CHICAGO (CBS) — Trying to move a motor home, or sell a sewing machine?

If you want increase your chances of snagging a buyer, you may want to try video.

It’s the latest marketing idea that has users excited. Best of all, it’s free.

CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker has the tricks of the trade that will make your video stand out.

From motorcycles, to motor homes, from lawnmowers to musical instruments, the latest way to drum up interest is to sell your stuff on YouTube.

Marketing consultant Steve Lundin chose the free marketing tool over web-based sites like Craigslist or traditional print ads and sold a motorcycle in no time.

“You can’t convey sound in a still picture. You can’t convey sound in a newspaper ad,” Lundin says.

 He followed all the rules that industry experts say help you create a video that sells: Walk around the product; be sure to narrate; shoot in an attractive location; keep it simple.

“Stick to the facts because that’s why people are there,” says Phillip Reed, with Edmunds Automotive.

Including the size, price, special features improves your chances of selling your stuff. And people will sell just about anything.

In a recent YouTube search, there were videos for 23,000 homes for sale; 21,000 cars; 15,000 motorcycles; 3,600 musical instruments; and 369 wedding dresses

Emma Williams is trying to sell a dress for her brother. It belonged to her brother’s ex-fiancée, but he paid for it.

The dress has been on YouTube for several months. Emma is following another tip from experts: Start over, because unlike traditional print ads, video is free. 

“I might try it like on a mannequin or a model next time to see how it looks,” she says.

Be sure to include the information on your video in the written description of the product.

And don’t forget to add your email address so potential buyers can contact you.

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