Officers: Police Stations Shouldn’t Be Homeless Shelters

CHICAGO (CBS) — The Chicago Fraternal Order of Police is concerned about police station lobbies becoming homeless shelters in bad weather.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Mike Krauser reports, a Police Department directive read at roll calls reminded officers that the homeless can use police station lobbies for shelter.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Mike Krauser reports

Officers are not too pleased about the arrangement.

They have complained they are first responders, and with the homeless camping out in their places of work, they and others who come to the police stations could be exposed to disease and what one calls “ride-along critters” such as lice and bedbugs.

Also, says Chicago FOP spokesman Pat Camden, the homeless people who come to the police stations could be violent.

“We’re also concerned about the safety of the citizens coming in,” he said. “What if a homeless individual asks somebody for money, and they refuse, and there’s a battery that takes place from the homeless person on the citizen? These are supposed to be places of business.”

Camden says the union is sympathetic to the plight of the homeless. But he says police stations are not appropriate places for the homeless to hang around.

“The city has a number of resources for the homeless in severe conditions, besides police stations,” Camden said. “Police stations are a place for police business. You’ve got citizens coming to report accidents, to report different things. They use them for community meetings. It shouldn’t be a shelter. It is a police facility.”

  • g-man

    If it was ever full of white people only then they would shut it down claining it was racially insensitive not to have the blacks

    • Laughing Cow

      Huh? What is the point you are trying to convey?

  • rc

    Chicago FOP spokesman Pat Camden states, “The city has a number of resources for the homeless in severe conditions, besides police stations…These are supposed to be places of business.” I suppose, with that logic, paramedics and hospital emergency rooms shouldn’t treat homeless patients because of potential negatives related to disease, lice, anti-social behavior, etc.
    It would be particularly useful if Camden identified those alternative resources for the homeless or if the newswriters bothered to indicate what other facilities are available for emergency shelter. As the article is written, it is simply conveys a concern, without informing the reader about the whole picture, or potential solutions.

    • Tony

      The alternate facilities are churches, train stations, bus terminals, etc. Not the police station.

  • Jerry O Henderson

    How about worrying and solving some of the crimes being committed? Quit whinning like a little B@#$#H,Do your f@#$% job.

  • Jefferson Davis

    Escaped Negro slaves say they won’t be going near whitey at all. Good weather or bad.

  • da truth,over by dere

    10% paycut comung for the cpd and cfd,chicago i aint doing nothing you put the blinders on and allowed shortshanks and his band of thugs rape this city and now i gotta take a paycut to protect you,hell no!

  • NWA

    Ok, is or is not the po po stations city property or, is the property owned by the Fraternal Order of the Po Po? I was under the belief that the city owned the po po stations.


  • supra TK

    train stations, bus terminals, etc

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