DEERFIELD, Ill. (CBS) — Looking to make a tasteful and beautiful addition to your garden? How about a pond?

CBS 2’s Megan Glaros recently visited a backyard in the northern suburbs with a wonderful waterfall and soothing stream.

“I find it very relaxing, and I really enjoy getting out there; it’s peaceful,” said Lance Weiss.

Lance and Susan Weiss and have been pond people for just about seven years now.

“It’s like totally not being anywhere; it’s like a very Zen experience,” Susan Weiss said.

Constructing a pond is far from easy. Under the water, there is a rubber lining, motor and filters, and the rocks and gravel weigh a ton.

“I think it makes more sense to have it done professionally,” Lance Weiss said. “Then you know it’s not going to leak; you know the pump and the filter are put in professionally.”

The professionals will also work with you on designing the pond, but the landscaping is up to you.

“I lay it out on a piece of paper; I kind of say, ‘OK, ‘I need about six or eight plants here,” Lance Weiss said.

The landscaping around the Weiss’ pond includes yellow black-eyed susans and pink cone flowers, and some purple blossoms attract the bees.

But the big feature is the fish – a collection of koi.

“I love feeding the fish,” Susan Weiss said.

If the koi look good enough to eat, it’s because they are – especially if you’re a mink. Susan’s home office faces the pond.

“I was working one day, and I saw this gigantic thing come out of the pond,” Susan Weiss said, “and I was screaming, and then I ran outside, and I did not see any fish left.”

The koi may come and go, but there are a couple of gnomes that serve as permanent fixtures.

Lance told Susan that gnomes were the one decoration he didn’t want near the pond. So he got them.

A few bird sculptures, as well as figurines of a pig and a frog, also enjoy the pond. And there’s still plenty of room.

“It’s not like we took away from the backyard. We added to the backyard,” Lance Weiss said.

Lance changes the filter regularly and pumps in new water.

As for the cost, depending on the size and design, you’ll probably wind up spending at least a few thousand dollars, but you can see how it enhances your home.

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