‘Hungry’ Man Broke Into Restaurant To Make A Meal, Police Say

MOUNT PROSPECT (CBS) — A 20-year-old man’s defense for breaking into a fast food restaurant over the weekend, and preparing himself something to eat, was simply that he was hungry.

Police got a call at 3:32 a.m. Saturday, activated by the alarm system of Mr. Beef & Pizza at 1796 S. Elmhurst Rd., according to Mount Prospect Police Operations Cmdr. John Wagner.

Officers saw damage to the drive-thru window and saw a man inside, Wagner said. Hachem Gomez, 20, then went to front entrance of the restaurant and unlocked the doors for the officers.

When the officers asked him if he worked there, he replied, “No, I was hungry,” Wagner said.

Officers checked the building found food in the microwave and a cold drink on the counter, Wagner said. Gomez told them he woke up hungry about 3 a.m., went to the Mr. Beef & Pizza, knocked on the door but no one answered, so he broke in and made himself something to eat.

The restaurant’s closed-circuit security video showed Gomez stripped down to his boxer shorts, breaking into the drive-thru window.

Gomez apparently broke a metal grate protecting the window with his body weight, then crawled in through the broken window, police said.

Once inside, he poured himself a soda, popped some chicken tenders in the microwave, and then stood stunned when the alarm went off.

Gomez, of the 300 block of Hawthorne Circle in Mount Prospect, was charged with burglary. “He did say he was sorry,” Wagner said.

The manager of Mr. Beef & Pizza called Gomez’s crime “stupid.”

“We found hot food in the microwave – chicken tenders and French fries. We looked at the tapes of our cameras, and it just looked really stupid,” said manager Kurt Zundel. “The guy must have been hungry, or something.”

Bail was set at $5,000 for Gomez, whose next scheduled court date is Sept. 21 in Rolling Meadows, according to the Cook County Sheriff’s office.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

  • paycheck2paycheck


  • HaHaHaHa

    He looks disappointed he wasn’t able to finish the meal he prepared.

  • HaHaHaHa

    He looks disappointed he wasn’t able to finish the meal he prepared..

  • phreetoz

    He’ll get some prison food, no worries.

  • NowYouKnow

    “Hey! I’m entitled.”
    Have we reached critical mass on illegals yet?
    Or are they still just an interesting curiosity and, anyway, we are still celebrating cultural diversity.
    Regardless of the price.

  • dan

    I think he is a few meatballs short of a sandwich

  • Greg Burkhalter

    It’s easy to laugh about this story but the truth is that many people are hungry in this country and even outside of this country. It’s not fair that the restaurants keep all the food to themselves when they could easily share and help eliminate hunger. It should be made a law that restaurants can’t lock their doors at night that way if something like this happens again at least the person won’t be arrested for burglary which will only end up costing taxpayers money to prosecute and eventually incarcerate the person.

    • Rebecca

      @Greg, 4/5, would read again!

    • realy?

      So by extension if you have something I need to live I can break into your house or place of business and just take it? It is true that many people are suffering in these times and my heart aches for them but one must uphold law and order.

      • Rod

        I think Mr Greg was being sarcastic.

      • Jason

        God I HOPE Greg was being sarcastic. But you know what? There are wacko idiotic mouth breathing libtards that don’t think too differently than Greg is kidding about.

    • Richard Wanciak

      really are you serious? or are you just shitting around

    • JohnRalph

      America’s adult hungry are primarily that way because they’re so morbidly obese they need 6,000 calories a day just to maintain their fatness.

    • www.slavin4u.com

      LOL LOL LOL LOL – thanks for the laugh – If you were not being sarcastic… I just really do hope you were being sarcastic bc if you werent… well its just a sad sad day for the human race… wait.. yep sad day anyway – anyone want some chicken?

  • rick

    it looks like he is a few meat b@lls shor of a sandwich

  • spero

    of course he is mexican

  • michael

    This guy wasn’t starving…he’s huge. We have the fattest ‘hungry’ people in the world.

    • dchoda

      I agree, have you ever seen a thin person on food stamps (besides a junky). If I am forced to feed you at the point of a gun we should at least be able to count your ribs.

    • Dave

      Amen…we also have poor people with DirecTV dishes sticking out of the projects.

  • Mojo89

    Yep. How dare those greedy restaurant owners keep all of the food that they paid for in order to run their business. That is so unfair. Greg, how about you leave your house unlocked when you are not home so that anyone who wants to can just come on in while you are gone and make themselves at home. This includes eating the food out of your fridge of course!

  • JP

    Sarcasm is still lost on lots of people….

    • buzz

      Obviously, JP.

  • roland

    this is why i leave food for the mexicans travelling thru the arizona border area

  • bill hanke

    another happy content ambiem sleep aid user

  • Rod

    I think Mr. Greg is being sarcastic

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  • Danielle

    If your going to break into a restaurant and make yourself a meal, at least hit up something like Ruth’s Chris.

  • Songster

    I wouldn’t take this crime so seriously, folks. Obviously the perp is not all there mentally. Has anyone bothered to check his medical history? He could be mildly autistic for all we know. He really didn’t believe he was committing a crime.

  • sailordude

    He’s getting food now! In jail! Actually he looks retarded, I would imagine many criminals have mental issues like that. Hopefully he is not allowed to vote, at least if I had a say he wouldn’t. That is the problem and how people like Obama get elected, because the Democrats get the utterly stupid and borderline retarded to be able to vote.

  • me

    Fat Boys – Jailhouse Rap

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  • Jason

    Well it’s obvious this fat b@stard hasn’t missed too many meals. Bet he grew up on food stamps and other feel good entitlements.

  • freebie

    This guy certainly does not look under nourished. Looks like he can live off his own fat for months.

    Well now he’ll get 3 squares everyday via the taxpayer, this illegal problem is way way out of hand.

  • proudnot2bliberal

    Leys hope Greg wa sbeing sarcastic. although he does sound like the typical obumer supporter/PMSnbc watcher.

    2nd pedro couldnt go to one of teh numerous soup kitchens or food banks in the area? How about asking for food whe teh restaraunt was open? No he is a menatlly deranged individual.

    So chicago hows taht hopey changey thing working for you?

  • Mark Matis

    Illegal drugs will do that. Get stoned, and get the munchies. I note that they did NOT bother to test him for same. But one really can’t expect “Law Enforcement” to bother enforcing the Law any more, can one?

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