Broadcaster Ron Jaworski Utters ‘S’ Word On MNF

MIAMI (CBS) — ESPN NFL football analyst Ron Jaworski issued an apology after letting loose with a word you can’t say on television, while broadcasting the Miami Dolphins-New England Patriots game Monday night.

Jaworski made the remark following an incomplete pass thrown by Miami quarterback Chad Henne in the fourth quarter.

“That’s one that Chad would love to have back. You knew he had to have the one-on-one matchup going down the right sideline,” Jaworski said. “S**t, you have to get rid of this ball just a split second quicker.”

The clip was uploaded uncensored to the blog

Later in the game, Jaworski apologized to his broadcast partner, Mike Tirico, for uttering the expletive.

“Hey Mike a little earlier in the show when Chad Henne was making a throw I said an inappropriate word so I want to apologize and I hope I didn’t offend anybody with that word,” he said.

But following the gaffe, some commentators didn’t seem to think it was that big a deal.

“Because, you know, there are just so many people out there who are still offended by naughty words like [rhymes with sit]. Think of the children, for criminy’s sake! Because surely there were just so many children watching Monday Night Football at 10:00 p.m. on a school night,” columnist Zachary D. Rymer wrote on The Bleacher Report.

The Dolphins went on to lose the game to the Pats, 38-24.

  • bob

    Stand up guy to apologize during game, I am not one bit offended, everyone makes little mistakes in life, and this one, a slip of a word

  • Toby Sensitive

    The S-word? Gosh and golly! I’m wounded! And I only just recovered from that glimpse of Sipowicz’s butt cheek! What’s the world coming to?

  • USA 2011

    Too silly. Too silly.

  • The 4-3 Count

    s**t happens

  • Sean Connerys Cackle

    Channeling my inner Vinny here:

    “It happens”

  • Sean Connery's Cackle

    Channeling my inner Vinny here:

    “it happens.”

  • mrBIG

    Holy %&%$* that **)(* said &*)*. That son of a $%^%*^%. He should have his $&^%$^$& cut off just before they fire his $#^$#$^#!!!

    Come on is this really that news worthy? How about growing a few at the SCORE.


    Sipowicz’s butt cheek

    They promised us adult content on networks after 9:00.
    Boy, that’s a delivery they didn’t need to make.

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