbers and the regular maintenance that isn’t being done any more.It took over a year to get ComEd to replace a carpenter ant infested.rotten, and falling over electric pole in my alley. Then it took another week to get them out to raise the lines as when they replaced the pole,they hung the lines lower and they were rubbing on my garage roof in the wind. When ComEd is the only system in the game,do you really think they care about customer service? The ComEd/Exelon big cats bonus and the stockholders dividends out trump us little peons.

  • Joe Public

    Lets be realistic storm damage is not the fault of ComEd, maybe talk to your home owners insurance company and BUY this level of coverage. Stop blaming everyone else for events like this. Do what Obama does point the finger and blame Bush.

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  • righttrack

    The telephone poles fall over in the storms, then are replaced with newer poles that will fall over in the next storm. Moving power lines underground would solve this problem, but it’s very expensive to do.

  • Linda Heinrich Marks

    I cannot believe people! A storm is an “Act of God” and not the fault of the utilities. People in Illinois are such cry babies. I was born and raised in this state. I lost groceries and my family had to eat out for a few days. I still have my house and my family, we are all alive. I am thankful. Do you think the people that are constantly ravaged by hurricanes are trying to collect from their utilities?

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