CHICAGO (CBS) — I came across a story today I never imagined I would – about two young adults, a brother and sister from an elite Chicago suburb, filing a lawsuit against their mother, accusing her of mistreating them.

The children are in their 20s. Kathryn and Steven Miner – raised in a million-dollar home in hotsy-totsy Barrington Hills – alleged in their lawsuit that their mom did not do right by them.

They claimed that she did not buy enough toys for Kathryn, or buy her a new dress for a homecoming party, or send care packages to Steven while he was in college, or put money in his birthday cards. All of which, they say, have caused them emotional-distress – which is why, they say, they were in court, tying up the court for two years, demanding their mother give them $50,000.

For the sake of her children, and to be a good parent, what mom ought to give them is a good quick kick in the you know what.

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