Countryside Liquor Store Owner: Facebook Post Is A Lie

COUNTRYSIDE, Ill. (CBS) — A Countryside liquor store owner is the victim of a Facebook-fueled campaign to hurt his business, which, he says, is based on a lie.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Mike Krauser reports, the Facebook post addresses residents of the LaGrange and Countryside area and begins, “A friend of mine has a friend who has a son serving as a Marine who was just home on leave.”

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Mike Krauser reports

The message goes on to say the Marine came to Countryside Liquors, formerly Williams Liquors, at 5540 S. Brainard Ave., to make a purchase, using his military ID to verify his age.

It says the clerk said he did not support the U.S. military and refused to serve the Marine, and kicked him out of the store.

“Please show your support by not going to this store and go to another liquor store for your purchases,” the message says.

WBBM Newsradio stopped in and asked the owner and clerk, Gary Modia, about the allegations.

“That is not the truth. That is not true,” Modia said. “We always support the military.”

Modia said the Marine just looked very young, so he wanted a second form of identification, and that the young man was not upset when Modia would not sell him liquor.

Modia says his phone has been ringing constantly.

“They’re all hate; they’re all hateful, they have a lot of bad words,” he said.

Modia says he actually gives military personnel 10 percent discounts at the store, and he would be crazy as a businessman to do what the Facebook post claims he did.

  • shameonyou

    it’s dumb marines like that , that make other military personnel look bad! Shame on you marine I mean non-marine!

    • MarineDad

      Did you read the story fool? “A friend of mine has a friend who has a son who served as a Marine”

      How did you interpret that into the Marine actually making the comment? And then to call Marines dumb in comparison to other military personnel?

      Shame on you!

  • shameonyou

    it’s dumb marines like that , that make other military personnel look bad! Shame on you marine I mean non-marine!

  • phunk

    Because I guarantee the owner is some type of non-white ethnicity and ignorant bigots decided this man must hate America. Dumb people suck.

  • Fast_ed

    Supeana the Facebook IP adress and turn the lawyers loose.

    Time to collect cash for damages.

    • Bob Hicks

      Just what the Country needs…more lawyers getting fat of of frivolous litigation! That’s America’s answer to EVERYTHING…SUE SOMEONE

      • Chris in Scottsdale

        Frivolous? As much as I hate to say it, people are stupid, and this may have damaged his business in a quantifiable manner. This lawsuit could have merit.

  • GO Southside

    Let’s settle this once and for all. Get the Marine and that Clerk and let see who is lyin.

  • Chris in Scottsdale
  • Edwardretusaf

    Why did they doubt his Military I.D. card and request another form of I.D. Don’t they know the law the Military I.D. is an accepted form of I.D. I also was refused to buy alcohol at an amoco station now B.P. in ottawa because I only had my Military I.D. and I’m no where near 21. Walk out and have never been back since nor do I buy gas thier either.

    • Johnny Cochran

      They’re entirely within their rights to ask for a second form of ID, as well as the ability to refuse service to anyone. Before asking whether they know the law, learn it yourself.

  • Roberta Waker

    This can be resolved once and for all by looking at the video tape of this incident since I assume the liquor store has a security system with video. The video will tell the truth and we will know if the clerk refused to serve the Marine and if he made a comment about the war or not. Show us the video, THEN we will know if the posting is true or not.

  • Bill S.

    Another reason that FaceBook is bad for you.

  • Luke Urbski

    How selfish does one have to be to post something like that, the guy works hard, opens his own store, tries to follow the law perfectly, he had every right to ask for another i.d. so that he wouldn’t get into trouble, what is this country turning into

  • Proud Aryan

    ANyone that joins the military is a moron, not surprised. However i am surprised that this brainwashed soldier even knows how to type and use facebook. SEMPER FI DEVIL DOG go rape some more iraqi women.

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