Billboard For Female Assassin Flick Riles Englewood Activists

CHICAGO (CBS) — An Englewood neighborhood billboard for a new shoot-‘em-up action movie is stirring an outcry.

 The movie, which opened Friday, is called “Colombiana” and stars Zoe Saldana of “Avatar” fame in a violent story of a female assassin.

 CBS2’s Mike Parker explains why community leaders are upset and want the billboard removed.

Southside Pastor Franklin Morris of the New Mount Calvary Baptist Church first noticed the billboard at 67th and Ashland last week.

“I am passing by and I said ‘That couldn’t really have said what I thought it said.’”

But it did. The marketing hook “Revenge is Beautiful” is displayed alongside a picture of Saldana holding a gun.

Clergy and community leaders are enraged that the message about revenge is there in the midst of the Englewood neighborhood, where gun violence is a fact of everyday life.

“We don’t want to romanticize this because there are victims on the other side of a smoking gun,” Rev. Titus Lee of the South Side Tabernacle Church says.

A local anti-violence activist, Andrew Holmes, blames the movie-makers. “How many of them are billionaires and millionaires and bury kids the way we are burying kids over here in Englewood?” he says.

The film “Colombiana” raked in $10 million over the weekend.

CBS2 reached out to the billboard company for comment.  Clear Channel Outdoor Advertising’s office in Chicago did not return calls; nor did corporate headquarters in Arizona.

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  • Just Axin

    Englewood Pastors (publicity seekers): Are you on the corners every Fri and Sat night handing out condoms to young women? Or trying to get young males into your church or trying to stop them from dealing? Or begging others to call the police when they see a crime? Are you downtown and see a group of males acting rowdy, and ax them to refrain from breaking the law? I don’t think so.

  • Just Serious Consideration

    It makes since that those in the ghetto would prefer not to see the advertisement in their neighborhood because there is so un-controlable violence. But then again, the majority of those in the ghettos of chicago really aren’t doing that much to stop their own advertisements for violence that citizens for the city of chicago see every day. I’d be ashamed to if places like Afghanistan and Iraq where safer than the community where I live. The residence of Olympia Fields and Matteson Illinois fail to find any offense to the same movie advertisement. OHHH wait, police arrest criminals in those areas and we keep the ghetto out. Funny how that works….

  • Just Serious Consideration

    Wait, it just occurred to me. How do those individuals that live in Chicago’s ghetto communities complain about a billboard but drive by and render no aide, no even calling police, to a mob of kids beating another black kid in the middle of street on 111th just blocks away from a school? Are you guys starting to see the silliness. Maybe it’s not the billboard that is the problem. May it’s the ghetto and their inhabitants? Just saying. I know; too much like common sense right.

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