Study: Testosterone Drops In Men Who Become Fathers

CHICAGO (CBS) — Men who become fathers are likely to lose some testosterone, according to a new study co-authored by a Northwestern University anthropologist.

But as WBBM Newsradio’s Steve Miller reports, anthropologist Chris Kuwaza says men losing testosterone is not such a bad thing.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Steve Miller reports

“What we see is that testosterone goes down dramatically after men become fathers,” Kuwaza said, “and this could have effects on behavior – and help them focus on the duties of child-rearing and the types of things that are required in effective fathering.”

Kuzawa says the study of more than 600 men also found that men who had higher testosterone to begin with were more likely to enter stable relationships and become fathers.

But could the loss of testosterone after fatherhood have a certain unwanted effect? No, Kuzawa says enough testosterone is still produced to maintain libido.

Moving forward, Kuwaza says, diseases related to high testosterone – such as prostate cancer – the risks may be reduced after fatherhood.

  • Just Axin

    Obviously, this study did not take place in the hood. Had there been a sampling of all the brothers procreating, they would have found no lack of testosterone. Unless in order for it to decrease, those fathers actually have to spend time with their children.

    • I'm outta here!

      The reason testosterone does not decrease in the hood is because once they procreate, they bounce out of the kid’s lives.

  • Elsewhere

    I thought it dropped when you became a husband.

  • Average White Bank

    After reading the article and the comments, I cannot determine how the hood became a focal point of the two racist. When a person lack self-worth and or respect, they search to find someone else they may belittle to make themselves feel better. I believe, maybe in the past, someone from the hood, may have had an affair with this person significant other. Thus, causing them to have a deep-seated hatred for brothers and others, they need to down, to make themselves feel better. Furthermore, there is a great deal of single mothers on the other side of town, far more than these two racist are willing to acknowledge. Likewise, when you go to a grocery store in Jefferson Park pay attention those who are using Link cards to purchase their grocery. Nonetheless, it is easier to down others then to pick yourself up! That is due to a lack of testosterone.

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