(WBBM) After picking up the pieces from the Bears’ 30-13 loss in New Orleans Sunday, Lovie Smith joined WBBM Newsradio’s Josh Liss Monday to discuss the game.

On Explaining The Loss:

“Well can’t really give you a great explanation. We were beaten by the better team yesterday. It’s a three-point game in the third quarter and they made some plays at the end to win the game.”

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On Devery Henderson’s 79-yard Touchdown Catch:

“It hurt. It gave them momentum. We had momentum before that, you know, third and long situation, we want to be in those. You just got to keep the ball in front you, kind of simple as that. That put us on our heels a little bit, but we were able to get it back.”

On Evaluating The Offensive Line’s Performance:

“Like the rest of us. No one played well enough yesterday. We are down a couple offensive linemen with injuries, and I thought they fought hard throughout the game. We gave up quite a few sacks, but the majority of them came in the fourth quarter there late.”

On the Pass/Run Ratio:

“We didn’t get the balance we need. We’ll get it better this week.”

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