Lawsuit: 12-Year-Old Girl Was Repeatedly Sexually Abused At School

CHICAGO (CBS) — A lawsuit filed in Cook County Circuit Court blames Chicago school officials for negligence, after a 12-year-old girl was repeatedly sexually abused by classmates.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Michele Fiore reports, the father of the girl, referred to in court paperwork only as Jane Doe, filed the lawsuit Monday, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The girl was lured into a closet by two classmates at the Pullman Elementary School, 11311 S. Forrestville Ave., and sexually assaulted on several different occasions, the newspaper reported.

The lawsuit seeks more than $100,000 in damages from the Chicago Board of Education and school officials, claiming that they failed to live up to their duty to protect her, the newspaper reported.

In response to the lawsuit, Mayor’s Office spokeswoman on education issues Melissa Stratton told CBS 2: “We are taking this seriously. The Board of Education will have something to say once they have reviewed the lawsuit.”

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Michele Fiore reports

  • charris1175

    this is asham that we can’t send our kids to school is there anywhere they can be safe

    • Toonces

      100K?!? If that were my daughter, heads would roll…..literally.

    • Roberta Waker

      You are right. If our children can’t be safe at school, where can they be safe? It’s time for the teachers, administrators/ board members to step up to the plate and take responsibility for this abuse. Maybe a nice lawsuit will wake them up. If not, they should ALL be fired.

  • Toonces

    100 K !?! If that were my daughter heads would roll…..literally.

  • Toonces

    100 thousand?!? If that were my daughter, heads would roll…..literally.

  • Brian

    A 12 year old was “lured into a closet” and “sexually assaulted” on “several different occasions”. It’s the “several different occasions” that feels wrong to me. Am I the only one? If this girl felt something was not right, would she have not said something after the “first time”? School has only been in for a few weeks. How many times did this happen and WHERE WAS THE TEACHER? How long could students go unaccounted for to allow rapes to happen on “several occasions”? Just my two cents.

    • Billy

      Ah yes, the good ol’ Blame the Victim cop-out!

      • VoiceOfReason196

        You gotta admit, though, that if she fell for it more than once, she might have done it on purpose. That said, the school system really needs shaping up, and the people who banged this girl oughta be castrated with no anesthesia.

    • WAS a victim

      No you are not the only one. I do notie that this is a law suit for monetary damages against the school district. No mention of trying to charge the other students with any type of crime, just that the school district should give the ‘vitctim’ money. Things thst make you go hmmmmm.

  • Barbara

    @ Toonces…..I felt exactly the same way. There wouldn’t be enough compensation if that were my 12 yr old daughter. There is SO MUCH WRONG with this story, it just turns my stomach.

  • ChicagoCitizen

    What an idiot, trying to sue the school board. Why not just sue the two offenders? They are ultimately responsible for their actions.

    • Roberta Waker

      Actually that is the right decision legally because THEY are responsible for the children as soon as they are on school property. I’m sure the offenders will get sued as well and might even serve jail time even though as her classmates, they are obviously minors too. Something like this should NEVER happen in our schools. Where were the responsible adults when this was going on? If the schools can’t protect our children, there is a definite problem in our schools. I agree with Toonces, heads WOULD roll if it was my daughter.

  • Elroy Silverberg

    Typical Afro-American behavior.

    • Kae

      No it’s not typical African-American behavior. Don’t stereotype!!!

  • tina

    THEY TOOK PRAYER OUT THE SCHOOLS, AND let in child molesters, porn addicted teachers, gangs, lesb, Gay trans….and you wonder why these kids are so screwed up!!!

    • Billy2

      Clearly, the only solution is to home-school. So your kids can learn creationism without fear of being mocked.

  • Roberta Waker

    Of course, they will sue the school board, the teachers and administrators because they are supposed to see that the children are SAFE while on school property. Her classmates should be arrested and jailed even though they are minors – they are still guilty of sexual assault. I agree with Toonces, heads would roll if it was my daughter.

  • Jennifer

    I grew up in Pullman & my mother and father refused to send me to Pullman School. I had to go outside of the neighborhood to go to school just to ensure I got a great & safe education. My guess as to why this young lady never came forward untill now is that she was threatened. Which doesn’t surprise me seeing as theres nothing but trash that goes to that school. It’s sad when theres a school in a great little neighborhood, but the children in that neighborhood can’t attend it. CPS, you wanna shut down a school, shut down that one!

  • awful witness

    The inmates run the institution on the west and south sides,education there is
    highly improbable,see for yourself if you think I`m not being truthful.

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