Walter’s Perspective: Put The Brakes On Taxes

CHICAGO (CBS) — Hi there, and thank you for listening to what I’ll bet you’re tired of hearing: the same news every night about more and higher taxes, another new tax, or another old tax with a new tax hike.

The governor and the mayor telling us ad nauseam how sad they are, and how sorry they have no choice but to raise taxes — the sales tax, income tax, the corporate tax.

And now the property tax — raise it for schools. And the tollway fees, raise them for roads. And the Metra fees, they’ll be next.

The politicians are taking what we earn, and looking for ways to spend it – bloating their budgets and making promises we know they won’t keep: smaller classes, better buses, more police. Promises they always make when raising taxes.

When campaigning for re-election, as they always are, making promises they know they won’t keep. So how about laying off the promises and at least trying for a few days to lay off the taxes.

  • Tommy

    Walter Jacobson, I’ve been watching you on TV and now the web for more than…? 30 years? Has it been that long? Well, Walter by now you know what the problem is as much as I do and that is that we ONLY really have one party controlling issues like taxation and legislation in the State of Illinois, the County of Cook and the City of Chicago, and that would be the party of the Democrats. Sure we see the Governors seat change hands every now and then between parties but, the Democrats control all of the taxation and legislation, and they are responsible for the majority of the contracts and projects involving those bodies that I previously stated, and due to that, they raise taxes rather than lay off Union members or renegotiate contracts so that Union members pay in to their retirement or privatize functions within the govts.

    So, Walter, if you really want the State of Illinois, the County of Cook or the City of Chicago to cut taxes, I suggest that you write a column close to election time that the DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS AND CHICAGO are costing the State of Illinois jobs and in turn are pushing an inordinate number of families in to POVERTY.

    • Bob F

      Hey Tommy, It doesnt matter what party the politician is from, THEY ARE ALL THE SAME! Catering to big business, lineing their pockets, and helping their friends. It is now time for the LEGAL American to take over and have a vote in everything from where to put a street light to weather we raise taxes. Lets vote via internet. We do internet banking dont we? By us voting it takes away the corruption inherent with ONE person making the decision. We dont have to worry if we upset a group of people that we wont get relected. This way we can also take all of the Politicians war chest money like Alderman Burke to help pay off the city debt and get on a fresh track. There are 1000 ways to cut city spending but the politicians are afraid to loose votes. So let us vote, we dont have that problem.

  • Frederick

    I agree with you Walter but I think that should trim the fat from there salary first before hikeing nore taxes. FJ

  • Kathleen

    Love It! You tell it like it is Walter! No sugar coating or beating around the bush. That’s why I always try to hear what you have to say…You’re HONEST! Which is like a four letter word to politicians. Politicians could learn ALOT from you. I agree with Frederick. They need to lay off their pay raises & undeserved bonuses. These politicians sicken me. They d*mn well know that there are SO MANY people that have lost their jobs, can’t find a job or just hanging by a thread & many of those people have to use the toll ways. & Yes, You name the tax & they will raise it or create a new one. All they know how to do is keep raising the cost of living but what people earn for a living does not even come close to making up for all of their tax hikes & what ever else lame excuse they use to pilfer money from everyone. You know what happens when the rich keep taking & taking from the peasants don’t you? They revolt!

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