Emanuel: Pay For Longer School Day Remains On Table

CHICAGO (WBBM) – Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Schools CEO Jean-Claude Brizard said Saturday that if teachers at other Chicago Public Schools want a longer day, their offer of pay and planning money remains on the table.

The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU), in filing a grievance over the votes at the STEM Magnet Academy, Skinner North Classical and Melody Elementary Schools, claimed that “pressure, coercion and bribery” were the only reasons teachers at the three schools voted to accept the offer.

STEM Principal Maria McManus denied it.

“My teachers actually were asking for a longer school day,” she said. “We have a very unique curriculum at the STEM Magnet Academy and in order to effectively execute that they felt as though they needed a longer school day.”

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Included for each of the schools are the 2 percent teacher pay raises and a $150 thousand planning grant.

STEM stands for “Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics,” but Emanuel said every Chicago Public School can benefit from more math and reading instruction, which is his goal.

“That gets you in Chicago up to par with the country,” he said. “It does not exceed.”

A spokesperson said that CTU considers it unlikely that teachers at many other public schools will vote to accept the offer, but Emanuel and Brisard said they were both optimistic that other schools would accept it.

Skinner and Melody will begin the longer schedule Tuesday, while STEM will implement it as of Sept. 26.

Emanuel did not give a deadline for the offer.

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  • dooinok

    Do you really think teachers want a longer school day? These officials must think we are idiots.

    • J

      I agree, the officals are idiots! They haven’t been a teacher to know that just because the bell rings it doesn’t mean you’re done for the day. A lot of teachers are required to do an after school program for a couple of hours. THEN they generally have a good hour or two spent preping for the next day. Not to mention how everyone claims that teachers get paid so handsomely but neglect to take into effect that teachers spend SOOOO much money out of pocket for the students to have what they need to do the science projects or have the books they need to meet area and state standards.

      Pointing the finger at the teacher for every problem in education is completely crazy. When are the students, parents and politicians going to start taking responsiblity for themselives? Believing a teacher of a class of 30 students is the end all be all for changing the way a student takes a test, stays out of trouble and has the needed support to succeed is crazy. If a parent can’t control and support their 1, 2, or 3 children why do they think a teacher who is pulled in 30 different directions can do it all.

      Politiicans need to ask the people who are on the firing line what will improve the education system instead of making it a guessing game to line their pockets.

  • T


    The teachers MUST accept reality and have a longer work day, to keep students in the building, and in school, with texts OPEN…and teachers must try and reach children to OPEN their minds so that they do not become delinquents. I am here in the ghetto and the kids are walking around after school doing nothing useful and getting stoned and drunk…..better to keep them in school until diner or bedtime.

    Teachers that refuse should be terminated.

    • Jennifer

      Why is it the teacher’s responsiblity to babysit all the children in the neighborhood. When will people start pointing the finger at the parents for not actually parenting!

  • Taxpayer 2

    Absolutely right there. If teachers can not accept the reality of longer school hours for the children sake, then terminated them. Longer school hours should be required by law. Teaching children from 9:00a.m. to at least 3:30 p.m. should be the schools first priority.

    Go Rahm, go Rahm, go Rahm go.

    • retiredinAz1

      “….then terminated them…” ??????? Maybe you need to go back and stay in school longer!

  • Not raising others

    T, why should teachers shoulder the responsibility of raising someone elses children? Where are the parents? What if any responsibilty do parents have? NONE. If children are roaming the streets getting high,why is it a teacher’s fault? if teachers should be terminated because they refuse to raise someone elses kids, then perhaps parents rights to have other children be terminated if they can’t raise the ones they have now.

    • T

      Since we cannot regulate away ignorance that has been bread in, we are going to attempt to fix the problem by placing then in school to steal away their idle time, which causes them to become delinquents. It is RIDICULOUS to even attempt to argue the point that teachers do NOT already raise others children when most teachers below college or university level instruction are no more than high paid baby sitters for the PUBLIC.

      WE need to change the way the US works. WE are NO LONGER a society where children need to be off for three months to bring in the crops. ANY teacher that is not willing to work YEAR ROUND needs to be terminated. ALL children should go to school year round, except for maybe a two week vacation.

  • Taxpayer

    Teachers already get paid 12 mo salary for working what, 180 or so days a year? When the bell rings, they are out quicker than the students. Why is it that private schools do a better job at less than half the cost? Also, no one wants to address the fact that many public school kids have no parental supervision.

    • paula

      Private schools “do a better job” because they can kick out anybody they want, at any time, for any reason. Public schools have to take anybody who lives in the neighborhood.

      • Roberta Waker

        THAT is the problem. Public schools should not have to tolerate bad behavior, drug addicts, or gang bangers that make trouble in the school. When the standards for public schools are set FOR the students; things will improve. And, yes, private schools do a better job with less money because of their rules and because their teachers seem to care more about educating the children. Maybe CPS needs to review and revise their policies to better educate our children.

  • Taxpayer

    Paula- When a student is disruptive, public schools should be given the power to expel. Still, we can’t change that Tashniqua can care less about her kid.

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