Muslim School Teaches Students About 9/11

MORTON GROVE, Ill. (CBS) — Schools throughout the Chicago area on Friday remembered those who died on Sept. 11 and honoring the heroes of that day.

But perhaps the one community that has a slightly different perspective are members of the Muslim faith, who have been the target of discrimination. Ten years later, their children are being taught to be ambassadors of peace.

CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports.

First-graders at the Muslim American School in Morton Grove color flags to mark this day. It’s to honor the police and firemen who responded to 9/11. The ones they’ve learned to call heroes.

Most of the students in the school weren’t born or are too young to remember that tragic day. But they’re not too young to understand the impact 9/11 has had on their Muslim community.

“They started thinking Islam supported extremism and extremism is not supported in Islam,” student Shanaal Shahzan said.

The students have heard their parents talk about the discrimination Muslims have faced because of 9/11. With so many reminders on this 10-year anniversary, some admit there is concern. 

“Some Muslims are afraid to go out,” student Maryam Skaikh said.

It’s a reality they have to accept, but teachers say it makes the lessons taught at this school more important — that the best way to address hate is promote a better understanding of the Islamic faith.

“It forced us as a community to do outreach and engage in interfaith dialogue, and all of these things break down barriers and build bridges,” teacher Sadiya Barkat  said.

A poem recited by two eighth graders underscores the lessons: “Together we stand hand in hand. Your faith may be different than mine, but united we are just fine.”

On Sunday, members of the Muslim community in Morton Grove will take part in an interfaith service to commemorate 9/11. Click here for details.

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  • THOR


    • Roberta Waker

      Also notice how they said “Muslim American” school; NOT American Muslim school. Their religion dictates that anyone not believing in Allah be killed so how can they be ambassadors of peace? They are taught to blend in with infidels so they can kill all unbelievers. THAT came from a muslim.

      • iabehivb

        I think you should sincerely look into islam with an open heart and then rethink what you posted.
        And just to let you know, if a Muslim believes that everyone that doesn’t believe in what he believes should be killed than he leaves the fold of Islam.

  • malcom

    hmm I wonder if they teach how Christians are not even allowed in Saudi Arabia? I wonder if they teach how their phrophet was a child rapist?

    • sumone who doesnt concern u

      hmm i wonder if u teach ur kids how muslims r not even allowed to see the masjid al aqsa anymore? i wonder if u teach ur kids how america is the top place to get molested and raped? i didnt think so. learn sum manners, and learn the real islam before u try 2 argue against it.
      another point, underage marriage was all over the world at the time u dork head

    • uboifns

      your pathetic



    • Roberta Waker

      Try again old vet. Maybe a reply instead of a comment will work for you.

  • DAVE


    • robert

      who caused it?

  • Larry Fredricks

    I’ve noticed in the last couple of weeks that sometimes you have to make more than one attempt to post a comment, even know ther is nothing inappropriate in the statement. IP addresses are getting randomly banned for no reason. What ever CBS is doing to the message boards to control the direction of opinions, is making this site less enjoyable to participate on. Come on CBS, turn off the worthless filters and get rid of the stupid report comment button. Let people express themselves without restrictions..

    • Dan

      I agree.

  • Herman

    I’m a former Muslim. I escaped from Islam and it’s lunatic so called “prophet” and I’m telling you, every Muslim at some level supports the idea of terrorism and suicide bombers every single of them. If you admire Islam and think Islam is a religion of peace and Quran is right, you are definitely sick and need treatment.

    • sumone who doesnt concern u

      the only one that needs treatment is u, u satan luver. go 2 hell, no w8 u already r.

    • yweiyb

      oh cmon buddy what’re you talking about
      don’t be ridiculous you know Islam is the right way.

  • A TRUE Muslim

    You all have no idea how ridiculous u sound when u have no idea what the true Islam is. You r all haters. None of you truly know what Islam is, ESPECIALLY Mr. Herman. Lemme guess was wittle Hewman chased wid a gun while he was escaping bad bad Iswam? I don’t think so. The word Islam derives from the term salama or peace in Arabic. If ANY Muslim kills another person (not only muslim) he is going to Hell. NOW THIS PERSON, who committed 9/11 is responsible for the deaths of thousands of people. Where do you think he is going? Now, there are idiots everywhere. Does that mean what they do represents their religion? Think of the Norway attack. Wasn’t that guy a Christian? Does that mean all Christians support terrorism? The proof is within the video as well as the article: they started thinking that extremism was promoted in Islam, and it isn’t. Get your facts right and THEN try to argue Islam.
    Salam (which by the way also means peace)

  • Me

    lol I love my class <3 We actually laughed at people's ignorance, haters going to hate

  • Muslim, not a moslem

    y wud these innocent kids b reading lines like together we stand and about unity with every1 if they were being taught kill people???

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