Chicago One Of Most Frugal Cities In United States: Study

CHICAGO (CBS) — We are a city of coupon clippers and deal-seekers, according to a new report.

Chicago ranks as the second-most frugal city in the United States, according to a study by Houston was named the most frugal.

On average, Americans redeemed about eight coupons a month, with 45 percent of those redeemed at grocery stores and another 42 percent online, the study found.

The most popular coupon? Toilet paper.

Chicago’s frugal habits could be attributed to good old-fashioned “save for a rainy day” Midwestern values. Or it could be a matter of necessity.

Statewide unemployment stands at 9.5 percent, down from a high of 11.1 percent in February, 2010.

Chicagoans typically pay more for a gallon of gasoline than anybody else in the continental United States–currently just over $4 a gallon on average.

This year, the Illinois General Assembly imposed a 75 percent increase in the income tax–from 3 percent to 5.25 percent.

And, Chicago residents pay one of the highest sales taxes in the country–at 9.75 percent. By 2013, the tax will be rolled back to 9.25 percent.

Boulder, Colo., was deemed the least frugal city in the country.

1. Houston, TX
2. Chicago, IL
3. Los Angeles, CA
4. Atlanta, GA
5. Philadelphia, PA
6. Miami, FL
7. Dallas, TX
8. Phoenix, AZ
9. New York City
10. San Antonio, TX


1. Boulder, CO
2. Santa Clara, CA
3. Provo, UT
4. Burbank, CA
5. Berkeley, CA
6. Cambridge, MA
7. Pasadena, TX
8. Billings, MT
9. New Haven, CT
10. Kansas City, KS

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