Cowley, Spiegs Do Battle Over Ozzie-Kenny

CHICAGO (CBS) — Sun-Times sports columnist Joe Cowley called into Matt Spiegel this morning to settle a simmering dispute between the two.

And, it got pretty intense.

To set the stage: Spiegs had accused Cowley of favoring White Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen in his ongoing battle with General Manager Kenny Williams.

Cowley told Spiegel on Friday that Williams bears most of the blame for the crumbling relationship, saying that while Guillen hasn’t changed, Williams has “gone Hollywood.”

LISTEN: Joe Cowley on The McNeil and Spiegel Show

However, Cowley said he doesn’t hate Williams–although he acknowledged that Williams is no longer returning his messages.

“If I hated Ken Williams .. if I wanted to blow him up, with his personal life, he knows I can blow him up,” said Cowley, who then referred to “a whole mess of Kenny Williams stuff.”

Cowley strongly denied playing favorites. He went on to say that it is only his job to seek and report the truth and that he has “owned” the story.

The Spiegs-Cowley verbal cage match on Friday first started with a Twitter battle earlier in the week, when Spiegel said Cowley was essentially being used by Guillen as the Sox manager tries to curry favor with Jerry Reinsdorf.

After the show, Spiegel tweeted:

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  • Cameltoe Rancher

    It’s about darned time that someone called out Cowardly Joe on his Ozzie fluffing. Kudos to you Meatpants!

  • Ace1

    2 drama-queens are fighting…. both need some Midol

  • score fan

    Someone needed to be the new mariotti in chicago…looks like Cowleys decided that road is his claim to fame. Doesnt Ozzie already have his sons doing his media dirty work for him? Is Joe now henchman status in Ozzies media mafia? Im not a fan of Kenny or Ozzie…but it does strike me that most media battles between the two are started by Ozzie, his family, or his writer. Kenny usually has to take the high road and diffuse the situation with tact, maturity, professionalism, and class. Not many GM’s in the baseball world have had to endure the BS from the manager Kenny has without making a change. Jerry’s affection for his manager have really limited what Kenny can and can’t do with his manager.

  • Razor Shine

    Both of these guys talked over each other, took cheap shots at each other and sounded terrible. After all was said and done I lost respect for both of them, but mostly Spiegs because this was his show and a chance for him to keep this on a professional level. But he fell into a trap and sunk to Joe’s level with the accusations about some old Mike Sirotka story. Both these guys should spend some time learning to debate in a professional manner. I turned it off after the first sement and tuned into Murph on AM1000 which was almost as bad.

    • Bernstein's Michelle Bachman Vote

      NOTHING is as bad as Murph! I just lost all respect for you for not understanding that.

      • Murphfan1138

        Compared to some people at the Score (hello Danny Mac, Spiegel, Boers and Bernstein, and Rosenbloom to name a few) I’d rather listen to Murph instead.

  • Bernstein's Michelle Bachman Vote

    I like Speigs but the one thing that makes me a little uncomfortable during his show is that his personal insecurities seem to play loudly on air. Never was that more apparant than during this interview. Very uncomfortable.

  • Vegas Cub Fan

    Joe Cowley doesnt even live in Chicag?? What?? What a fricken windbag. SHut the hell up Joe!!

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